Playing music in the background of your stream is a great way to set the mood. It helps to fill in any gaps where you’re not talking in your stream. While the music shouldn’t be too loud and over powering it is enjoyable to have it there as some background noise.

Back in the wild west of Twitch you could play any music you wanted and get away with it. However since 2020 there has been a lot of problems with channels getting hit by DMCA strikes when using unlicensed music.

Nowadays, you need to use Royalty Free Music or have the license to play the music you want to, on your stream. In this article we are going to share the best royalty free music service’s for Twitch.

7 Best Royalty Free Music For Twitch Services

Below we have selected the Top 7 royalty free or licensed streaming services for Streamers. You can use these services while streaming on Twitch, Youtube or Facebook.

  1. Epidemic Sound
  2. Pretzel Rocks
  3. Own3d Music
  4. Streambeats
  5. Artlist
  6. Monstercat
  7. Twitch Soundtrack

Epidemic Sound

Premium music, great for Youtube content and Twitch streaming.

Price: $14.99/Month
Free trial Available

Epidemic sound is the premium music source for content creators. The platform offers over 30,000 tracks available to play on your stream. They have a web player allowing you to play songs directly from the player on your stream.

Epidemic sound is very popular among youtubers and content creators. Lots of people use the service to find music for their videos. Every song on Epidemic sound can be downloaded. This means that you can create playlists on your computer or use these songs in your videos, as well as your stream. If you create content on both Youtube and Twitch I would recommend choosing Epidemic sound.

All of the music on Epidemic Sound is owned by them meaning you don’t have to worry about takedowns. When you sign up you link your accounts to whitelist them. Once this is complete you can freely use their music in your content.

They even have gaming specific curated playlists. Click the Join button below to get a 7 Day free Epidemic Sound trial. I would personally recommend Epidemic sound as the best royalty free music for Twitch.


  • Over 30,000 tracks
  • Perfect for Youtube & Twitch
  • Web Player
  • Easily Download Tracks
  • Sound effects which can be used for alerts

Pretzel Rocks

Affordable with a wide range of licensed music for your stream.

Price: $14.99/Month
Free plan Available

Pretzel Rocks is one of my favourite services on the list. This is essentially Spotify for streamers. If you’re a fan of the Spotify application and how they put together playlists, you will love Pretzel Rocks.

They don’t just have Royalty free music. Some big name artists are signed on the platform meaning you can play their music on your stream. Some of my favorites are Above & Beyond, Zomboy and Miracle of Sound.

The Pretzel platform comes in at a close second for the best royalty free music for Twitch.


  • Free Plan Available
  • Curated Stations
  • Desktop & Web Player
  • Create Playlists
  • 380,000 Twitch Safe Tracks
  • 10,000 Youtube Safe tracks

Own3d Music

Great free resource which now includes over 10,000 songs and 25,000 Sounds.

You likely know from their overlays and alert graphics that they create. However you might not have known that they also have a music side to their business as well. have now actually partnered with Epidemic Sound to bring over 10,000 songs to their music streaming service as well as 25,000 sounds which you can use on stream. You can access all of this music through the OBS Plugin.

This is a great option for streamers who want everything in one place. Own3d will provide you with their OBS plugin, themes, music and much more.


  • 10,000+ Songs
  • 25,000 Sounds
  • Free Version Available


Free Music made specifically for streamers.

Free for life

Streambeats is a completely free music service created by Harris Heller. Harris is a streamer himself and started creating Streambeats when streamers were struggling with DMCAs.

Unlike the other platforms above Streambeats doesn’t have a good web player. Streambeats focuses on producing the music and circulating it on other platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

To listen to Streambeats you can pull up their playlists on your favorite Streaming platform and play their music like any other artist. If you enjoy using Spotify on your stream then this might be the service for you.

While Streambeats doesn’t have as many songs as other platforms it is completely free and they have quite a few different genres available.


  • Completely Free
  • Available on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music
  • Multiple Genres Available
  • 100T Partnership

Great selection of Music for creators.

Price: $9.99/Month

Artlist has a huge library of songs on their platform. When you have a membership you have the ability to download unlimited songs for your streams. Art list is trusted by some of the biggest companies out there such as Nike, Netflix and Google.

Art list also features an online streaming player so you can play music from their web player while streaming. Their library includes sound effects as well which you can use with your stream alerts.

When you purchase a subscription you have access to use the music on all of your social platforms including Youtube and Twitch without having to worry about DMCA strikes.


