Discord is a communication platform for gamers, friends, and even business people and it gets more popular daily. But alongside the rapid growth of Discord are the memes that come with it.

Discord Mods are memes that poke fun at Discord mods. It is stereotypical as it presents the mods as predatory or old people that have nothing else to do but police other Discord users.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 Best Discord Mod Memes we found.

How Did The Discord Mod Memes Start

The Discord Mod memes kicked off back on June 22, 2020, through the Twitter user @NullTox a.k.a @BugOrna (his Twitter profile is now deleted). He first posted a Caroline’s Dad meme with captioned it with “Please keep memes out of #general”.

If you are out of the loop, #general is the default text channel of a Discord server. For popular Discord servers, there is a separate #meme text channel hence, Caroline’s dad is looking out for violators in the #general channel.

The Twitter post made rounds over the internet garnering more than 12,000 retweets and over 62,000 likes. Since then, different versions of the Discord Mod meme have popped up on the internet.

When Did The Discord Mod Memes Spread

Around two weeks after @NullTox posted his meme, the Discord Mod memes continue to spread online, particularly through TikTok.

TikTok user @curlydaddy101 started a series of Discord Mod memes skits recreating the stereotypical scenarios of Discord moderators. His skit includes the “please keep memes out of #general” and other popular memes such as “hey kitten” – which refers to the supposedly predatory nature of Discord mods.

Moreover, two months after booming on TikTok, u/Teariify posted a “please keep memes out of #general meme” on the r/okbuddretard subreddit. It received more than 15,000 upvotes and continued to circulate on the platform.

Because of these multiple reposts, the trend did not stop. By October 26, Ryan The Leader posted a video skit that depicts the “Day in the life of a Discord Mod”. His video went viral with over 7.2 million views as of this writing.

Some people mentioned that his skit is on-point with Lo-Fi girl open on one screen and Discord on the other. Food and drinks are also scattered on his desk – which again is another way of mocking Discord mods as trashy people.

Two years later, Discord Memes continue to appear online although not as popular as the first ones.

Why Do People Make Discord Mod Memes

The rising popularity of Discord, especially since the pandemic, paved the way for multiple servers “hiring” mods to regular their server. However, these mods were tasked to rule over servers with thousands of users and it is chaos.

Some mods tend to power trip over users while others act almighty over a server. Hence, the “please keep the memes out of #general” meme was born.

Best Discord Mod Memes

  1. Ben10 Transforms To Discord Mod

Ben Ten from the cartoon transforms into aliens through his Omnitrix. This time, he transforms into a huge Discord Mod which is a stereotype of moderators just sitting down and munching on food. Well, Omnitrix because mods are aliens – they are out of this world.

  1. Role-hogging Discord Mods

Roles can be assigned on Discord and sometimes moderators hog these roles and flaunt them like real-life war medals. This meme mocks moderators who act all mighty as if their Discord role translates to real-life honor.

  1. Love the Minors, Hate the Minorities

This meme pokes fun at Discord mods. It also attacks the moderators who gang up on minorities or even specific races. It is hard for them because they need to do two illegal or frowned upon acts at once.

  1. Growing Up Backwards

This meme refers to the stereotype that Discord mods are babies in an adult body. Better yet, once you become a Discord mod, you grow up backward symbolizing immaturity and the mindset to be with younger users.

  1. Protect #General At All Cost

Discord Mods are stereotyped as lenient when it comes to the other rules of a server. But when someone posts a meme in #general, all hell breaks loose.

  1. Memes on #General Triggers The Dormant Mods

This meme is similar to the previous one that pokes fun at Discord mods whose primary objective is to ban people who are posting memes on #general. Wreak havoc on other channels, just don’t post memes on general, or else you’ll get the ban hammer.

  1. The Two-faced Discord Mods

Discord mods should be welcoming to newcomers on a server. It is kind of similar to hospitality jobs. But behold, no one is spared when it comes to obeying rules. Break one and the mods are out to catch you.

  1. Do Not Mess With The Holy #General

There are bot commands available in Discord. These commands are helpful such as when you want to change your server nickname. But not everyone is aware of where to type these commands so some might end up typing it in #general instead. Be cautious though, doing so might break the minds of the lovely Discord mods.

  1. The Original Please Keep Memes Out of #General

Last, but not least among our best Discord Mod memes is the original “please keep memes out of #general” meme. It is simple yet relatable to Discord users. The image captures what a Discord mod stereotypically looks like – tired, janky, and full eye bags caused by thousands of rule breakers. This one surely tops our list because it started it all.

Wrapping Up

These are our 10 Best Discord Mod memes. Some are dark. Others are lighthearted. While these memes are stereotypical, do not forget that not all mods are the same.

Some mods do their job greatly and for those who are a part of the stereotype, there is a special place for them in hell. Grooming and minor sexualization are never okay. Hopefully, Discord implements stricter rules to prevent this from becoming rampant.

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