Best FSS Hurricane Loadout

If you want one of the best run and gun classes in Modern Warfare 2 you’re in the right place. So far SMGs are the meta in MW2 and this one is one of the best choices. The FSS Hurricane is a new addition to Call Of Duty in the SMG category.

Let’s take a look at how you can unlock the FSS Hurricane in the new unlock system and set up the best FSS Hurricane loadout in MW2.

Best FSS Hurricane Loadout in MW2

Utilize the attachments below for a fast run and gun class with very little recoil. It’s also great for hip firing allowing you to dominate in close-quarters battles. The Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith allows us to pick 5 attachments for our weapon.

BarrelFSS Cannonade 16′ Barrel
MuzzleXTEN Razor Comp
UnderbarrelPineapple Vert Grip
Rear GripXTEN Grip
StockDemo Quicksilver Collapsed
FSS Hurricane Best Attachments MW2

By utilising the 16′ barrel we are able to add more damage range and bullet velocity as well as improve hip fire accuracy. This makes the gun useful in medium to long-range battles as well as those close run and gun situations.

As the FSS Hurricane already has a great set of iron sights, there is no need to waste an attachment slot on an Optic.

Best FSS Hurricane Loadout MW2

Now we have put together our weapon attachments for the FSS Hurricane, we need to build our full loadout. Use the setup below to accommodate a fast-paced rushing-style class.

PrimaryFSS Hurricane SMG
SecondaryX13 Auto Handgun
TacticalFlash Grenade
LethalFrag Grenade
Basic PerksDouble time & Tracker
Bonus PerkFast Hands
Ultimate PerkGhost
Field UpgradeMunitions Box
Best FSS Hurricane Loadout

In Modern Warfare 2 you start the game with your initial perks. 4 Minutes into the game you get your Bonus Perk and 8 minutes into the game you get your Ultimate Perk.

For this class, I would recommend running Fast hands as your bonus perk allowing you to reload quicker and swap weapons faster. Again this makes for a great choice for a fast-paced rushing class.

Approximately 8 Minutes into a game you will receive your Ultimate Perk. We recommend picking Ghost, allowing you to stay off the enemy’s radar and flank behind enemy lines undetected.

Adding a Munitions Box to the loadout allows you to replenish ammo and other equipment when you are on a large streak.

How To Unlock FSS Hurricane

To unlock the FSS Hurricane in Modern Warfare 2 you need to rank up the M4 to level 13. You will then unlock the FTAC Recon which you will have to rank up to level 16. This will then unlock the FSS Hurricane.

Modern Warfare 2 has a new feature called Weapon platforms. Platforms are essentially an in-game “brand” of guns. To unlock specific weapons you will have to level up certain weapons in a weapon platform.

Unlocking attachments for a specific weapon platform allows you to use those attachments on other compatible weapons in the platform.

The unlock path for the FSS Hurricane is:

M4 –> FTAC Recon –> FSS hurricane

It doesn’t take long to level these weapons up. Jump in and play a few games each with the M4 and FTAC Recon and you will be playing with the FSS Recon in no time.

Wrapping Up

Now go ahead and jump into a couple of games with this new setup. If you enjoy rushing the enemy spawn, you’ll enjoy this class a lot. We guarantee you’ll start putting together some streaks and dominating the competition.

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