A gaming chair is always a clever investment to everyone who works, streams, or games in front of a computer. Regardless of gender, weight or other matters, a good gaming chair will always make sure you are feeling comfortable when you are in front of the PC as well as taking good care of your posture.

Especially streamers could benefit from a good chair in their setup as long sessions of gaming can bring you discomfort if you aren’t on the proper gear. Here are the top 10 Gaming Chairs that are out there with the best ergonomics, best features, and the best bang for the buck.

1. Secretlab Titan 2020 Series

If you are looking for both comfort and style, this is it. The Titan 2020 series by Secretlab is one of their finer lines of premium gaming chairs. Everything from the material like SoftWeave Fabric or Prime 2.0 PU Leather, to features like backseat recline and adjustability, make it the overall best gaming chair on this list.

The chair also comes with a decent height adjustment range, a neck pillow, built-in adjustable lumbar support, and versatile armrest adjustability. While all the features are more on the premium side, surprisingly this chair is not the most expensive one in the market too.

2. Noblechairs Epic

Comfort is something a lot of gaming chairs lack. They either tend to get uncomfortable really quickly or you’ll feel the pain in your back after a long session on the sticks. Noblechairs’ Epic collection has got you covered if you are looking for the best comfort you can get out of a gaming chair. This impressive 135-degree reclinable set of racing seats comes in a remarkably understated styling.

They are not only extremely comfortable but also comes built with excellent materials and build quality. The best part about the Epic series is its wide range of customized color choices. The range includes various colors, special editions, and special materials you can opt for. You can now both sit comfortably and look cool at the same time.

3. Secretlab Omega

Secretlab Omega is also another great gaming chair that rounds up in almost all aspects including style and comfort. From its seat to the armrests, casters, base, and the lift mechanism, Secretlab has gone for the best material and has given an incredible build quality as well.

It ships with their PU Leather 2.0 that is famous for being extremely durable, all-new premium metal in the armrest mechanism, high-quality cold-cured foam, and the tremendously comfortable velour memory foam lumbar and head pillows. This racing type seat also has a reclinable back that goes up to 165-degrees. The chair comes in a weight capacity of around 240 lbs and it is an ideal chair that covers every aspect, but its prices tend to hold it back.

4. Office Star ProGrid

This chair might not look gaming at all. But in an environment where you have to work/sit in front of a computer for hours, and your hands are tied by a limited budget, this handy chair comes in to clutch the day for you.

While the Office Star ProGrid is categorized as a task chair, it comes with all kinds of tweakable options that are found in more expensive ones. You can adjust its height and tilt and also slide the seat pan forward or backward. The backrest and also the armrests are adjustable too. With great customizability and a price tag which is too good to be true, this chair is easily our best budget-friendly option on the list.

5. Arozzi Verona Junior

Not all gaming chairs come in sizes that fit all body types and sizes. Especially, if the user is a child or smaller than an average person the choices are limited and very hard to find. Arozzi Verona Junior is a racing seat-type gaming chair that is specialized for kids and smaller users.

The 5-feet, 2-inches tall Arozzi Verona Junior comes with almost all features that the very best chairs have. This chair also comes with a 165-degree reclinable back and the comfort it provides with the included lower back pillow is top of the line. Even if you aren’t a kid or a shorter person, this chair can greatly help you with your posture and comfort.

6. Cougar Argo

Cougar Argo is one unique chair that is a blend of a task chair and a racing chair. This beast is the best ergonomic gaming chair you can get right now. The chair comes with a sturdy aluminum body along with breathable mesh cushions making it available for a larger demographic including users with larger body weights.

The breathable mesh cushion keeps you cool even during longer gaming/streaming sessions. It also packs a 105-130 degree reclining backrest, an adjustable headrest, a sliding seat, and 3D adjustable armrests. The lumbar support on this chair is dynamic and you can adjust it to fit your need in various positions. The chair is versatile with its adjustments and its sporty look makes it earn the 6th spot on this list.

7. Office Master OM5

Office Master OM5 is one of the most interesting chairs in the market. It stands out for its self-adjusting mechanism and it might just be the coolest chair you will come across in this price range. While it falls under the task chair category, Office Master OM5 is also a lovely option for a gaming chair due to its adjustabilities.

Its seat pan and backrest work together to automatically adjust for your comfort. You can seamlessly transition from sitting upright when working to a relaxed position when gaming/streaming and Office Master OM5 gives you the premium comfort and premium chair experience for a fairly mid-range price.

8. Respawn Sidewinder

When the budget is tight but you want to go for a gaming chair like experience, Respawn Sidewinder is the way to go. It is not the best in the market but comes with all the necessary features like a decent seat, height-adjustable armrests, good lumbar support, and a comfortable headrest.

It can hold up to 275 lbs and you can even recline on it slightly. All of this comes for a very fair price and gamer accents are all over it for a flashy look.

9. Cougar Ranger

Not all gamers/streamers sit in front of their PC to play games/stream. If you are one of those gamers that sit in front of a TV for gaming/streaming sessions instead of a PC, a racing-seat type gaming/office chair might not be the ideal choice. Fortunately, there are also gaming-grade arm chairs out there that keep you comfortable during your long streaming sessions.

The Cougar Ranger is one great option in this department and it comes with special padded lumbar and neck support that is not regularly seen on your typical lazy boys. It also tips back 160-degrees for a comfortable sitting/relaxing position and now you can enjoy gaming sessions on your TV with more comfort.

10. Big Joe Dorm Chair

If you don’t sit in front of a desk while gaming, an armchair is the way to go. However, if you are also short with the budget and space for a gaming armchair, Big Joe Dorm Chair might just be the way.

It is relatively extremely affordable and takes less space too. It might not be for aesthetics but will provide you with a comfortable seat for your long gaming sessions. It is also built well and has pockets built-in for various accessories and items. As its name suggests, this is the ideal fit for a dorm room, especially if you don’t want to spend much on a chair.


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