StreamLabs is a popular live streaming software that is based on the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). It improves upon the strengths of OBS and includes extra features such as customizable themes.

Stream overlays are a great way to level up your stream content. You may even customize themes to fit the game that you are playing. The good thing is, some of these overlays are free to use.

With that being said, here are the best free themes for Streamlabs in 2022. These themes look stunning and would definitely lift your stream quality without breaking the bank.

1. NMS

NMS Stream Overlay

NMS stream overlay is a great theme overall despite having only three scenes. It is simple yet pleasant to look at and it is perfect for variety streamers since it is not tied to a specific game or genre.

This theme includes scenes for when you are live, starting soon, and be right back. There’s no ending soon scene overlay but that’s not a huge deal breaker.

2. Streamlabs Neon

Streamlabs Neon Theme

Following Neon Pixel is another neon-based theme. The Neon Theme is from Streamlabs so it is optimized for use in the software. This theme includes the Starting Now, Ending Soon, and Be Right Back pages. The neon theme is not as flashy as other themes but it is a beautiful eye-catching theme to look at.

3. High Tech

High Tech Steamlabs Overlay

The High Stech overlay looks great and simple as well. Its selling point is that it already includes five scenes, unlike other free themes. It even includes an intermission scene wherein your face cam is on the center – this scene is also great for when you are just chatting with your community.

It has a modern steampunk vibe and is not tied to a certain game as well.

4. Star Industries

Star Industries Intermission Overlay

The Star Industries Streamlabs overlay looks great and for a free theme, it has all the scenes you need to get going. This theme includes the Live, Starting Soon, and Be Right Back scenes.

Despite being a free theme, it does not look boring since the visuals have an added glow that makes it look dynamic. It might seem simple at first, but it works well to catch anyone’s attention.

5. Bamboo

Bamboo theme is perfect for JRPG players

Moving on from general purpose themes, the Bamboo Streamlabs overlay is perfect for Japanese role-playing game fans. It has a parchment paper design and looks like it is pulled straight away from the Nintendo Switch.

The game includes five scenes – Live, Be Right Back, Stream Starting, Intermission, and Thanks For Watching.

6. Uplink Stream Overlay

Uplink Stream Package

We’ll be upfront with the Uplink Stream Overlay. It is not totally free. There is a premium and a free version of this theme. But for beginner streamers or if you are on a tight budget, the free version is more than enough. It has everything you need to get started such as Live, Stream Starting, and Be Right Back scenes.

The Uplink overlay feels modern and the color combination is on point. The black and yellow accent makes it pop and if someone sees your Stream Starting page using this theme, they will definitely stop by.

7. Desolate

Desolate free overlay

Desolate is a gaming-oriented Streamlabs overlay that is free to use. It is a little more flashy compared to the other ones listed here but it still looks nice. The theme itself screams “I’m a gamer”, which actually helps if you want to capture attention in a sea of streamers.

This theme includes a total of four scenes – Live, Stream Starting, Intermission, and Be Right Back.

8. Poked

Poked free Streamlabs overlay

Poked is another simple yet effective overlay for your stream. It is very minimal and does not cover your screen too much. It is only available in blue though so if you are not a fan of that color, this might turn you off.

The good thing about this overlay though is it includes four scenes – Live, Starting Soon, Be Right Back, and Offline. It is perfect for beginner streamers.

9. Esports Legacy Stream Overlay

ESports Legacy Stream Overlay

Esports Legacy is another freemium stream overlay. The free version looks great with a red paint streak pattern – a direct contrast to the linear blue design of Poked.

Going the free route gives you a static Live, Stream Starting, and Be Right Back scene. If you want the subtle animation, you will have to spend $15 for it which is not bad considering that it is awesome to look at.

10. Singularity

Singulariy Streamlabs Overlay

The Singularity Streamlabs theme looks sick. The color palette looks great with the yellow text and the dark and gritty background. It is perfect if you love playing Sci-Fi titles.

The free version comes with four scenes. It includes the Stream starting, Live scene, Be right back scene, and an intermission scene. The intermission looks excellent with its lightning motif too.

11. Quantum

Quantum Streamlabs Theme

Quantum has a premium version that costs around $30. But luckily for you, the free version is just as good. You will miss out on the animations though.

The free version gives you six scenes in total. A live scene, starting screen, pause screen, just chatting, intermission scene, and ending screen are all included. You also get extras such as social channels, webcams, and social icons so you can personalize your overlay.

12. ElectroLyte

ElectroLyte Free Streamlabs Theme

The ElectroLyte Streamlabs theme looks great with fighting games such as Multiversus. It looks sleek and the design is cohesive. The overall style gives a Warner Bros-vibe. It is not too overboard and is fun to look at.

Using the free version gives you four scenes in total. A live overlay, stream starting, stream ending, and be right back scenes are all included. The live scene, in particular, is customizable so you can work it out the way you want.

Why Use A Free Streamlabs Theme?

The answer is simple. Free Streamlabs themes elevate your stream’s look without breaking the bank. Surely you miss out on animations yet it should not be the highlight of your stream. It should be you.

Premium and paid Streamlabs themes look great with its cool animations and fancy design. However, it would mean that you are going to spend money to get those. If you are just starting out then you might not have the liberty to spend that amount.

Genburten does not use a live scene overlay

As mentioned earlier, these themes have great animations. But sometimes less is more. Just check out your favorite streamers and see how many of them have fancy themes. Others may not even have a live scene at all.

Free themes also give you the freedom to test out multiple options before committing to one. It means you do not have to spend $30 just to change your theme to a different one.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of free Streamlabs themes that looks great with high-quality designs. The ones listed here are of course subjective. However, feel free to explore the Streamlabs theme store and see if a theme works for you.

Do not forget to check out our Streamlabs guides here and maximize your usage of this excellent free streaming software.

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