Steam is a fantastic gaming service that provides us with thousands of titles to play regularly, but these games might not be in your budget at the moment. When someone wants to buy a game that is too expensive, they either wait until it is on sale, save money to buy it, or resort to piracy.

Since we’re assuming that you are an upstanding citizen that would never resort to such practices (wink), we are going to offer you another solution – Steam key sites. These sites are filled with games, just like Steam, but most of the time, the games are listed for lower prices than what Steam asks for.

Games that cost $40 are brought down to $10 in some cases, which is perfect for someone looking to save some money. We’ll list five of the best Steam key sites so you have a selection to choose from, but each of these is fantastic nonetheless! We sincerely hope that the information laid out here is satisfactory and that it can help you out.

Best Steam Key Sites

Instant Gaming

The first Steam key site we have for you is Instant Gaming. This is one of the most well-known sites because they are incredibly exact and up to date constantly. New game releases are immediately added with proper deals, and you can find AAA games that used to cost a fortune that is now less than $15.

The process of purchasing a game through Instant Gaming is very simple as all you need to do is to select your platform, click on Buy, enter your information, and you are done! Purchasing a game usually doesn’t take more than a few minutes and all of the codes are legit and work properly.

Source: Instant Gaming

We mentioned choosing a platform, and that is because Instant Gaming doesn’t only cater to the Steam gamers out there as you can also find codes for other platforms such as Playstation and Xbox. It’s a fantastic, all-in-one site that caters to all of your needs and we highly recommend it to anyone.

Humble Bundle

The next Steam key site we have for you is probably the most popular one among gamers looking for great deals. Humble Bundle operates on the basis of grouped games that you can purchase for whatever amount of money you want. These are usually simple indie games, and the proceeds of your purchase can go to a charity if you choose.

If you’re looking for better games, there is also the Humble Store which offers you various games, similar to other sites like Instant Gaming. Aside from single purchases, you also have the Humble subscription service which offers you differently-priced monthly packages packed with many games to enjoy and keep in your library.

Source: Humble Bundle

It is a great blend of single games with lower prices and multiple games for those of you that want some variety in your gaming. As the cherry on top, if you’re not happy with the games you get, you also have a sixty-day refund period where you can refund the games and get something else. Overall, it’s an elite site that every gamer should keep in mind.


Most of the time, when you have the option of choosing between multiple sellers online, you’ll find that you might not be too comfortable with that since it might be a scam. Security is one of the main things we look for in the best Steam key sites, and CDKeys is the site for that. Each key that gets added to the site is approved by the managers of the site and they make sure that everything is working properly.

Source: CDKeys

Like many other key sites, CDKeys also offers games for other platforms, as well as subscription services and various other codes. As we’ve mentioned before, CDKeys also has a seven-day return policy on any content purchased on their site, so you are completely secure should you decide that you don’t like the game you bought.


Now we come to a wonderful Steam key site that most likely boasts the most variety out of all the sites we have mentioned so far. When you use Eneba, you’re not just looking for Steam keys, you are subject to finding tons of different offers, be it gift cards, game points, in-game currency, or anything else you can think of.

Each of these options has multiple varieties so you don’t have to just stick to $10 gift cards, for example. Other than that, you can also expect a high variety of games to be available here as well, ranging from simple indie games to AAA games with fantastic prices.

Source: Eneba

Once you decide which game you want to buy, the buying process is extremely simple and efficient. You just have to input your information and you have your code within seconds. This is also applicable to any other platform you might need like PS5 and Xbox.

Green Man Gaming

The final Steam Key site we have for you has an awesome theme and a sleek site design that attracts customers and makes them want to see what’s up. Green Man Gaming has been around for years and frequently has some incredible deals for a broad selection of games. Something that you will appreciate about this site is that they always stay on top of new releases and add them to their library even before they are out.

Steam tends to offer some incredible sales at various points in the year, with some games falling to ridiculous prices that should be picked up immediately, just to have them in your library if you’re not intending to play them immediately. Green Man Gaming sometimes takes the lowest Steam sales and lowers them even more, so it’s worth checking the site from time to time to see what is available.

Source: Green Man Gaming

When it comes to the payment process, there really isn’t anything special that you have to worry about since Green Man Gaming has an extremely wide variety of payment options so everyone is included. Overall, it’s a fantastic, basic site that any gamer can appreciate when looking for deals.

Wrapping Up

And that would be all we have to say about the best Steam key sites you should check out! Not all sites are the same, and some are better than others, but you can expect some fantastic game deals on them nonetheless. We sincerely hope that these sites can help you save some money on your favorite games!

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