Streamers are known for their creative backdrops and love for RGB. Just head over to Twitch and you’ll see thousands of streams with amazing-looking backdrops.

When it comes to building your own setup it can be hard to know what type of lights to purchase. In this article, we are going to look at the best RGB lights for different aspects of your setup.

Let’s jump in and take a look at the best background RGB lights for streamers.

Best Background Lights For Streaming

RGB Floodlights

If you want a nice even fill of color in your background it can be quite hard to achieve with normal lights. The RGB floodlights below are really affordable and work great for adding some color to your backdrop.

The lights are also able to be controlled via Bluetooth on your phone allowing you to easily switch up your background on stream.


  • Music Sync
  • 2700k & 16 Million Colors
  • Connect Multiple Lights Together
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Set Timer To Turn on and off

RGB Corner Lamp

This RGB corner lamp is a great addition to any streaming backdrop especially if you have a corner of your room in the frame. This lamp is super low profile but gives off a lot of colors.

The lamp is super thin and is 60″ tall. It is also controllable by Bluetooth via your phone. Having two in either corner of your room and blending two colors together creates an amazing-looking gradient on your wall.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Create color presets for ease of use
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Very bright LEDs and 16 million colors

RGB Strip Lights

Strip lights are a fan favorite of streamers. Lots of streamers will put them around their setup and desk however they can also be used in the background.

With enough lights, you can cover the corners of your walls to give an RGB border around the edge of your room.

This is an affordable 50ft RGB strip light pack. Depending on the size of your room this may cover the border of one whole wall and give off enough light to really pop in your backdrop.

While it might not be in your backdrop, strip lights also look great around the edge of your desk. Especially if you plan to record videos with your setup in your background for youtube.


  • IR Remote Control
  • 50ft Long
  • Music Sync
  • Easy to bend around objects

Fairy Lights

If you want a “cute” setup on your stream then fairy lights can be a great move. You will see lots of girls with this type of background on their stream and it looks great. If you have a nice DSLR camera able of creating a blurred background then these will look amazing.


  • 9.8 ft x 9.8 ft
  • 8 Lighting Modes
  • USB Powered

Phillips Hue Smart Lights

Phillips hue is the most popular “smart lights” on the market and for good reason. They just work. Some people say they’re expensive but that’s the price you pay to guarantee the results you want.

One of the coolest features of the Phillips Hue smart bulbs is that you can trigger color changes through certain actions on stream like a donation.

They have a large range of different lights to choose from. Most people start with the bulbs and then add more lights to their setup as they go.

All of these lights can be controlled through a central hub connected to the Phillips hue app on your phone.

Check out this setup from user u/Xpeful on reddit.


  • 16 Million Colors
  • Control from your phone
  • Connect multiple lights together
  • 25 years or 25,000-hour guarantee
  • Connects to voice assistant

You can check out the Hue starter kit below which is one of their cheapest options:

They also have Hue play bars which are popular to place in a cabinet in your background or even behind your monitor in your setup.

Nanoleaf Lights

Image Source:

You have probably seen these in many streams before as they are extremely popular. Even though they are one of the more expensive lighting solutions out there they look great.

Lots of people create amazing designs with their Nanoleaf, creating their initials or logo with the lights.

You may also be interested in our 14 Stream Room Background Ideas.

You can also control these lights from your smartphone and have them change color to music.

This starter pack comes with 9 panels however you can purchase add-on kits or another pack to create bigger designs. You can connect up to 30 panels on one controller keeping all your lights in sync.


  • Picks up on audio to sync light to music
  • Connect up to 30 different panels together
  • Create designs custom to your stream
  • Looks amazing
  • Compatible with voice control devices

Wrapping Up

Hopefully one of these amazing background lights will help you create an amazing backdrop for your stream. Background lights are an easy way to turn a boring backdrop into an amazing-looking streaming setup. The best part is you don’t need to spend much if you purchase the RGB Floodlight or light strips. They are a really affordable way to get started.

If you want to take things up a level you can pick up some Hue Lights or Nanoleafs but it isn’t necessary for an amazing background.

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