Samsung is an absolute titan when it comes to producing tech and powerful gaming monitors and one of the best representations of that is the Samsung G5 Odyssey. This fantastic monitor ranges from 27″ all the way to 34″ and offers a crisp, vibrant image that is going to blow you away every time you turn it on.

Many people look to the G5 Odyssey because it is very compatible with consoles, able to keep up with them at 120FPS and resolutions ranging from 1080p to 1440p for each respective console. However, in most cases, you cannot just use the settings that come with the monitor out of the box.

Some of them should be tweaked depending on your needs and tastes, especially if you’re a console gamer. We are here to give you some pointers on the best settings for the Samsung G5 Odyssey for both the Xbox Series X and the PS5!

Samsung Odyssey G5 Specifications

The Samsung Odyssey G5 was released on August 31st, 2020, and has taken the gaming monitor market by storm because of its fantastic price point and amazing quality for gaming. It has a 27″/32″ display depending on the model you get, and both models support a 1440p resolution and a 144Hz refresh rate, ideal for gaming.

The display is curved so your immersion is vastly improved for both gaming and work, and this is only further improved by the excellent WQDH and the FreeSync that comes along with it. This new technology is providing leaps in graphical quality, and that is especially impressive when you consider the fact that this is supposed to be a budget monitor.

At the time of writing, the monitor has a price point of $249 for the 27″ version, $329 for the 32″ version, and $549 for the 34″ version. These prices are absolutely insane for all of the features this monitor comes with and you should seriously consider getting one if you’re looking for a monitor in this price range!

Best Samsung Odyssey G5 Settings For Xbox Series X & PS5

We have to preface this by saying that this monitor is actually not recommended for the Playstation 5 if you intend to play in 1440p because the console doesn’t support that resolution. It only supports 1080p and 4K so if you’re going to be using this monitor for the PS5, you’re going to have to lower the resolution to 1080p. Otherwise, the settings we’re going to list will considerably improve the picture quality regardless of whether you’re using a PC or console.

Tweak The Game Settings

Your Odyssey G5 has a Game option when you first enter the main menu of it, and there are some features here that need to be adjusted and enabled:

  1. Go to your monitor’s settings by pressing the button underneath the monitor and pressing Up
  2. Go to the Game section
  3. Set the Black Equalizer to 18
  4. Turn on FreeSync
  5. Turn off Virtual Aim Point

Enabling FreeSync will not allow you to change the refresh rate of the monitor but the FreeSync option automatically sets it to 144Hz so you’re fine when it comes to that. FreeSync also minimizes artifacts, screen tearing, as well as stuttering while you play, so it’s a great setting to keep on.

Adjust The Picture Options

Moving on, we now have to adjust some picture settings such as brightness and contrast so the screen looks optimal. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to your monitor’s settings by pressing the button underneath the monitor and pressing Up
  2. Go to the Picture section
  3. Set Picture Mode to Custom
  4. Set the Brightness to 100 (or anything else, depending on your preference)
  5. Set the Contrast to 85
  6. Set the Sharpness to 24

And that’s all you have to do! There are some other things you can do in the Nvidia Control Panel that are very in-depth and you’re not going to notice many of the changes.

These are the most important ones since you might notice that the monitor is not completely optimized right out of the box, and they translate over very well to both the Xbox Series X and the PS5. All you have to do in regards to them is to set up your resolution and refresh rate to match the monitor, if not available, aim for whatever is closest.

Is The Samsung Odyssey G5 Worth It For Gaming?

That is a resounding yes. The Samsung Odyssey G5 is a hidden gem among gaming monitors because it provides insane specifications for its price point, so you can effectively purchase this monitor and get the same value as if you had purchased a $600 monitor. The features it has a perfect for competitive shooters or any other genre of gaming, which you will see when you start using it!

Wrapping Up

That would be all when it comes to the Samsung Odyssey G5. This is a spectacular monitor for entry-level builds that want to amp up their visual game and improve their gaming experience in general. We highly recommend this monitor for anyone looking for an upgrade. You will not be disappointed!

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