Looking to up the professional quality of your stream? By adding animated stinger transitions, you can add some polish and energy to your stream when switching between scenes. We’ve put together this list of free and paid transitions to impress your viewers and improve your stream’s overall brand and quality.

All of the transitions listed below can be used in OBS, Streamlabs OBS, and XSplit Broadcasting Software. For a full tutorial on how to install transitions click here.

Free Transitions

If you’re new to streaming, or on a lower budget, then free transitions can markedly add polish in a way that the default OBS transitions cannot.

1. Visuals By Impulse – 10 Dynamic Animated Transitions

Visuals By Impulse offer 10 High quality, animated scene transitions in this free pack. Each stinger animation comes in multiple color options and includes custom sound effects (which you can choose to use, or leave out entirely). The transitions fit a variety of themes, including retro, minimal, cyberpunk, esports, and more.

2. Scheme Stream Network – Free Animated Stinger Transitions

The Scheme Stream Network is an amazing resource for streamers. They offer a wealth of high-quality streaming assets, and many are free to download. To get this transitions pack, you will need to join the Stream Scheme Network Discord server.

Firstly, follow the joining instructions in their Discord channel. You’ll then find the transitions in the “free stream resources’‘ channel – along with a whole host of free stream FX, overlays, and more.

3. Quince Creative – 3 Epic Action Stinger Transitions

Want to add some action-based impact to your transitions? Then download this pack from Quince Creative. It includes 3 separate epic-themed transitions, suitable for war games (like RTSs and first-person shooters). This VFX company specializes in 3D animation and also offers more free transition packs on their site.

4. FootageCrate – Over 60 High Quality Stinger Transitions

Footage Crate offers over 60 professional-grade free transitions to choose from, so there’s plenty of choice to fit the style of your stream. To see the free packs listed, uncheck the “preview pro content” box at the top of the page. You can then sign up for their free plan and download any of the free options on the website.

Footage Crate also has a wide selection of premium transitions with a subscription of $6.58 a month. You can download 50 items a day on this plan and easily cancel it before the next month once you have what you need.

5. Vortex Free Transition

Give life to your scenes with this impactful transition from Vortex. Suitable for a wide variety of games, this animated transition is sure to give an extra oomph to your stream.

Paid Transitions

If you’re a more advanced streamer and want to add a more bespoke feel to your stream, then you may want to opt for paid transitions. These stinger transitions are all incredibly high quality, and even include options to commission your own.

1. Own3d – Stinger Transitions for Streamers

Price: $20+

Own3d’s site offers a wide range of pre-made animated transitions to help your stream pop. With 99 transitions on the site, there are plenty of professional-level options to choose from. They also regularly run sales, so if you’re looking to save money it’s worth watching out for them.

2. Fiverr – Commission your own Transitions

Price: $5+

Fiverr is an amazing resource if you want to commission your own transitions to add a more bespoke feel to your live stream. Many of the sellers can add logos, text or whichever color scheme you need to fit the feel of your streamer brand. Prices start at around $5 (with the most expensive being around $40+). Make sure to check for sellers with a higher rating to ensure a faster turnaround time, and guaranteed quality of what you’ll be paying for.

3. Premium Matte Transitions Pack

Price: $10

Nerd or Die is a well-known site that provides assets for streamers. In this Matte Transitions Pack, you’ll receive 20 pre-rendered high resolution transitions, which can be easily implemented into OBS as dynamic stinger transitions. For only $10, it’s great value for money as you can also drag and drop them into your favourite video software for Youtube and Tik Tok editing.

Etsy – Custom High Quality Transitions

Price: $5+

Many Etsy sellers specialise in making custom transitions. Choose one from a selection of hundreds, or commission your own! There are many game-specific transitions (such as Minecraft, Pokemon, Valorant and more), and many sellers can deliver custom packs with your logo/stream name incorporated into the design.

With so many to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something to fit your stream.

Using OBS Transition Matrix

If you’ve decided to implement a variety of transitions, you can further customise OBS to allow you to set specific transitions between certain scenes. This is possible with a free plugin from OBS called the OBS Transition Matrix (which you can download directly from the OBS website).

It may seem slightly daunting to set up at first, but we found this handy Youtube guide on how to set it up and customise your streams, allowing you to use your new transitions to the fullest effect.

Wrapping Up 

Stinger Transitions are a fast and easy way to offer a higher level of production and professionalism to your broadcast. We hope that you’ve found this list useful, have you used any of the transitions listed? Let us know in the comment section.

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