The first time I enabled channel points over on my stream my chat simply got confused. I hadn’t bothered to set them up with any thought. Quite frankly they had nothing to redeem them for.

Twitch has stated that channels with a larger audience have seen:

  • An 18% increase in time spent by viewers on the channel
  • A 13% lift in chat participation among their viewers

I thought enabling betting on streamlabs would keep viewers interested but whats the point in gambling if theres no prizes?

So here’s 20 ways you can spice up your stream with channel points:

20. Song Request

If you play music on your stream this is a no brainer. Although with the recent Twitch DMCA stuff you might want to keep it royalty free 😉 #deletethevod

19. Run An Ad

This one benefits everyone… Sort of. If they choose to redeem their channel points on this and you make some money thats a win win for everyone.

18. Stream an Extra 1-2-5 hours

Set this goal as high as you dare. If you have a set stream schedule this can be a great incentive to have people stay in your stream to gather up them points and punish you with an extra 3 hours on the line.

17. Choose the Next Map/Gamemode

Playing a game where you can choose the map or game mode? Let the viewer decide with channel points what’s coming up next.

16. Become a Mod

Set this one high and make them earn this privilege in your stream. If someones stuck around for long enough and has became a staple in your community reward them with being a mod. This also helps keep your community clean and everything in line with your brand.

15. Become a VIP

People love to feel important in your stream and community. If they’ve stuck around long enough and have put in enough hours on your stream then it might be worth offering them a VIP badge and some perks in your stream.

14. Dance On Stream

Everyone loves it when you don’t take yourself too seriously on stream. Have a little fun with this one, let your viewer pick the song and dance away to your hearts content.

13. Give A Shoutout To The Viewer

Viewers love getting some recognition and a lot of them probably have streams of their own. Give them a little promo for being loyal to your stream.

12. Change Something in Your Room

This could be something as simple as changing the color of your lights in your room or you could have a whiteboard in your back drop where you add the names on VIP viewers.

11. Drink Water

This is a popular one and makes sure you keep hydrated. I know when I get sucked into a long stream I can forget to drink as much as I maybe should. Let viewers tell you when you need to drink your water.

10. Pushups

Look we all know sitting in front of our computers all day isn’t the best for our physical health so why not let our viewers keep us on track. Do 5-10 pushups when a viewer redeems their twitch channel points and build some muscles while you’re streaming.

9. Wear Something Unique

Wear a funny hat, glasses or some form of cosplay to spice up your stream. At least it’ll make for a good thumbnail.

8. Give A Gifted Sub

Maybe set this one high but if someone has been in your stream long enough and has been an active community member then a gifted sub is a great way to thank them for their support.

7. Bring Your Pet On Stream

Everyone loves pets. If you’ve got one your stream will surely want to see them. Whether it’s a little pupper or a little kitten its a great way to create interaction on your stream. Bring on the little furballs and give them a treat.

6. Can’t say a specific word

Are you known for a specific saying. Let your viewer bar you from saying it for the rest of the stream. If you say it you have to gift a sub... Now thats a challenge. Don’t slip up!

5. Game Specific Rewards

Depending on the game you’re playing you can add in game specific rewards. I’m a big fan of Call of Duty Zombies and have previously added rewards like:

  • No Juggernaut allowed
  • Immediately down yourself
  • Take the first weapon from the box

Take you’re game and give you’re viewer some sort of control. It helps make them feel like they’re more part of the journey with you.

4. Free Piece Of Merch

If you have merch for your followers you can set a high channel point goal for this one. For those top viewers they deserve to rep your brand. Keep it to something cheap to produce like a t-shirt. Let them rock it out and about and promote your brand for you.

3. Follow On Twitter

Your followers look up to you. They would love to have you follow them back on Twitter. It’s super easy for you to do and is great incentive for your viewers to earn channel points.

2. Bean Boozled

You’ll need to make sure you have this game on hand but it’s a fun one to play with your viewers. Let your viewers earn enough twitch channel points for you to take one Bean. You’ll either be delighted or disgusted on stream. That’s half the fun, right?

1. Eat Something Strange

You can push this one as far as you want. Maybe it’s just a banana or even a sausage out of a soggy casserole thats been on the bench for three days. Your viewers will be sure to save up to watch you eat something disgusting.

Hopefully this list gives you some ideas for your Twitch channel points system and grows your stream.

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