Programming is a huge part of everything you can see online since most software and Internet pages were made by a programmer probably operating on about 2 hours of sleep. It is so ingrained into society that many jobs that people look for are in the programming domain since they are in such high demand.

On Twitch, we have many programming streamers who love programming and make a living off of it. We’re going to list 10 of the most popular coding/programming streamers to follow if you have an interest in the craft and want to improve your skills.

10 Best Programming Twitch Streamers


CodingAndCoffee, hosted by Kevin, a programming engineer is a fantastic place where you just want to relax and watch some expert coding in action. Kevin is a very experienced programmer that has a few different projects that he’s doing at the moment, from crypto market projects to neural networks.

Most of his streams feature his face-cam and some chill music, and silent programming throughout the entire stream. On other occasions, he tends to talk to his audience about entrepreneurship, cats, kite surfing, and other general topics of life.

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Overall, CodingAndCoffee is one of the best programming streamers because everything is so simple and relaxed.


Now we have a very positive streamer whose goal is to deliver extremely high-quality content to their fanbase. CJ, the owner of the channel is an experienced programmer that loves solving problems his viewers present him with.

On top of this, he likes to present his channel as a place where programmers of any background and experience level can come to discuss every facet of programming and hopefully learn something. His streams are also very well-presented, with a full-body greenscreen cam of CJ pointing to various parts of codes to talk about them.

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Oftentimes, the community a streamer has will reflect their own personality, and CodingGarden‘s community is very understanding and welcoming.


Now we have another very relaxed and professional channel that focuses a lot on the educational side of coding with energetic and dynamic streams. CodingTrainChooChoo’s name is a fun way to call people over to join the programming “train” and learn something new.

Just like CodingGarden, this streamer also uses a full-body greenscreen cam to walk around the shot and explain different parts of coding and solving different problems. This approach is very interesting and fun to watch because when someone just narrates what they do on a single screen, it can be a bit boring.

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CodingTrainChooChoo encompasses everything we love to see in educational streams and we’re all here for it!


This channel is presented by Ana, an aspiring programmer that has a strong passion for everything in the field, as well as video games. Her streams are primarily in Spanish, so you might not be able to understand it completely, but those of you who are bilingual are in for a treat!

She usually spreads the content in her streams between casual gaming/chatting and programming, so you can have different streams of content depending on the day you decide to tune in.

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When it comes to her programming streams, she always engages with her audience and answers any questions they may have. Coding_byAnna is a fantastic streamer that you should definitely follow if you want to improve your coding skills!


CodingButter is another very wholesome streamer that focuses on his programming work and educating his viewers as he goes. Most of his streams focus on his development projects where he’ll code for a few hours, occasionally starting conversations with his viewers in regards to coding and other similar topics.

Another interesting thing he does is to check out the code that his viewers send him. They usually have some sort of compiling problem, or they don’t know how to optimize it, and other problems, at which point he will open it and analyze it to see what’s wrong.

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As he does this, he points out the problems in the code, and how to improve it, all while answering any questions his viewers might have. CodingButter is a fantastic streamer that you should absolutely check out!


Another Spanish programming streamer, this guy is basically the male version of Coding_byAnna, which is awesome! Carlos is a very warm person who loves to talk about coding/programming and he always tries to engage with his community as much as possible.

Most of his streams feature some coding sessions where he does his work, but there are also some moments where he just relaxes and talks to his audience.

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Carlos’ passions are not only related to programming as he also has a love for craft beer and brewing his own ale. There are tons of different things you can love about CodingCarlos, especially if you’re bilingual!


Here we have a coding duo that focuses on the education side of coding and all of the fun you can have while you learn something new. They have regular streams where they either do some of their own work or do some talks with viewers to educate them.

Another thing that they feature here is guest lectures, where they invite a knowledgeable quest that knows a lot about a specific branch of coding to do a lecture and share their knowledge with the masses.

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The overall vibe of their streams is very relaxed, friendly, and safe. If you have a seemingly obvious question that you might find difficult to ask, CodingAfterWork will always answer you with understanding and kindness.


It’s always inspiring to see a strong woman be in charge of her life and make a name for herself in the coding/programming community. Codingbandit is a specialist in multiple programming languages and works for a company called Trillium Innovations.

Most of her streams cover her programming for her work and sometimes interact with her audience to answer any questions they might have. Once you tune in, you’ll notice that there is a very chill and respectful atmosphere that is hard to beat.

Credit: GitHub

Her name is Carey Payette, and you would do well to tune in the next time she fires up her stream!


Here we have a streamer that is relatively small compared to the titans we have mentioned so far, but his content is excellent for anyone looking for a relaxed experience full of gaming, coding, and nerding out!

He is very open to including his viewers in the gaming action, as well as some coding sessions if they might have any questions for him. From what we have seen so far, CodingTimelord is a fantastic streamer with a lot of potential.

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At the time of writing, he is using all of the donations he receives to further improve his streaming setup, so you should stop by some time and show some support!


Jason Lengstorf is a fantastic coding streamer that is extremely focused on educating the masses about the many joys of programming through his informative series – LearnWithJason!

The general idea of this series is to learn something new in 90 minutes, with a new topic and focus featured in every new entry. His preferred language is JavaScript since he is very well-informed about it.

Source: Twitch

However, there are many things that go on during his streams, which you will notice once you tune in! Aside from Jason’s great personality, you also have a warm and welcoming community that is just as helpful as he is. Check out Jlengstorf if you want an amazing educational experience!

Wrapping Up

And there ends our list of the best coding/programming streamers! They all have a very simple goal – to create a positive space where people can freely come and learn something new. We sincerely hope that you have found a new streamer to watch regularly and that you have learned something new!

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