Roblox grows more and more each day and it’s got even better since it launched back in 2006. Now, it is a central hub for gamers who want to try different games, developed by other players. There are over 40 million games available in Roblox and if you love horror games, there is definitely a mini-game that is perfect for your taste.

Now, the horror genre is too broad as it includes action horror, psychological horror, and other sub-genres. However, there is a recurring theme to the majority of these scary titles – jump scares.

If you’re looking to jump out of your seat, then here are the best scary Roblox games with jump scares.

Best Roblox Games With Jump Scares

1. Dead Silence

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a Roblox mini-game that is already a staple when it comes to the horror genre. Some even consider it the scariest Roblox game to date.

The game’s plot lets you investigate the disappearance of Leslie Withers. She is a ventriloquist and was murdered. Now, she haunts the town and you have to find out why through exploration, investigation, and solving puzzles. It is an immersive game and despite the scary theme, it will get you hooked.

Dead Silence made its name in the community because of its stunning sound quality. The levels are well-thought-out too. Jumpscares are present, but it is not overboard. Combine the jumpscares with the creepy environment and you are in a horror treat.

This game came out back in 2011 and it has undergone some changes. The gore and horror were toned down during its recent updates to match Roblox’s game guidelines. Still, it is a must-play if you love scary games.

There is a new version coming up called Dead Silence 2.

2. The Mimic

The Mimic

Mimic is a first-person survival game that consists of four books called Rebirth, Jealousy, Rage, and Control. Each book has a different story with completely different characters. The last two chapters are yet to come.

The game’s plot revolves around you going back to your old high school in hopes of finding your missing friends. The catch is an unknown entity called Hiachi is lurking in the school. You were also cursed by Sama, the Beast of Curse, but you managed to break free from it. Now, you will have to travel his world to uncover its mystery.

Mimic is set in an eerie environment full of jumpscares that you need to overcome. The story progresses through notes that you find scattered in the setting.

3. Nanny


The Nanny is a Roblox scary mini-game that will surely give you your dose of horror if you are looking for one.

This game lets you take on the role of a survivor and you are trapped in a palace. Your goal is to escape the nanny who is out there hunting you. However, it is not easy since you will have to figure out your way in a maze-like palace full of jumpscares.

The Nanny is full of exploration, frightening atmosphere, and scary sounds so brace yourself.



Judy is a thrilling Roblox horror game wherein you need to investigate the disappearance of Judy – a Hollywood celebrity. This game currently has three chapters. The game is similar to granny or the Nanny but its eerie ambience and abundance of jumpscares make it a little bit better.

The game takes place in an old theme park, manor, and the ocean. Your goal is to find out traces and clues of what happened to Judy while avoiding a horrifying ghost called Linda.

Besides the scary gameplay and jumpscares, Judy’s story is also captivating and if you love narrative games, this will get you hooked up.

5. Specter


If you are familiar with Phasmophobia then you will also love Specter since it shares the same gameplay. Specter is a horror game where you need to team up with 3 players.

Your aim is to find evidence of the paranormal in certain locations while ghosts are out to hunt you. You also need to determine the ghost based on the clues you find.

Each location brings you a different type of ghost and you have to face them to earn money. You may then use the money to upgrade your equipment to find ghosts better and faster.

The game has been out for a while now and it is already in Season 8 – a testament to how good this game is.

6. It Lurks

It Lurks

It Lurks is a single-player Roblox horror game that is considered one of the scariest Roblox games made. This game is full of monsters, jumpscares, scary audio, and a creepy environment.

Your goal is to survive the night after getting left by your dad behind and your older brother, Grim, is out of sight. The game starts to get spooky as soon as you fall asleep. Your sleep gets interrupted and now, you need to escape the monsters lurking around the house.

This game is not just an escape game though. It will also test your intuition since you cannot trust anyone. All you have is yourself.

7. A Really Fricking Big House

A Really Fricking Big House

If you love jump scares, then this game is your jam. A Really Fricking Big House is full of jumpscares since it is inspired by the game, Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion.

The game features several rooms with different layouts and themes. With every room comes a surprise – either it will be a monster room or just a normal one.

Your goal is to reach the 1001st room. However, it will be a challenge since different monsters such as a Banshee, Wisp, or even a Dummy would appear. These monsters have different powers too such as making you move slower or stopping you from your tracks.

8. The Maze

The Maze

The Maze is easy to understand, just from its name alone. It is a Roblox horror game where you need to explore and find the exit but the thrill does not stop there. Every exit has a surprise waiting for you.

This game is dark, eerie and full of jump scares. It is one of the games wherein you are always in alert mode since you will never know when a monster or ghost would pop up.

There are in-game items that would help you such as an axe. But it is not enough to fend off skeletons and monsters. You need to be creative in finding ways to avoid monsters or defeat them.

9. Frigid Dusk

Frigid Dusk

Several Roblox games are divided into chapters. Frigid Dusk is probably one with the longest storyline in just one chapter alone.

Your role in this game is for a scientist to find the cure and turn everybody back into their normal forms. However, there are several puzzles that you need to figure out in order to finally retrieve the cure. The location is dark, scary, and with a limited light source, you are vulnerable and monsters might jump on you anytime.

One of the best things in this game is the monsters since they have different skills. Some monsters are ready to attack sight while others are scared of the lights. Playing this game means you need to mix and match your strategy depending on the monster.

10. Elmira


Elmira is another Roblox horror game that will surely keep you up all night. It is based on the paranormal urban legend of black-eyed children.

The plot of the game revolves around you falling asleep on a field trip. However, you wake up and soon find out that everyone is gone. You are now stuck in the dark in an old hospital with nowhere to go. Will you survive the night?

There are several objectives that you need to accomplish to finish the game. But like the other titles mentioned above, dark entities are out there waiting for their chance to pounce on you.

The game is not just about jumpscares though, the story is well-written. Sound and visual design are top-notch as well. These elements combined to give an immersive horror experience.

Wrapping Up

There are millions of games available in Roblox and these are just a few of the best Roblox horror games with jump scares. The visuals might not be realistic but these games pack a punch in the horror department.

What about you? Do you know of other Roblox horror games? Let us know in the comment section below.

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