In every Twitch stream there will be a portion of viewers that just want to lurk rather than engage with the chat. This is completely normal and you should not annoy these people if they just want to sit back and watch. In fact you should actually be greeting lurkers with a welcoming message.

In this article we are going to give you some ideas for your Lurk command on Twitch.

What Is Lurking On Twitch?

Lurking on Twitch means that you join a stream and just watch. You don’t interact with the streamer or the chat. A lurker is just there to enjoy the content and nothing more. Twitch defined lurking as “viewers who are watching, but may not be chatting, have the stream or browser tab muted, or may be watching a handful of streams at one time.”

What Is The Lurk Command

A lurk command allows a viewer to let you know that they are there but won’t be active in the chat. They can do this by typing !lurk in chat. This will activate your lurk command and give the viewer a response. This response can be customized to your liking. Check out some ideas for your Twitch lurk command below.

Lurk Command Ideas For Twitch

Below are some simple commands you can copy and paste into your bot. You may need to change the variables to match the syntax used by your bot.

1. Simple Thank You Message

${user} is here but he’s Lurking! Thank you SO MUCH for watching! ${random.emote}

2. Thanks For Joining Us

Thanks for joining us! Have a nice Lurk $(user)!

3. Cloudbot Default

/me feelsbadman {} is now lurking, they will be missed! Feelsbadman

4. Brand Relevant Message

Think about your brand and what would be in line with your brand. If you have some back and forth with your viewers where you banter off each other then you may want your lurk command to be trolling. If you are regarded as being funny your lurk command can be funny. Personally, I think coming up with your own command that represents your brand is the best way to go.

5. In The Shadows

${user} is here but they will be hiding in the shadows! Don’t bother them…

6. You’ve Been Spotted

I see you ${user}, sit back and enjoy the stream.

7. Here To Kick Back & Relax

${User} is here to kick back and relax! Leave them alone…

How To Add The Lurk Command To Your Stream

We have full guides to adding the lurk command to your chatbot for Cloudbot, Nightbot & Streamelements. If you want a full explanation and step-by-step guide check them out.

In short, you need to add a new Custom command to your chatbot. Have this command trigger when someone types !lurk in your chat. The response to the command should be the message you want to reply to the user with. You can see some examples above.

Save your command and you should be good to go. Now when someone types !lurk in your chat they will get a response from your chatbot.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article has helped you to pick a Lurk command for your stream. Feel free to change it up every so often to keep your stream fresh. Remember, lurkers are a huge part of your stream and should be treated just as well as any other viewers. Viewers are viewers and help to push you up the rankings on Twitch!

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