If you are looking for some inspiration for your gaming or streaming setup, you have came to the right place. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the best looking white gaming setups we could find.

We have found these setups on Instagram, Reddit and Youtube. We link out to all the original posts so you can find more detail on these insane white setups if you want to.

Let’s jump in and take a look at the coolest white gaming setups on the internet. Some of these are cold as ice!

17 Insane White Gaming Setups

1. Clean White & Purple Accent

This setup from elfC0ffee looks absolutely amazing. It is super minimalist with Twitch purple accents. The plants also add a really nice touch bringing a bit of nature into the theme. The monitor is a 30″ Nebula by Sceptre. The keyboard is the G915 TKL by logitech. Make sure to check out her profile as she gives a deeper look into the setup.

2. White & Rose Gold Setup

This has to be one of the best looking setups I have seen in terms of aesthetics. The rose gold accents just make everything pop. If you want to learn more about this setup the builder has created a full setup video. Make sure to check it out if you want to build a similar white and rose gold setup.

3. Futuristic White Gaming Setup

This super futuristic looking white setup looks amazing. I’d go as far as calling this one the battle station. We’re not sure where they got them lights but we want some. The corner desk setup looks great combined with the Ultra Wide curved monitor.

4. White Anime Lover

This setup looks great and we’re a big fan of the desktop wallpaper! The pink accent in the back of the desk really sets it all off. The owner is clearly a big Funko Pop fan with an amazing collection in the background. The grey Titan chair looks amazing paired with an all white setup.

5. White & Black Small Setup

This setup in a small space looks amazing and is super functional. The hanger boards on the right hand side look like a great space saver where this person is hanging their Headphones, Spare keyboard and some plant pots. They have also mounted the PC on the wall which looks insane and saves space.

6. The Cloud Setup

This setup from Tapiopika is a streamers dream. She has gone with all with and even the white accent could on the wall. The setup is lit with an elgato key light and the cockpit is a Secret Lab Titan chair. This is the second one we have ran into in this list. They look great in the white setup. Check out her profile where she shares more about her stream and you can also see her live on twitch here.

7. Split Keyboard White Setup

This setup looks crazy with the split keyboard and NZXT gaming case. While it’s not completely white the grey walls are nice touch. It really makes the desk and case pop out from the background.

8. Cotton Candy Setup

If you like pink you will love this setup. It is white with pink accents and looks great. Fawnprincex documents her setup building over on her instagram so if you want more info on the gear she is running check out her profile.

9. White & Red Setup

This white and red setup looks super clean and has some insane cable management. Cobey has done a great job with the red PC accents and red nanoleafs on the wall.

10. Simple But Effective White Setup

This super minimal setup with curved ultrawide looks great. It has everything you need; phone holder, headphones, microphone and shelf to the right hand side for miscellaneous items. The shelf behind the monitor looks great with the controller holders.

11. Vanta Black & White Setup

Is this the best setup on the list? It’s definitely not minimalist but it looks so damn good. The black accents look so aggressive. Vantablack.wolf shares her whole build over on her instagram so make sure to check it out. She also streams on Twitch here.

12. The Spaceship

Is it just me or does this setup look like the cockpit of a space ship? Everything from the soldier on the speaker to the matching white guitar looks insane. This setup builder has done a great job.

13. White & Wood Setup

Does this setup count as being a white setup? We thought we would let it pass our test. The wooden desk combined with white lights, PC and chair is a killer combo. It looks like he’s about to drop in hot in warzone 😉

14. Iced Out Setup

Wow! It looks cold in here. This setup is icey. The white combined with the light blue accents behind the table and above with the Nanoleaf looks great. Again we see this person is using a hanging board to keep their desk from getting cluttered.

15. Jeffs Battle Station

This setup looks crazy with the dual monitors and big screen tv above. You can watch anime and play games at the same time. Make sure to check out JeffsBattlestation on instagram to see more of this setup. He also builds some really cool keyboards!

16. PC Battlestations Setups

This setup by Pc Battlestations Setups looks crazy. It looks like a dual PC set up on a white desk with white sound paneling. This isn’t the only crazy setup he has. Check out his instagram to see some insane PC builds and other setups he has created.

17. White & Orange Setup

This setup looks insane with the orange glow. In our research we didn’t see many white and orange setups but this looks really good. If you want to go for something more original this might be the aesthetic to go with.

Wrapping Up

If you haven’t found inspiration for your White gaming setup here you never will. There is some crazy setups up above. Hopefully they have inspired you to take your setup to the next level. If you do create one feel free to link your instagram or Twitch down below in the comments so we can check it out.


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