It comes as no surprise that the most popular type of knife skin is, in fact the Karambit. Considering most of Valorant’s player base shifted mostly from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it would make sense that their preference for a deadly melee weapon would end up being the Karambit.

Over the past year or so, Valorant has added various Karambits into the game. In this guide, we will be going over the best karambit knife skins in Valorant.

4 Best Karambit Knifes In Valorant

Velocity Karambit

A lot of people found the Velocity Karambit to be a surprisingly good addition to the game, especially considering the fact that it was obtainable through the battle pass. Compared to other premium knives, the velocity karambit has better animations and is fairly sleek with its stylish design.

Since battle pass rewards follow into very conventional color schemes, there’s definitely a lot left to be desired in the color department, but the purple variant is definitely our favorite.

The Velocity Karambit was available in the Episode 4 Act 1 battle pass, in one of the tier rewards. Its affordability during the time, with four volor variants made it one of the best skins at the lowest price.

The skin can now be purchased at a much higher price if it appears in the daily rotation for their shop.

Prime 2.0 Karambit

Definitely falls in one of the least-favorite knife skins from players at launch, but it’s a cool Karambit to have nonetheless. The only issue with the Prime 2.0 was that the upgraded version provided a more dull animation compared to the spinning one which was available at level 1.

This problem was aptly solved with patch 3.08, where Riot allowed players to freely switch between different tier levels by simply equipping them. With the ability to switch between different animations in the game, Prime 2.0 Karambit joined its brethren in the field, ready to engage in combat.

The Prime 2.0 Karambit was obtainable for 7,100 VP, as the part of a bundle at its launch in March 2021.

Champions 2021 Karambit

The Champions 2021 Karambit was part of a limited bundle last year, and its exclusivity makes it so much more desirable. The fluidity of the Champion Karambit’s animations makes it one of the best Karambit skins in the game. With upgrades, you can twirl the knife as long as you want. The inspect also plays the soundtrack for Valorant Champions 2021.

Other than the perks mentioned above, the Champion Karambit also glows if the player holding it is on top of the leaderboards.

The bundle in question for the Champions 2021 Karambit was made available to add to the pool prize of participants in Valorant Champions 2021. 50% of all proceeds went to the teams. At launch, the bundle ran players about 6,263 VP, which gave them both the Karambit and Vandal skins. Each of these costed 5,350 VP if purchased separately.

Reaver 2.0 Karambit

The release of Reaver 2.0 was fairly controversial in the community as it borrowed elements from the Champion Karambit, which made players feel that the exclusivity that they had paid for, had been stolen from them.

However, we’d like to argue that the Reaver 2.0 does have a fairly distinctive look, and a different appeal compared to the Champions 2021 Karambit. Since we’re ranking the best skins, Reaver 2.0 definitely does come above Champions Karambit, mainly because it has the same animations, and is available to all players for 4350 VP.

Which is the Best Karambit Skin in Valorant?

There are a lot of factors to consider here. There are currently only 4 Karambit skins in the game. As discussed, the Velocity Karambit is no longer available in the battle pass, and thus not really as affordable any more. 

Champions Karambit’s exclusivity makes it impossible to obtain if you don’t already have it. The Prime 2.0 does definitely offer a good package deal, but with the Reaver 2.0 Karambit, there’s really no competition.

A popular choice by the community is the Reaver 2.0 Karambit. Even players with the Champions Karambit like to switch it up with the Reaver’s unique design, which is definitely more popular than the former.

So, if you’re looking to get your hands on a Karambit skin in Valorant, we definitely recommend grabbing the Reaver 2.0 Karambit while you still can, and adding it to your collection!

Wrapping Up

The entirety of the list above accounts for all Karambit skins in the game. However, if you aren’t that big of a fan of these mainstream knives, then you can definitely go through a wide variety of different options available in Valorant to satisfy your animation needs. 

There are currently only four Karambit skins available in the game, but players should definitely expect more exciting additions as the game moves forward. If you feel that none of the current available listings are worth getting, you can always look into other knife skins and get yourself something like the Blade of the Ruined King.

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