LG is a fantastic company that has cemented its place among the top monitor and gaming tech producers worldwide. Their monitors are renowned for their high quality and excellent performance, and something relatively new that has crossed the market is LG’s UltraGear technology.

UltraGear monitors have both FreeSync and G-Sync, as well as a wide array of other features that make them incredibly smooth and satisfying to use. These features make them very appealing to gamers of all types, and if you’re looking for a new monitor to upgrade your setup, we highly recommend you take a look at some UltraGear monitors.

Another benefit to these monitors is that they are also great for console gaming. To help you maximize your experience with your monitor, we are going to list some of the best settings that are common for all LG UltraGear monitors. These settings work well for PC gaming, but they also work just fine with the Xbox Series X and the PS5!

LG UltraGear Specifications

Since there are quite a few UltraGear monitors on the market, we are going to list some of the specifications for one of the best monitors from the UltraGear series – the LG 27GL850. Something to keep in mind is that the resolution and refresh rate can vary between monitors, but most of them are going to have the same low response time of 1ms. It has a Nano IPS display, meaning that you’re going to be experiencing much deeper and more vibrant colors to deepen your immersion.

Just the same as other UltraGear monitors, this one also has G-Sync which will help you minimize screen tearing and provide you with a smoother overall experience. And finally, it is decked out with FreeSync and HDR10 for an immaculate image and extremely satisfying graphics. If you’re interested in buying the LG GL850, you can find it on Amazon for $279 at the time of writing.

Best LG UltraGear Settings For Xbox Series X and PS5

Now we are going to be listing some optimal settings to use with UltraGear monitors in general. These settings will work fine for both PC and console gaming. Of course, not every monitor is going to follow the same patterns, but you can change the same settings regardless of the monitor model.

Adjust The Game Mode

The first thing we need to do is to adjust the default Game Mode that the monitor will follow all the time. These are preset modes that are supposed to work for different games. Here’s the best one:

  1. Access your monitor’s settings by pressing the Menu button at the bottom
  2. Navigate to Game Mode
  3. Select Vivid

Adjust The Game Settings

The Game Settings are comprised of various settings that change some basic aspects of the screen, from FreeSync to response time, etc. Here’s how to adjust the Game Settings:

  1. Access your monitor’s settings by pressing the Menu button at the bottom
  2. Navigate to the Game Settings
  3. Set the FreeSync Premium setting to Extended
  4. Set the Black Stabilizer to 50
  5. Set the Response Time to Faster
  6. You can set the Crosshair setting to whatever you want, depending on your needs

Adjust The Picture Settings

This might be the most common side of the settings that users tend to change, and they are concerned with modifying the way your picture looks and you can adjust the colors as you see fit. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Access your monitor’s settings by pressing the Menu button at the bottom
  2. Navigate to the Picture Settings
  3. Set your Brightness to 70, or anything else depending on your room
  4. Set the Contrast to 75
  5. Set the Sharpness to 50
  6. Set the Gamma to Mode 2
  7. Set the Color Temp to Manual W2
  8. Leave the Six Color settings at 50
  9. Set the Black Level to High
  10. Set the DFC setting to Off

And that’s it! Those are all of the settings you should use with LG UltraGear monitors. Keep in mind that these settings are just guidelines and that what you like may not follow the same instructions as we’ve presented here. Play around with the settings and you’ll see what works best for you. When it comes to consoles there isn’t much you have to do except changing your monitor’s resolution and refresh rate to match that of the console.

Are LG UltraGear Monitors Worth It For Gaming?

Yes, they are! UltraGear monitors are designed with gaming in mind and you will absolutely not regret buying yourself one if you’re looking for a great upgrade for your setup. Of course, not all UltraGear monitors are the same so you’re going to have to observe the market and find which one fits your specific needs and budget.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, all of the best settings for UltraGear monitors for a smooth and satisfying experience. This class of monitors is outstanding and we’re sure that you are going to be happy with whatever monitor model you choose to purchase. We sincerely hope that you have found what you were looking for and that all of your questions have been answered!

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