Hey legends. Heard the news? Apex Legends just dropped a massive Apex Legends update on May 21st, shaking things up in the Arena like never before. We’re talking about a brand new legend with some seriously mind-bending abilities, a brand new game mode for solo players, and a whole lot more. So, grab your favourite hop-lite, crack open a cold one, and let’s break down exactly why you should be jumping into the game right now with the all-new Apex Legends update.

First up, we’ve got Alter, the newest legend to join the fray. This enigmatic character is all about manipulating the fabric of reality with void magic, creating portals and messing with your opponents’ heads in glorious ways. Want to flank your enemies from an unexpected angle? Alter’s got you covered. Need a quick escape route when things get hairy? She’s your girl.

But wait, there’s more. This Apex Legends update also throws Solos Takeover into the mix, a limited-time mode designed for legends who crave the thrill of proving themselves against the entire arena. Kitted-out weapons, unique mechanics, and the chance to be the last legend standing–Solos Takeover is all about pure, unadulterated competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the latest Apex Legends update and experience a whole new way to battle in the outlands.

Introducing Alter: A Skirmisher with a Rift-Twisting Arsenal

Introducing Alter: A Skirmisher with a Rift-Twisting Arsenal

Upheaval welcomes Alter, a cunning Skirmisher legend who can manipulate reality. Here’s how Alter’s unique skill set injects excitement into arenas gameplay:

  • Passive: Gift from the Rift: Knowledge is power, and Alter embodies that perfectly. She sees death boxes through walls, giving your team a significant intel advantage in this Apex Legends update. You can spot enemy loot composition, plan rotations to secure valuable upgrades, or deny your opponents crucial supplies – the strategic possibilities are vast.
  • Tactical: Void Passage: Arenas often devolve into intense close-quarter brawls. Alter’s Void Passage shines in these situations. Swiftly create portals on two sides of any solid surface, outmanoeuvring opponents or escaping tight situations. Imagine flanking the enemy team mid-fight or escaping a grenade barrage through a cleverly placed portal – Alter’s tactical ability opens doors for aggressive plays and tactical retreats in this Apex Legends update.

New Limited-Time Mode: Straight Shot

This Apex Legends update introduces the Straight Shot mode, dropping 30 players into a random point of interest with no jumpmaster deployment.

  • Kitted for war: Weapons spawn with attachments at various rarities, streamlining early-game loot in this Apex Legends update.
  • Focus on combat: Shorter rounds and a smaller lobby keep the action intense in this fast-paced Apex Legends update.

Broken Moon: A Fractured Playground for Strategic Arenas Battles

Broken Moon: A Fractured Playground for Strategic Arenas Battles for Apex legends update

The map rotation greets a familiar face, but with a shattered twist. Broken Moon, reborn in its post-apocalyptic glory, offers a unique battleground for arenas gladiators in this Apex Legends update:

  • Verticality Reigns Supreme: The fractured moon chunks create a multi-layered map with significant elevation changes. Utilise jump pads and strategically placed ziplines to navigate the vertical landscape. More importantly, Alter’s void passage becomes even more potent on this map, allowing for unexpected attacks from above or below, keeping your opponents guessing in this Apex Legends update.
  • Mastering the Flow: Broken Moon’s fractured layout demands strategic rotations and map control. Knowing when to push and when to hold your ground becomes paramount – especially in later rounds where resources are scarce. Communicate effectively with your teammates to dominate key positions and choke points in this Apex Legends update.

General Gameplay Updates: Adapting to the New Arena

The Upheaval update goes beyond introducing a new legend and map. Here’s how the general gameplay changes impact arenas in this Apex Legends update:

  • Farewell Crafting, Hello Fire Sales: Crafting is out, replaced by Rampart’s free (but time-delayed) fire sale for her big maude. This means less focus on pre-planned weapon strategies and more adaptation based on what’s available during the buy phase in this Apex Legends update. Be prepared to adjust your playstyle on the fly and master a wider range of weapons.
  • A New Weapon Landscape: The arena’s weapon loadouts have been revamped to reflect the current weapon meta in this Apex Legends update. Expect to see more shotguns and SMGs suited for the close-quarter chaos that broken moon often descends into. Learning to master these weapons and adapting your combat approach will be key to success.

Bonus: Straight Shot LTM Injects Pure Adrenaline

While not a permanent fixture, the limited-time mode “Straight Shot” throws a wild card into the mix. This mode focuses on fast-paced, streamlined combat with a reduced player count (30) and pre-kitted weapons in this Apex Legends update. It offers a break from the usual Arenas experience, prioritising raw gunskill and quick decision-making – a perfect way to warm up or unwind between intense Arenas matches.

Short time Arenas in Apex legend game

No Major Changes to the Item Store in this Apex Legends Update

Interestingly, the recent “Upheaval” update for Apex Legends doesn’t seem to have brought any major changes to the in-game item store specifically for Arenas. The focus appears to be on the gameplay itself with the new legend, map, and overall tweaks.

However, there is a new official Apex Legends Shop launched around the holidays in May. This store features official merchandise rather than in-game cosmetics. You can find things like:

  • Apex Legends hoodies and t-shirts
  • Themed mugs and water bottles
  • Accessories like hats and keychains

If you’re looking for new character skins or weapon attachments for Arenas, those are still obtainable through the traditional methods within the game, likely through the Apex packs or direct purchase with crafting materials or Apex coins.


The Apex Legends “Upheaval” update for May 2024 introduces significant gameplay innovations catering to diverse player preferences. The Solos Takeover limited-time mode offers a thrilling solo experience with unique mechanics, while the introduction of legend Alter expands strategic possibilities. The Broken Moon map provides a fresh environment for competitive exploration. These additions collectively elevate the Apex Legends experience for both casual and competitive players.