Sub badges are a great way for people in your community to show off how long they have been supporting your channel. It also incentivises people to stay on as a subscriber for longer if they are going to get access to a rare sub badge. After all, everyone wants to be a member of the “exclusive” club.

If you want to take your stream to the next level adding custom or creative sub-badges is a great way to enhance your stream. We recommend choosing Sub Badges that are in line with the theme of your stream and brand.

For example, if you regularly play RPGs and wear a helmet while streaming then different colored helmets may be a good idea for Sub Badges

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best sub-badge ideas and where you can get badges for your stream. Feel free to check out the badges mentioned in the article or use the badges for inspiration.

The Best Sub Badge Ideas From

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Knight Sub Badges

This is a great sub badge idea for RPG players. Let your viewers level up their helmet every time they resubscribe to your stream.

Knight Helmet Sub Badge

Beer Sub Badges

If you’re regularly sipping on a beer during your stream then these beer sub badges would be perfect for you.

Beer Sub Badges For Twitch

Medal Sub Badges

Want to add the feel of “Prestiging” to your stream then these medal sub-badges may be the way to go.

Skulls Sub Badges

Want to add some scary skulls as your sub badges this is the pack for you.

Burger Sub Badges

Does your stream have a large focus on eating? Maybe you do Muckbangs on stream… These burger sub badges could be the perfect fit for you.

Shark Sub Badges

Are you an absolute shark in your favourite game? Let your community level up their shark sub badge when they stay subscribed to your stream.

Number Emblem Sub Badge

If you want to keep your sub badges simple this Number emblem sub badge could be perfect for you.

Swords Sub Badges

Are you big RPG player who likes slaying dragons in Skyrim? Utilise this Sword Sub badge pack from Own3d on your stream.

Flame Sub Badges

I think we can all agree flames are pretty cool and so is this sub badge pack. It comes with 11 different flame icons with an elite tier neon blue flame for 6 year subs! You’ll have to grind for a long time to see viewers unlock that.

Potion Sub Badges

Are you cooking up a potion in your streaming room? This Potion pack could be perfect with your most loyal viewers unlocking the secret recipe…

Cat Coin Sub Badges

With cryptocurrency booming and there being a coin for everything, it might be a fun idea to add coins as your sub badges. This pack includes “Cat Coins”. Everyone loves cats, right?

Ghost Sub Badges

Do you regularly do spooky streams? This might fit the theme of your stream. This pack includes 6 super cute ghostys for your sub badges.

Tiger Sub Badges

Let your viewers earn their stripes with these amazing tiger sub badges for your stream.

Heart Emblem Sub Badges

Do you regularly feel the love on your stream? These heart sub badges could be perfect for you.

Military Sub Badges

Add a military feel to your twitch channel with these Military sub badges.

Donut Sub Badges

Who doesn’t love donuts! Let your viewers get tastier donuts every month the resubscribe.

Fiverr Sub Badges

If preset Sub badges aren’t for you and you want something a little more custom then Fiverr is the place to go. There are 100s of amazing creators on fiverr who will create you some amazing customised sub badges.

Here is just a few of our favourite Fiverr Sub Badge Creators.

1. Shanahackman Custom Sub Badges

2. Kurvacadavra Custom Emote & Sub Badges

3. Gluckmedia Custom Twitch Emotes Emote Creator

Placeit is a great website that has lots of graphics resources as well an emote creator. While this creator is mainly focused on emotes you can also use it to create sub badges for your stream. If you have an idea but don’t want to pay someone to create it for you this is a good place to start.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully taking a look at some of these amazing sub badges above you have been able to spark some ideas for your own stream. Try to keep your sub badges on brand and in theme with your brand. Make it rewarding for your viewers to stay on as a subscriber. each time they get a new sub badge it should feel more prestigious.

Let us know down below in the comments what theme you go for on your new sub badge designs.


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