Best TAQ-56 Loadout In MW2

Once you reach level 30 in MW2 you will unlock the TAQ-56 fully automatic assault rifle. This is similar to the Scar-L from the previous Call Of Duty games. While the Assault rifle category is pretty stacked in MW2, with the best TAQ-56 loadout, this assault rifle can hold its own.

It has a high rate of fire and damage with a reasonable amount of recoil. Combined with the attachments we are going to show you it really shines in the game. In this article, we are going to show you the best TAQ-56 loadout in MW2 including all attachments and perks.

Best TAQ-56 Loadout in MW2

Set up your best TAQ-56 loadout with the attachments below to dominate the competition which this heavy-hitting assault rifle.

BarrelComing Soon
MuzzleComing Soon
UnderbarrelComing Soon
MagazineComing Soon
LaserComing Soon
TAQ-56 Best Attachments MW2

Currently, we haven’t had a chance to test out all attachments on the TAQ-56 as it was level capped in the Beta. Once we have had a chance to explore the full range of weapon attachments we will update this article.

If you did pre-order the game you should have access to a TAQ-56 blueprint which is extremely good in its own right. Once you reach level 30 in-game, you should be able to access the Frontal Impact TAQ-56 Blueprint.

Best TAQ-56 Loadout MW2

Now we have put together our weapon attachments for the TAQ-56, we need to build our full loadout. With the TAQ-56 you will likely have a slower-paced style of gameplay. Use the class below if you plan to lockdown an area on the map or strategically move from area to area.

SecondarySide Impact (X13 Auto Blueprint)
TacticalMedical Syringe
Basic PerksScavenger & E.O.D
Bonus PerkCold Blooded
Ultimate PerkGhost
Field UpgradeDead Silence
Best TAQ-56 Loadout MW2

In Modern Warfare 2 you start the game with your initial perks. As you get kills and score in the game you will unlock your bonus and ultimate perks.

For this class, I would recommend running Cold Blooded as your bonus perk. Cold-blooded allows you to stay undetected by AI Targeting systems and Thermal optics. You also won’t be highlighted on enemy tactical cameras, Recon Drones and Spotter Scopes.

For your Ultimate perk, we recommend picking Ghost as this will keep you off the enemy’s radar.

Utilising dead silence allows you to stay quiet when moving around the map. Triggering dead silence when you want to move to a new area on the map is a great way to remain undetected.

How To Unlock TAQ-56 Loadout in MW2

To unlock the TAQ-56 in MW2 you will need to reach level 30. Once you reach level 30 you will unlock the TAQ-56 and the Frontal Impact blueprint if you pre-ordered the game.

Wrapping Up

You can now jump into Modern Warfare 2 and start tearing up lobbies with the TAQ-56. This Scar like weapon brings back some nostalgia from the original Modern Warfare 2 Days.

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