Asus is a company that is always popular for producing fantastic gaming gear, especially when it comes to its monitors. One monitor that stands out from the rest and that has established itself as a very reliable option is the Asus VG248qe. While it doesn’t have the most stylish name out there, it’s still one of the top monitor choices for anyone looking for an upgrade. It features a 1920×1080 display and a 144Hz refresh rate, ideal for most competitive games out there.

When it comes to its sizes, you can choose anywhere from 23.8″ to 24.5″, which means that the size of the monitor is more than enough for the average gamer. Coincidentally, it is also an amazing monitor for console gaming. However, you’re not going to get the most optimal settings for your personal tastes right out of the box, so we’re going to give you all of the necessary information to set up your Asus VG248qe for the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X!

Asus VG248qe Specifications

We’ve already mentioned a bit of this information, but that is just scratching the surface of all that this monitor has to offer. The monitor itself came out in March 2013, so it’s much older than other, more modern monitors on the market.

Despite this, it still has some impressive specifications, such as a full HD 1920×1080 resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate coupled with a 1ms response time. Because of this, every facet of using this monitor is incredibly smooth and satisfying. At the time of writing, this monitor is available to purchase on Amazon for between $190 and $225, depending on the size.

Other than that, it also has some nice physical ergonomics that allow you to set it up on a wall, rotate it as you wish, as well as some nice speakers to go with it. Overall, given the release date, the Asus VG248qe is an excellent monitor that is a perfect choice for many situations.

Best Asus VG248qe Settings For Xbox Series X And PS5

We would like to preface this by saying that these settings are general monitor settings and you can expect all of them to apply nicely to your Xbox Series X as well as your PS5. There are no real settings that are exclusive to either console as the only thing you need to do is set your refresh rate and your resolution to whatever each console supports. Here are the best settings for this monitor:

Choose The Correct Display Mode

The first thing we have to do is to select the correct display mode that will optimize a few minor settings for gaming and smoothness. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Access your monitor’s settings by clicking the menu button on the bottom-right of the monitor
  2. The very first option you should see is called Splendid. Enter it
  3. Here, simply scroll down to Game Mode and click on Yes when prompted to reset the monitor

And that’s it! Now you have your display mode set up.

Adjust The Blue Light Filter

Many modern monitors have a built-in blue light filter that will suppress a good deal of the blue light and protect your eyes. This is one of the options of this monitor that are subjective so you should adjust this as necessary. We recommend setting it to Level 2. To do this, follow the steps in the previous section and the blue light filter will be right under Splendid.

Adjust Your Color Settings

One of the most common settings that people choose to tweak, the color settings are crucial to make sure that you’re getting the optimal display quality you’re looking for. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Access your monitor’s settings by clicking the menu button on the bottom-right of the monitor
  2. Go to the Color section under Blue Light Filterž
  3. Match the settings to this:
    Brightness: 100
    Contrast: 50
    Saturation: 70
    Color Temperature: User Mode
    Skin Tone: Natural
    SmartView: Off

That’s all you have to change about your color settings! If you find that some of these settings aren’t working for you, you can always change them to your tastes.

Adjust Your Image Settings

The image settings are just three simple settings, but they go a long way.

  1. Access your monitor’s settings by clicking the menu button on the bottom-right of the monitor
  2. Go to the Image section under Color
  3. Set your Sharpness to 60
  4. Set your Trace Free to 60
  5. Set ASCR to OFF

And that’s it! Those are all of the settings you need to tweak on your Asus VG248qe. As you can see, you can get all of this done in a few minutes, so why not?

Is the Asus VG248qe Worth It For Gaming?

Absolutely! This monitor is fantastic for any application, it doesn’t have to be gaming specifically. Even though it is a bit of an older monitor, the specifications it comes with rival some of the newer monitors on the market. We highly recommend taking a look at this monitor if you’re looking to upgrade your rig and make your viewing more pleasing!

Wrapping Up

And that would be all we have to say about the Asus VG248qe. This monitor is a hidden gem that is more than worth checking out if you’re looking to upgrade your setup. Its specifications are top-notch and can be used for both PC as well as console gaming. We sincerely hope that you have found everything that you were looking for and we also hope that you choose this awesome monitor for your next purchase!

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