Warzone 2 is a serious drain on many PCs. Even though I have a pretty powerful PC, I had been struggling to get 144 FPS to make use of my monitor, however by using the best Nvidia control panel settings for Warzone 2 I was able to get a nice boost.

No matter what PC you’re running, more frames are always welcome. If you haven’t optimised your Nvidia settings yet then I highly recommend making these changes.

Let’s take a look at how to access your Nvidia control panel and what settings you need to adjust for the highest FPS in Warzone 2.

How To Access Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings For Warzone 2

You will obviously need to have an Nvidia graphics card on your PC to make use of these settings and have the Nvidia control panel installed on your PC. This should be installed when you installed your GPU.

  1. Navigate to the windows button and search for Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Open the Nvidia Control Panel app

Once it opens you will see a screen like this.

Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings For Warzone 2

Now that we have Nvidia control panel open, we need to adjust a few specific settings to get better performance in-game.

1. Adjust Image Settings With Preview

Navigate to 3D Settings –> Adjust Image settings with preview. In this panel select “Use the advanced 3D image settings” option and click apply.

This will allow us to have more control over our settings.

2. Change Resolution

Next head to Display –> Change resolution. Here make sure that your monitor resolution and refresh rate are set correctly. If you have a 144hz monitor ensure that it is set to 144hz.

3. Adjust Color Settings

These settings will make out game look a little more vibrant, allowing us to spot enemies more easily.

Navigate to Display –> Adjust Desktop Color Settings. Scroll down to Digital Vibrance and set it to 60-70% depending on your preference.

4. Manage 3D Settings

Next, navigate to 3D Settings –> Manage 3D Settings –> Program Settings.

Click on Add and select Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to be able to edit the game. It will be called “Call of Duty HQ” on the list. Select it and click on “Add Selected Program”.

Once you have added the game, adjust the following setting listed in the table below.

Image ScalingOff
Anisotropic Filtering16x
Antialiasing – Gamma CorrectionOff
Antialiasing – ModeApplication-controlled
Antialiasing – TransparencyOff
Background Application Max Frame RateOff
Low Latency ModeOff
Max Frame Rate Off
Open GL GDI CompatibilityAuto
OpenGL rendering GPUSelect your GPU
Power Management ModeOptimal Power
Preferred Refresh RateHighest Available
Texture Filtering – Anisotropic Sample OptimisationOn
Texture Filtering – Negative LOD BiasClamp
Texture Filtering – QualityPerformance
Texture Filtering – Trilinear OptimisationOn
Threaded OptimisationAuto
Triple BufferingOff
Verticle SyncUse 3D Application Setting
Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings Warzone 2

Make sure to click apply when you change all of these settings and you should now have significantly better performance in Warzone 2.

If you are yet to optimise your game settings make sure to check out our article on the best settings for high FPS in Warzone 2 and if you are having trouble with a poor connection you will want to ensure that your Nat Type is set to Open.

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