The Nintendo Switch has sold over 107 million units since its launch in 2017. It features a dockable screen and joy-cons that can be used as separate controls on the go.

But one feature that is often overlooked is its virtual reality capabilities. Yes, the Nintendo Switch can handle VR games and there are a lot of choices right now.

The Nintendo Switch VR game catalog is not as huge as the PlayStation VR library or the available games on PC. However, here are the top 5 Nintendo Switch games that support VR.

Super Mario Odyssey

Your Nintendo Switch experience is not complete without playing Super Mario Odyssey. It is one of the games that showcase the strengths of the Switch, especially when switching from 3D to 2D gameplay.

The game is also full of surprises. There are tons of hidden levels and you can explore a stage as much as you want.

Super Mario Odyssey can be played in virtual reality. The experience is not as smooth as the usual handheld or dock gameplay but it works when you needed it. It also adds more depth to the gameplay since you can explore the world with a closer view.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

The Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild (BoTW) is a contender as the best Nintendo Switch game of all time. It features non-linear storytelling that allows you to fully explore the land of Hyrule.

The battle mechanics are excellent and the attention to detail that the developers gave the game is top-notch. It is one of the games wherein you can spend hundreds of hours and still have something else to do or explore.

Like Super Mario Odyssey, the BoTW was given the virtual reality treatment. As expected, the VR gaming experience is not the best way to play the game. It clearly lacks the detail and immersive experience that PlayStation VRs provide.

Switching to VR mode does not give you a first-person view of Link. It would still be in the third person perspective but the environment is more immersive. You can look around while wearing the VR headset and the world will move as well.

It is not the best way to play the game, but it provides a nice break from the usual gameplay.

Nintendo Labo VR Kit

The Nintendo Labo VR kit could jumpstart your Switch VR journey. The VR kit includes multiple DIY toys such as the Toy-Con VR Goggles (which you can use on other games), Toy-Con Blaster, Toy-Con Elephant, Toy-Con Camera, Toy-Con Bird, Toy-Con Drums, and a whole lot more.

This game is perfect for kids and kids at heart because you need to assemble the cardboard toys. Once set up, you may then slot in the joy cons and play the virtual game.

The games are fun for casual sessions. It is not meant for long gaming sessions such as Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo also made it this way to prevent eye fatigue from prolonged VR use.

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Virtual reality gaming is not complete without a horror game. On PC, Phasmophobia, Resident Evil, and The Blair Witch are all available to play in VR. One game though that is available on both PC and the Nintendo Switch is Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted.

It is a horror game where you need to survive for five nights. There is also a bonus level if you manage to sneak and survive until the end.

The game includes 40 mini-games and it expands when you finish them all. The nightmare mode will be unlocked for added difficulty and scare factor.

Fight Night At Freddy’s: Help Wanted is the eighth installment of the game and if you are a fan of the series then this is a must-have.

The graphics are not as good as the PC version but it is more than enough to play the game. At this point, high-quality VR and the Nintendo Switch are still far from reality.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is one of the best-selling titles on the Nintendo Switch. It is a fun game that can be played solo, online, or with family and friends.

The game features characters from multiple Nintendo franchises such as Kirby, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog in a free-for-all battle.

The VR version of the game is less than ideal since it is a platformer title. However, it still injects a lot of fun into an already established game.

Be careful though. The game is fast-paced and playing it in VR mode might make you dizzy or nauseous. Stop immediately if you felt the need to take a breather.

Is Nintendo Switch VR Worth It?

The Nintendo Switch VR is a neat gimmick but it is not at the same level as PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, or other VR options from PC and consoles. It is safe to say that it is not worth it at the moment considering that Nintendo has not announced any future development regarding the feature.

The Switch VR is fine for its $20 price if you can make the most out of it. Let’s say you have a toddler or you want another family game.

However, the way it is implemented is not ideal. You need to hold the cardboard Toy VR to your face while controlling the joy-cons. It gets tiring immediately.

The screen is only 720p and if you hold it up close then you will see the pixels. If you have the Nintendo Switch OLED version then your experience might be different due to the higher quality screen.

If you are still getting into virtual reality gaming, it would be better to go for the Oculus Go or other affordable VR headsets and connect them to a gaming PC or console. The experience is leaps ahead compared to Switch VR.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for our best Nintendo Switch Games that support VR. They are not the best implementation of VR at the moment but it works. It provides a different perspective than the usual 2D platform or 3D open-world experience.

Hopefully, Nintendo creates its own VR headset similar to the Oculus that can be connected to the dock. This frees up the hand for joy con control and it opens up the possibility for more supported games.

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