Having commands on your Twitch stream is a great way to answer repetitive questions, share socials and interact with your chat. If you’re a new streamer you may be wondering how you can set up commands and which commands you should be using to get the most engagement on your stream.

In this article I’m going to cover:

  • How to set up commands on your channel
  • 18 Commands Ideas to use on your stream

18 Twitch Command Ideas You Should Use In Your Chat

The commands below are custom commands you can create yourself to make your stream more interesting.

To incentivise users to use these new custom commands you have added to your stream you can add them to your title or have a Timer set up to include the commands you’re using on stream. You can also mention them on stream if someone in chat is asking about something related to a command.

View Commands – !commands

A popular command streamers will add to their stream is a commands command. This allows viewers to quickly see which commands you have active on your stream.

This makes it much easier to get users to engage with the commands you have set up, without having to repeat yourself on stream.

Custom Tips – !Special

This one is a fun one for viewers and also increases the amount of tips you get on stream. When the user types the command they will see a list of custom donation alerts they can trigger.

For example these are the custom donations you can trigger on my stream:

Special Tip Sounds:

$2 – Kaching $3 – Bazinga $5 – Open The Mystery Box $5.50 – Pack A Punch $6 – Feeds My Coffee Addiction $7.77 – Coffin Dance Meme $9 – I’m Fast As F*ck Boi $10 – Here Comes The Money $50 – Money Can’t Buy Happiness $25 – Tactical Nuke Incoming $75 – Shut Up & Take My Money $100 – Money Money Money $250 – I Will Literally End The Stream

I like to base these around my stream where I am normally playing Call of Duty: Zombies. You can base these around the theme of your stream.

Personal Best – !pb

If you’re doing speed runs, high rounding or going for records add a command to your chat to allow them to see your current personal best. This will allow your chat to see what you’re trying to beat and how good you really are.

Stream Setup – !setup

People love to know what gear you’re streaming with. Even if you have this info in your panels below the stream people may find it hard to view them on mobile. Set up a command which includes your setup.

You can also add affiliate links in this command to earn you some extra revenue through amazon associates linking to your stream gear.

Giveaway – !giveaway

If you’re running a giveaway to help promote your stream then including a command for it is a great way to let people know how they can enter.

Bot Fights Back

You can also set up commands to trigger when a user mentions specific keywords. A funny one to add is making XYZbot reply to people.

For example, if someone says XYZBot is annoying me. Have the bot then reply by saying something funny like “Say that to my face”.

It freaks people in the chat out and gets a good laugh all round.

Social Media Commands – !Twitter !Youtube !instagram !discord

This one is pretty obvious but you should have these set up on your channel when streaming. Lots of people will automatically try these commands if they want to find your socials as it’s fairly common to have these enabled on twitch.

Schedule – !schedule

Having a stream schedule is a great way to get consistent recurring viewers on your channel. When you have a schedule people know when to show up.

Rules – !rules

If you have certain rules in your chat it’s good to include a command for them so people know what they can and can’t say in your chat.

Loadout – !loadout

I’m using Warzone for this example as lots of people ask what loadout you run when streaming however this can be applied to any game. Maybe the character you run or your favourite weapon class in the game you play.

Server – !server

This is useful if you’re playing a game where you want the chat to participate in your server. Having this command allows them to easily find the server and join in on the action.

Lurk – !lurk

This allows users to join your stream and let you know they’re there but they’re going to be lurking. Easy.

Mods – !Mods

Once your stream starts to grow, you will need to start adding mods to your channel. It can be useful for your fans to see exactly who the mods in the chat are. By adding this command your viewers will be able to see a list of Moderators in your chat.

Playlist – !Playlist

A lot of streamers play music on stream or in between games. If you do this you have probably had people in chat ask you what song you’re playing. You can simply add a playlist command allowing the viewer to view the playlist you are listening to.

Game Setup – !Game

If you play a game where your build or set-up in-game is important to your strategy then you may want to add a command allowing your viewers to see what you use. For example many Warzone streamers will have a command for their most popular loadouts.

This means you won’t have to repeatedly answer the same question over and over again in your chat.

Records – !record

If you are a streamer who likes to take part in speed runs or climb leaderboards then this can be a great command to add. Simply add a command that displays your best records in the game, making it easy for viewers to see.

Merch – !merch

If you have some sort of merch that you sell then adding a command that links out to your shop can help to generate more sales.

Sponsors – !sponsor

Sponsors are a great way to support your stream. The more value you provide a sponsor, the more likely you are to get paid well. Adding a command linking out to the sponsor’s site or product can help generate more sales and exposure for the sponsor.

How To Use Commands On Twitch

To use commands on Twitch you will need to add some sort of bot to your channel enabling the ability to use commands.

There is a variety of bots available and most of them have the same functionalities.

The Best Twitch Bots 2021

Commands are a simple part of a Twitch bot and most will have this functionality. Here’s what we really like here at Get On Stream.

It really doesn’t matter which one you choose as they’re all fairly simple to use. Just pick one and get started.

Streamlabs Cloud Bot

If you’re like me and use Streamlabs to manage your live stream you’re in luck. Streamlabs has a built-in bot functionality. This feature is also free. Just log in to Streamlabs.com with your twitch account and in your dashboard, you will see “Cloudbot” –> Commands.

This is where you will be able to create commands for your chat.


Nightbot is another popular bot that has the ability to enable Twitch commands. Night bot is easy to use for beginners and is a great choice for a bot is you’re using something other than streamlabs.


Moobot is a great chatbot for beginners and has a ton of features you can utilise as you grow your stream. Again with Moobot, it has the ability to add commands to your stream.


Streamelements is another very popular bot in the Twitch and Youtube community with a range of features including games like Bingo and Roulette but most importantly it allows us to add chat commands to our stream.

Wrapping Up

So that is 11 easy commands you can add to your twitch channel to make your chat more interactive. If you have any fun commands you like to use in your chat let us know down below in the comments and we can add them to the article.

Happy Streaming!

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