In the world of gaming monitors, you’re going to be looking for the best of the best, something that will provide you with an unforgettable visual experience that rivals the best TVs out there. It’s important to choose a reliable monitor that is versatile enough to work with not only PC but for consoles as well.

One of those monitors is the Gigabyte G27Q, a relatively new monitor that came out in 2020 and is jam-packed with amazing gaming features on top of being sleek and stylish, ideal for any setup.

If you’re a console gamer and want to get the most out of your G27Q, we’re going to be listing some of the best Gigabyte G27Q settings for both the Xbox Series X and PS5. These settings are universal for both consoles and you can tweak the console settings as you wish depending on the performance you’re looking for.

Gigabyte G27Q Specifications

This monitor came out in July of 2020 and immediately took the market by storm with its many features and improvements over monitors of the same class and in the same price line. It features a large 27″ IPS display that goes up to a 2560×1440 resolution capped off with a 144Hz refresh rate, unlocking the smoothest gaming possible.

Since it’s a monitor marketed to gamers, the response time is insanely quick at 1ms, ideal for competitive FPS gaming, and is great for the overall immersion. Something that Gigabyte always points out about this monitor is the very wide color spectrum which sits at a very satisfying 92% DCI-P3.

The price point is amazing as you can find it on Amazon for a humble $300 at the time of writing, an absolute steal.

Best Gigabyte G27Q settings for Xbox Series X & PS5

The following steps are general optimization settings for the Gigabyte G27Q and will more than likely be enough for both of your consoles.

Adjust The Refresh Rate

The very first thing we need to do is to adjust the refresh rate to the highest option so you can immediately notice the smoothness of the monitor.

  1. Open the monitor settings by clicking the joystick at the back of the monitor and pressing Up
  2. Go to Game Info
  3. Go to Refresh Rate
  4. Select the refresh rate you desire

Change The Picture Mode

Here, we are going to change the Picture Mode on the G27Q in favor of a more balanced look, as the preset mode might not be up to everyone’s tastes.

  1. Open the monitor settings by clicking the joystick at the back of the monitor and pressing Up
  2. Go to Picture
  3. Select RPG/RTS

That’s all you have to do here. Many people have noted that the FPS mode on the G27Q can be a bit too sharp and too muted, while the RPG mode is more friendly to your eyes, as is the case with many other monitors that offer the same selection. Of course, you do not have to go with the RPG/RTS mode if you don’t like it as you’re completely free to set it to whatever looks best for you. RPG/RTS is just a rough guideline.

If you’re not sure what to do with your visual settings and RPG/RTS isn’t for you, try these out:

  1. Open the monitor settings by clicking the joystick at the back of the monitor and pressing Up
  2. Go to Picture
  3. Go to Custom 1
  4. Set your Brightness to 30
  5. Set your Contrast to 50
  6. Set your Color Vibrance to 9
  7. Set your Sharpness to 5
  8. Set your Gamma to Gamma 2
  9. Set your Color Temperature to Warm
  10. Set your Low Blue Light to 10

Those are the relevant settings that you can access through the Gigabyte G27Q’s menu and are very simple settings for general use and better gaming. We recommend you apply these to your G27Q if you want optimal viewing pleasure.

Xbox Series X

When it comes to the Xbox Series X, you don’t need to fine-tune any specific settings except for the general resolution and refresh rate to make them match your monitor. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to your Xbox Series X Settings
  2. Go to General
  3. Click on TV & display options
  4. Set the refresh rate to 144Hz and the resolution to 1440p

Playstation 5

Unfortunately, there is always a negative aspect to something fantastic, and that’s the fact that the PS5 doesn’t support 1440p 144Hz, only 1080p, 4K, and up to 120Hz. You can simply change your refresh rate to 120 on your monitor if you plan to use it with the PS5, but the resolution will be lacking.

OSD Sidekick

All of the settings we’ve mentioned so far are related to graphical quality and the way your screen looks, and if you want to tweak these settings even further, we recommend you take a look at OSD Sidekick.

It’s a free bit of software that can help you fine-tune your monitor’s settings in much more detail than the normal menu. Once you have it downloaded, simply run it and all of your settings will conveniently be in one window, waiting for you!

Is The Gigabyte G27Q Worth It For Gaming?

That is a resounding yes! The Gigabyte G27Q is a titan for gaming and anything else you intend to do with it since it is so high-quality and packed with features that make it an absolute pleasure to use. Given the $300 price point, we highly recommend you choose this monitor if you don’t want to break the bank with something more expensive, like the $1300 Alienware 34 QD-OLED.

Wrapping Up

That would be all we have to say about the best Gigabyte G27Q settings for PS5 and Xbox Series X. We understand that there aren’t too many high-tech flashy settings you can change about this monitor, but that is where the beauty lies.

It performs so well that you don’t even need to mess around with advanced settings; you can just tweak your image and that is all, you’re ready to game! We sincerely hope that you have found the answers you were looking for and that all your questions have been answered!

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