  • Web Player
  • Large Collection Of Music
  • Downloadable Songs
  • Music can be used on all of your platforms


Great streaming service for electronic music.

Price: $7.49

If you are a fan of Electronic music Monstercat might be the streaming service for you. They are always signing new artists and adding new music to the service to keep your stream fresh.

With their gold subscription you can also download their songs and use them in your videos and other content. The music is 100% DMCA safe allowing to stream in peace.

If you plan on streaming EDM then this is the best royalty free music for Twitch.


  • New Electronic music added regularly
  • Downloadable songs
  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Web Player

Twitch Soundtrack

New music streaming service from Twitch

Twitch have now released their own music streaming platform in Beta. They have a fairly large collection of music in a range of genres. They have playlists for Lofi, Rap, Classical, Indie, Chilled Electronic & more.

Soundtrack has both a web player and a downloadable app you can use to stream your music.


  • Completely free
  • Web Player & App
  • Designed By Twitch
  • Large range of Music

Recommend DMCA Free Music Service For Twitch

Best Paid Music Provider

If you want a premium music provider with lots of new music being added we recommend joining Epidemic Sound.

Best Free Music Provider

If you want high quality free music designed for streamers we recommend checking out Streambeats.

Other Options For Royalty Free Music

There are some other options for Royalty free music. The most popular is Youtube. There is a selection of channels that upload Royalty free music allowing you to play it on Twitch or Youtube.

Best Royalty Free Music For Twitch (Youtube Channels)

Below are a few of the best royalty free music for twitch youtube channels. These channels upload songs and mixes for use in your content or on your Twitch stream.

1. 1261 Clan

best royalty free music for twitch (Youtube channels)

1261 clan has a large collection of 1 hour long copyright free mixes you can play on your Twitch stream.

2. Lofi Girl

The lofi girl channel is the best out there for Lofi music on your stream. They tweeted out in June 2021 letting everyone know that content creators can now use their music on stream and in their videos.

3. Magic Music

Magic music have a lot of great mixes on their channel that you can use on your Twitch stream. They do ask you to include credit for their music in a panel on your Twitch stream.

4. Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music has hundreds of tracks to choose from which are safe to use on your Twitch stream and Youtube content.

5. Other Channels

There are hundreds of copyright free channels on Youtube with music in different genres. Just do a search and find a channel you like. Make sure to check their description or about section to find out if they allow their music to be used on Twitch.

Be Careful When Uploading Twitch Clips

You need to be careful when uploading Twitch clips to Youtube if you are using some of these services above. For example Pretzel rocks has over 300,000 songs you can play on Twitch, however only 10,000 of them are allowed on Youtube.

If you decide to upload a clip from Twitch with a song that isn’t Youtube safe you risk getting a copyright strike on your channel. This is why Epidemic sound is our #1 recommended platform as all of their songs can be used on both platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Allowed To Play Spotify Music On Twitch?

This will depend on the music that you want to play. As we can see from the services above such as Streambeats, they put their music on platforms like Spotify. Their music is copyright free so you won’t get a DMCA strike on your stream. You cannot however play any music you want from Spotify, in fact most of the music is copyright protected and will get you a strike on your stream. I would only use music from the providers above if you want to stay safe on stream.

Other Streamers Are Playing Copyrighted Music and Are Not Getting Banned?

Just because some streamers decide to risk their accounts, it doesn’t mean that you should. Some small streamers will probably slip through the cracks and not get caught playing copyrighted music. However, these large music companies are getting better and better at detecting their music being played in live streams. Eventually you will get caught and it could result in your Twitch account being banned. Our advice is to stick with fully licensed streaming services like the ones mentioned above.

Can I Play Lo-Fi Girl On Twitch?

Yes, the Lofi girl company tweeted out in 2021 announcing that creators could use their music in their streams and content. They do ask you to credit the channel in your Twitch description.

Can Small Streamers Use Copyrighted Music?

No, even if you are a small streamer you are not allowed to use copyrighted music on your channel. While some small streamers slip through the cracks it is against Twitch terms of service to play copyrighted songs on stream.

Can I Play Short Sections Of A Song On Twitch?

Some people claim that you can play short sections of songs under fair use but this untrue. You are not allowed to play any copyrighted music without the owners permission, even if it is only 10 seconds.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. You now know where to find the best royalty free music for twitch. Those are the best platforms for copyright free music on Twitch. Personally we would recommend going with Epidemic sound if you want to stream the highest quality music and have a large selection of songs to choose from. Whatever you choose, let us know down below in the comments.


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