The best way to get better at something is by practicing it over and over again. Want to get better at aiming in your favourite FPS shooter? It’s no different. You need to put the hours in practicing aim, movement and more. In this article I am going to discuss aim trainers on Xbox and how you can use it to get better at your favourite FPS games.

Let’s jump in.

What Is An Aim Trainer?

An aim trainer is a game or web application that gives you different scenarios to help improve your aim. For example a very simple browser based aim trainer is This aim trainer pops up little targets on the screen and you have to drag and click them as accurately as possible and as fast as possible. You then get a score to see how you are improving.

While this is great, it is really aimed at players on Keyboard and mouse. So how can a console player practice their aim.

Does Xbox Have An Aim Trainer?

No, Xbox does not have an aim trainer game or app on the Microsoft store. With so many popular aim trainers on PC like Kovaak or Aim Lab its hard to believe that one still hasn’t came to console.

While there is currently no dedicated application for console, most games do come with a training area or firing range. These can be great places to practice your aim an improve. You can practice snapping on to targets as fast as possible as well as tracking enemies. Let’s take a look at the best game to practice your aim in.

What Is The Best Game To Aim Train In?

While there is no aim trainer specifically for Xbox there is a free game we can use to practice our aim. That game is Apex legends. It has a great firing range where you can pick up different weapons and shoot at targets from different lengths down range.

When you shoot at a target it will fall backwards, allowing you to know exactly when you have hit it. A hit marker and damage icon will also appear. The damage icon is great as it increases the longer you hit a target. If you are practicing tracking then you can see if you are continually hitting the target successfully.

Here is a great video that goes through 3 different difficulties of Aim Training on Apex Legends:

Xbox Aim Training Guide

This guide will help to improve your aim over time as well as just getting you warmed up before your next game.

You may want to practice your aim in the main game that you play. Jump into that game and see if there is any sort of firing range or private match you can jump into. Pick some targets and start running a drill. Your aim will improve over time.

Bot Lobbies

You may also want to train your aim by playing against bots rather than real people. In most Call of Duty titles you can fire up a custom game and add bots. It gives you the ability to set the difficulty of the bots. It you want to practice aim and snapping onto enemies I would recommend setting the difficulty to the lowest setting.

You can then just spend time in a custom game practicing your aim.

Use Your Xbox Controller On PC

Some aim trainers on PC also allow you to connect your controller. This means you can run the aim training drills on your PC and then head back to Xbox when you want to jump into the game.

3Daimtrainer is an aim training game on PC that allows you to use a controller. They have over 200 aim training drills meaning you can practice your aim and not get bored. It’s available on both steam and online.

Check out 3DAimTrainer

Wrapping Up

While we don’t have any aim training specific games on console yet, we have these options. Hopefully we will soon get a full aim trainer for xbox but until then we will have to stick to the firing range or using our controller on PC. If you have any aim training suggestions feel free to drop them in the comments.

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