When it comes to high-quality monitors, you can’t go wrong in buying something from AOC. This company is renowned for producing some top-notch monitors over the years, ranging in specifications from simple office equipment to high-end gaming monsters.

One of those monitors is the AOC C27G2ZU, a massive 27″ monitor with a whopping 240Hz refresh rate and a response time of just 0.5ms. These are some of the most impressive specifications on the market and are guaranteed to fulfill any need you might have when it comes to a capable monitor.

Something exciting about this monitor, as well as many other AOC monitors is the fact that they are great for gaming on both PC and console. We’re going to list some of the specifications for the AOC C27G2ZU as well as the best general settings for both PC and the Xbox Series X. These settings will be guidelines you can follow, but you can also change them up as you see fit.

AOC C27G2ZU Specifications

This titan of gaming came out in 2020 and is a frequent choice for any serious gamer looking for a good upgrade for their build. The AOC C27G2ZU has a full HD 1920×1080 resolution with a refresh rate of 240Hz and a response time of just 0.5ms, making this monitor one of the smoothest ones you can choose.

All of these specs come on a large 27″ frame with some of the newest monitor technology you can ask for, such as low blue light, antiglare, and much more. At the time of writing, the monitor is listed for $234 on Amazon.

Best AOC C27G2ZU Settings For Xbox Series X

These settings are the best general ones to calibrate your monitor to once you unbox it. They apply both to PC gaming and the Xbox Series X comfortably. A good number of the settings here are subjective and you can just tweak them a bit further whenever you want.

Adjust The Luminance Settings

These are some general settings you should check out at the beginning of the adjustment. They cover standard settings such as brightness and gamma.

  1. Access your monitor’s settings using the button at the bottom of it
  2. Go to Luminance, which should be the first section of the options
  3. Set your Brightness to 75
  4. Set your Contrast to 50
  5. Set Eco Mode to Standard
  6. Set Gamma to Gamma 1
  7. Set DDR to Off
  8. Set HDR Mode to Off

Adjust the Color Setup

The color setup is related to your monitor’s color range and the vibrance of the images you’re going to be seeing.

  1. Access your monitor’s settings using the button at the bottom of it
  2. Go to Color Setup
  3. Set your Color Temp to User
  4. Set DCB mode to Full Enhance

That’s all you have to do about the Color Setup. If you notice that some of the vibrance doesn’t agree with you, you can always tweak it using the sliders to the right of the settings.

Adjust The Game Setting

The Game Setting is the most interesting aspect of the AOC C27G2ZU because it is primarily a gaming monitor and these settings can be quite important. Here’s how to set them up.

  1. Access your monitor’s settings using the button at the bottom of it
  2. Set the Game Mode to Off
  3. Set Shadow Control to 50
  4. Set Low Input Lag to Off
  5. Set Game Color to 10
  6. Set the LowBlue Mode to Reading
  7. Set Overdrive to Strong
  8. Set AdaptiveSync to Off

And that’s it! Those are all of the settings that you need to adjust to make sure that your monitor is running optimally! Of course, these settings serve as just guidelines for you to follow, but if you find that some of them appear better to you in a different way, you can always change them. As we’ve said before, these settings work just fine for PC gaming, as well as on the Xbox Series X.

Is The AOC C27G2ZU Worth It For Gaming?

Absolutely! All of the amazing specifications coupled with the fantastic price set this monitor high above the rest. Since the refresh rate is incredibly high and all of the other specifications are top-notch, it’s surprising that this monitor is not more expensive as its counterparts of the same year. Overall, it’s an amazing choice for anyone looking for a great upgrade for their build!

Wrapping Up

And now you have all of the information you could want about the AOC C27G2ZU! As you can see, this monitor is a beast and is a solid choice for any gamer looking for a new upgrade. We sincerely hope that you have found what you were looking for and that all of your questions have been answered!

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