If someone you know is a Streamer and you don’t know what to get them for a gift, you have came to the right place. If you’re not into the world of streaming it can be hard to know exactly what to get someone.

In this article we are going to take the hard work out of it for you. Below are 15 of the best gifts for streamers. We have included 3 different categories:

  • Budget Friendly
  • Premium Gifts
  • Fun and Quirky

Let’s jump in and take a look at the best gifts for Twitch streamers.

Best Budget Gifts For Twitch Streamers

1. RGB Floodlights

It’s a well known fact that streamers love RGB lights. Just pop into any Twitch stream and you’ll see a flood of colored lighting behind streamers.

While everyone loves the RGB light it can be quite hard to get an even flood of light in a stream background.

These RGB floodlights are the perfect item to brighten up any backdrop and they’re cheap. Any streamer will be happy to open these up as a gift.

2. Silent Fan

As streamers we have to keep our stream as quiet as possible to get the best audio on our stream.

This combined with a lot of heat coming of PCs and Monitors having a fan to cool us down is really handy.

This Silent fan from Amazon is a great option. It’s really quiet so doesn’t affect a streamers audio and also helps to keep them cool while gaming. Streamer’s would be grateful to receive a gift like this especially if they’re in a warm climate.

3. Stream Deck Mini

A Streamdeck allows streamers to increase the production value of their stream. Elgato create the best Streamdeck out there however it is quite pricey. Recently they just came out with a Streamdeck ‘Mini’.

This is a great affordable gift for streamers. It will allow them to be much more creative on their stream and increase the quality of their content.

4. Microphone Pop Filter

A pop filter is a great addition to any streaming setup. It helps to remove any popping sounds when a streamer is talking significantly improving their sound quality.

Having great audio is extremely important as a streamer so this small gift would be a great addition to any streaming setup.

5. RGB Lighting Strips

Yup, back to RGB lights. Streamers really love them. This item is a lighting strip that gamers can wrap around their desk or the edges of their walls to bring their setup to life.

If they don’t already have any colored lighting in their setup then this is a great place to start.

Premium Gifts For Streamers

6. RTX 3080Ti

If you want to go all out for your streamer friend, child, partner etc the the 3080 TI is the way to go. This is one may break the bank a little but it is one of the best graphics cards on the market.

You can be sure that any streamer will be blown away by this gift as it opens up a lot of possibilities for them. Just make sure that they have a good enough PC to handle this card before purchasing.

7. Elgato Key Light

Having good lighting on stream is extremely important if you want to have great stream quality. While most people think that a camera is the determining factor in whether or not the video quality will be good, having great lighting is even more important.

Good lighting can make a mediocre camera or webcam look great. The Elgato Key Light is the best on the market. It’s specifically made for streamers which makes it perfect for a stream setup.

8. Dyson Pure

As we mentioned earlier stream rooms can get really hot with all the equipment. As a streamer a Dyson Pure probably isn’t something they would buy themselves. However this is one of those gifts that they will greatly appreciate once they have it.

If they currently don’t have AC in their streaming room and you want to get them one of the best ACs fans out there get this. They will thank you.

9. Logitech Brio

If the person your buying a gift for needs a camera upgrade the Logitech brio is a really good webcam for the money.

This is a 4k Webcam which works on mac and pc. Combined with something like an Elgato keylight this will give a streamer and amazing quality video on stream.

10. Steelseries Arctis Pro

If you want to give someone the gift of amazing audio the Steel Series Arctis pro headset is out go to.

The headset is one of the best gaming headsets on the market right now with Hi-res speakers.

Not only does the headset have amazing quality sound but its also wireless which is a must for a premium gaming setup.

11. Nano leaf Lights

Nano leaf lights are extremely popular in streaming and for good reason. These lights look amazing in any stream background. You can customise the shape of the lights to your liking. Some streamers even connect enough of them to create their name or logo behind them in their stream.

Fun Gifts For Twitch Streamers

12. Funko Pops

Funko Pops are fun little models that streamers can place in their stream background. Lots of streamers have tons of memorabilia in their background that represents their passions.

Funko pops are a cool way to show off the games and movies that you love.

If you know the favourite games or movies of your streaming buddy then grab them a little Funko pop that highlights their passions.

13. Steam Gift Cards

If you came to this article you probably know that the person you are buying for loves games. However you may not know exactly which games they want right now.

A great way to get them a game but not purchase the wrong one is getting them a gift card. A steam gift card allows them to purchase any of the games on the steam marketplace and download them.

14. Funny Plushie Toys

Funny plushie toys are another great addition to any streamers background. Obviously you will know your friend better than us so you can get them a plushie related to what they are interested in.

There is everything on amazon from the little Shiba Inu dog in the image to pillows of the popular streamer Ninja.

15. Large Water Bottle

Streamers are generally sitting down for long periods of the day and don’t get up very often. Staying hydrated while streaming is important. Some streamers even have a channel point redemption on their channel that people can redeem to make a streamer drink water.

Having a really large water bottle at their desk all day is a great way to make sure they are staying hydrated while grinding on stream. If you want to keep your streamer friend healthy this is the gift to get for them.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully after reading through this gift idea list you can now pick the perfect gift for your streamer friend. I’m sure whatever you decide to get them from this list they will absolutely love.

Enjoy watching their face light up when they open one of these amazing gifts from you.

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