Bloxburg is a Roblox mini-game that is all about building your own home and there are no limits to what you can do. You can even build your own castle and relive your life as a prince or princess.

Building a Bloxburg castle is time-consuming though and it will also use a lot of resources. That is why looking for inspiration is encouraged so you can have an idea of what you want and do not want on your own build.

If you are looking for Bloxburg castle ideas, you are in the right spot. Here are some of the best Bloxburg castle designs that will inspire you.

Best Bloxburg Castle Ideas

1. Traditional Japanese Castle | $520,000

Traditional Japanese Castle by JustineEarly

Castles are usually found in Europe but that does not mean you cannot build a Japanese-themed one. This traditional Japanese castle by JustineEarly is massive. It has several rooms and separate areas for different functions. There is also an outdoor pond or pool that completes the Zen look.

This layout does not look like a traditional castle though. It has no rounded pillars. Instead, it is boxier with lots of wood elements – far from the usual cement and stone material used in a traditional castle.

2. Chateau de Chenonceau | $1,750,000

Chateau de Chenonceau by Daniel Perkins

The Chateau de Chenonceau by Daniel Perkins looks like it is pulled straight from Wales. This build has everything that you need from a castle. It has a large courtyard, a watch tower, huge halls, and large glass windows. Sounds cliché, but it even has a bridge that connects the castle to the mainland.

This build costs more than $1,750,000 but if you can pull this off, then you have one of the best castle designs in Bloxburg.

3. Elven Castle | $2,900,000

Elven Castle by DianasaurPH

If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings and other fantasy novels, then you will love this Elven Castle by DianasaurPH. This castle looks mystical with an emerald green roof and stained glass windows. There are tons of halls that are filled with elven-style decals and large rooms that are reminiscent of Rivendell. All the pieces of furniture used look mystical too and it ties the whole design together.

According to DianasaurPH, there could have been a hidden enchanted underground cave with a study area. However, it would not fit the plot data size. All in all, it is still a splendid build worth recreating.

4. Winter Castle | $1,200,000

Winter Castle by Lstr

This white-themed Winter Castle by Lstr looks stunning. It is clean looking and features a lot of large halls, massive rooms, a balcony, and enormous windows. Basically, all the features that you think of when talking about a castle are included here. It even has a large outdoor area.

The interior is filled with white pieces of furniture such as sofas, and bookshelves, and it also has a white grand piano. The walls also have a white and marble theme that adds to their elegance.

5. Naiad Castle | $2,200,000

Naiad Castle by iCervlean

The Naiad Castle by iCervlean is a grand castle with a white and blue theme. The white stone walls look elegant when partnered with the smooth blue roofing.

Inside you will find marble pillars, dainty chandeliers, a grand staircase, and pieces of furniture that look like it is from the 11th century. Also, the dining room has throne-style seats and there are gold accents all around. High ceilings, outdoor fountain, enormous balcony – it has everything you want from a castle.

6. Royal Palace | $2,000,000

Royal Palace by Rileyeyey

The Royal Palace castle built by Rileyeyey highlights the outdoor area well. It is full of trees, bushes, and flowering plants. There is a fountain too to complement the area. A pond with floating lilies that flows under the castle is a nice touch too.

Once inside, you will be greeted by a huge staircase, classic paintings, and a darker-than-usual color theme. The interior is predominantly black, brown, and white but there are indoor plants included breaking the tone.

The halls are not as tall as the other castles mentioned earlier but there are a lot of rooms and areas you can play around with. The living room is elegant and very welcoming while the kitchen and dining area are perfect if you have a lot of guests.

7. Bread Castle Build

Bread Castle by PeetahBread

Remember when we mentioned that Bloxburg has no limits? Here’s the proof. A complete bread castle built by PeetahBread.

The exterior alone is filled with bread walls, and the roof is obviously shaped like a loaf. The garden has green bread which looks like it has a pesto filling. Once inside, the large hall is adorned with bread decorations.

The highlight of this castle is the bread throne. The dining room also looks amazing with its gingerbread chairs and bread pillars. Other features include a movie theater, a large living room with bread sofas, and a master breadroom – pun intended.

8. Aether Castle | $2,600,000

Aether Castle by iCervlean

Here comes another castle built by iCervlean. The Aether Castle build looks like a magical fortress filled with dragons. The clouds also make the castle seem like it is floating.

This castle has a lot of towers that are connected to the main building and the bridges are filled with flags with the sun emblem – you can replace this one with your own. The exterior has a lot of white and blue going on to simulate the clouds and the sky.

Inside you will see the huge marble walls, blue staircases, and gold accents. The majority of the pieces of furniture used also use the same color theme and they match well with the overall look of the castle. The high ceiling and large walls give the castle an ethereal feel. The dining area, living room, and kitchen look stunning as well and they all look like movie sets from a mythology movie.

Wrapping Up

These are 8 of the best Bloxburg castles that you can build on your own. Use them as is or customize them to your liking. There are a lot of possibilities in Roblox and if you have your own castle, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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