Twitch is a massive platform that gamers all around the world use to chill out, play games, interact with the community, and create memories for everyone to look back on and appreciate.

There are thousands of streamers on the platform and many of them fit in their niches of content depending on what they enjoy doing. Stoner channels fit into their niche as channels that are quite relaxed and are happy to engage with their community while they consume some substance that is legal and safe. This is most often cannabis.

The games that these streamers play vary in theme and there is something for everyone to enjoy watching. To make it easier for you to find a new stoner channel to enjoy, we’ll be listing 15 of them that are very popular at the moment.

15 Best Stoner Channels On Twitch


SashaHippie is one of those streamers that you tune in to have a relaxed experience where you can talk to both her and the friendly people in her chat. A good deal of her content involves baking/cooking where she will often indulge in her hemp and have fun with her chat.

Something that you will notice about her streams is that her general demeanor and personality are quite inviting and relaxing, on top of being wholesome.

Credit: Twitter

Overall, many of her viewers can vouch that she is an absolute joy and a must-watch if you’re looking for a new stoner channel to follow. Check her out at!


Summit1g is one of the most seasoned streamers today, as well as one of the most popular ones. His streams are usually quite relaxed when he’s playing FPS games, displaying his skills.

At the time of writing he has been streaming since 2012, so you can be sure that he knows how to interact with his chat and make the time you spend with him memorable.

Credit: The Loadout

Most viewers will tell you that he is quite a pleasant and energetic person to talk to, and he is available to play with if you want to hop on some online co-op games. You can tune in to catch his next clip at


Variety is the name of the game when you’re looking for an entertaining streamer to follow, and Kaceytron is excellent in that regard. She has been the target of some online negativity, but that has been resolved.

When it comes to her content, she streams League of Legends, a variety of games, and often just chills out in the Just Chatting section talking about real-life issues and interacting with her community. Her energy is pleasant and it makes you want to continue watching no matter what game she is playing, and that is very favorable for any streamer.

Credit: Otaku Kart

She acts as living evidence that women can more than easily domineer on a platform that is usually populated by males, and we’re all for it! Take a look at her streams at


Cewpins is a streamer that is so friendly and easy to talk to that you can watch him do nothing and it would still be entertaining. Most of his content is in the Just Chatting section where you can find him interacting with his fans as well as his bong.

Gaming is another thing he enjoys doing from time to time, and he always makes sure to include his viewers in the experience so they can feel like they are participating and helping him progress.

Credit: YouTube

If you’re interested in the content Cewpins provides and want to be a part of the chat, head on over to

Snoop Dogg

Yeah, you read that right. The OG of rap and one of the best rappers of all time, Snoop Dogg is a twitch streamer. While he doesn’t stream too often, when you watch his stream you’re bound to find hours of enjoyment because of his shenanigans.

A large portion of his content is playing 2K games like Madden and NBA. He says that playing games like Madden, as well as other games, helps him connect with his friends, his audience, and the players he’s pitted against and paints him as a down-to-earth person that loves to blaze and chill out.

snoop dog twitch
Credit: Twitch

One of the funniest scenarios in his stream was when he muted his microphone and his chat tried to frantically let him know about it but he couldn’t figure it out. For that and much more craziness take a look at


Moving on, we have a relatively new streamer that has made a name for herself because of her knowledge of cannabis and her extremely pleasant personality.

She usually just talks to her chat, giving them vital info on how to consume substances in a controlled and safe way, apart from also talking about general stuff that goes on in her life and in the world in general.

Credit: Twitch

It is never a dull moment with her and you can expect to engage in wholesome conversations and make some nice memories talking to her. If you want to join in on the vibes, go to


Similar to Summit1g, Pokelawls has been on the streaming scene for many years, providing his loyal viewers with content to love. His content revolves around GTA V, but you can also see him streaming trending games that catch his eye or that he thinks would be fun.

Of course, not all of Pokelawls’ streams are gaming-oriented as he sometimes joins the Just Chatting section to talk to other people and his community about things going on in the world, trending topics, and whatever else you can think of.

Credit: The Loadout

Pokelawls has established himself as a prominent figure in the Twitch community and you should check him out at!


When it comes to the drive to deliver excellent content and inject passion into what you do, it doesn’t get much better than JoshOG. Josh is a full-time streamer dedicated to giving his fans all of the content they could want while keeping everything relaxed and enjoyable.

He plays a ton of different games on his streams and tries to incorporate as much variety as he can so that he can cater to a wide range of preferences. This dedication to his craft is what makes him a joy to watch and to hang out with.

Credit: Twitch

His general demeanor reflects quite well on his audience, which also makes the environment of his streams more comfortable. Overall, JoshOG is one of those stoner streamers that you can come back to at any time and feel like you never left. Check him out at!


The content that ItsPinkie provides you with comes from many spheres of life, as she is an avid gamer but she also likes to talk to her audience about her various lifestyle interests, from art to drama to cooking to cannabis.

The list goes on. One of her most-played games is Spellbreak where she always tries to play the game in the most entertaining way possible. This leads to streams that are full of laughter, enjoyment, and clip-worthy moments.

Credit: Twitch

ItsPinkie’s streams are wonderful if you’re looking for a place where you can just vibe and enjoy your free time. Head on over to and join the fun!


A streamer that prefers to have a very relaxed vibe about them, Nexi will make sure that you feel relaxed and entertained during his GTA V streams. His demeanor is quite chill with very little space for stress or outside problems.

The vibes that he sends your way reflect positively off of his community as well, so when you just tune in to the stream, you’ll find yourself welcomed and appreciated.

Credit: Twitch

This is especially important if you’re looking for a new inclusive community that will make you feel at home. Vibe out with Nexi at


Moving on, we have the first channel to feature multiple people working in unison to bring content to you. DownToQuest is a streaming house that streams 24/7 and consists of 6 members who stream different games, so there is always something you can watch.

Credit: Facebook

From RPGs to first-person shooters, you can expect to find it all at DownToQuest. Their main goal is to create a massive community that can grow and prosper as they introduce an even greater variety to their streams. When you get the chance, stop by and have some fun!


Most people associate cannabis with negativity because of its legal issues, but StonedNinja breaks the controversy by dedicating his streams to gaming and cannabis safely and legally. His personality is outgoing and fun, which can pull viewers into the positive atmosphere he creates.

By incorporating gaming, humor, and his own personality into his streams, he simultaneously educates his fans to know more about the benefits of cannabis and how to enjoy it safely. Most of his streams are extremely positive, where you can hop in and have some fun with no issues at all.

Credit: Twitch

Not only is he a fantastic influence, but his audience is also welcoming and warm to newcomers. Feel free to go to and learn something new!


Drojo24 is another female streamer that is doing wonders for the Twitch community and proves that women can achieve great things with no issues. She is highly educated, owns her own business, and makes gaming a priority during her streams, so she’s a jack of all trades in a way.

Credit: Twitch

Her personality is quite relaxed and welcoming to new viewers, and her gaming skills offer a lot of high-quality content to enjoy daily. She has achieved a great number of things on her streams, and you should join in on the fun at!


This next channel is for all of you Call of Duty fans here. Mommys is one of the most prominent Call of Duty streamers today, and is a massive figure in the professional Call of Duty scene, hosting various events in California.

His main goal is to prove to his fans and his audience that your beginnings do not matter and you can easily climb the ranks and achieve a great deal through gaming. He has been streaming for more than 9 years and has a lot of experience under his belt.

Credit: Twitch

When you tune in to one of his streams you can expect excellent CoD gameplay, some clips, real talk, shenanigans, and much more. If you’re looking for one of the best Call of Duty streamers out there, Mommys is for you. Check him out at


And finally, we have a channel that places special emphasis on the chill side of cannabis and enjoying the moment. That_Stonerchick’s content mostly revolves around the Just Chatting section of Twitch where she will often just sit and talk to her fans about various topics.

This is especially great for people who want to turn on some background noise when they want to do something else, or just engage in some interesting conversation. Her personality is very laid back and relaxed, much like you would expect it to be.

Credit: Twitch

If you want to keep up with her streaming schedule, go to

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, 15 of the best stoner channels on Twitch. As you can see, they all have their niches where they produce content, and all of them do it masterfully. We sincerely hope that you can take a look at this list and find that one channel that you watch all the time.

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