When it comes to having an amazing looking stream, your overlay can make it or break it. Having a sloppy looking overlay which is unprofessional will stop people from clicking on your stream resulting in fewer viewers. As Twitch streamers the last thing we want is fewer viewers.

In this article, we are going to show you the best places to get Twitch overlays for your stream. We are going to showcase providers that offer overlay templates, custom overlays and even free overlays. No matter what your budget, you will find something for your stream here.

Let’s jump in and take a look at the best Twitch and Youtube overlay providers on the market.

Best Twitch Overlay Providers

  • Own3d.tv
  • Visuals By Impulse
  • Nerd Or Die
  • Stream Elements
  • Canva
  • Fiverr
  • Streamlabs
  • 11hrs Creator
  • Stream Sharks
  • Tactical Lion Designs

Nowadays we have a lot of options when it comes to getting stream overlays. We have ranked the top ones based on graphics quality, pricing, animation and ease of use. Some overlays are simply static images whereas others have a lot of animation built into the overlay. If you want to have a high level of production quality on your stream, we would recommend going with an overlay which has animation built-in.

Own3d.tv – 50% Discount Using Code: getonstream

own3d.tv overlay selection

Own3d.tv is the most popular overlay creator on the market. They have over 132 pre-made overlays that work with every streaming software. Each pack comes with more than just an overlay. If you purchase the premium version of a design it comes with everything listed below:

  • Animated Stream Overlay
  • Animated Stream Alerts
  • Animated Webcam Overlay
  • Animated Intermission Page
  • All Static Files
  • Animated Stream Transition
  • Stream Alert Sound
  • Animated Stream Talking Banner
  • Twitch Profile Banner
  • Twitch Profile Picture
  • Youtube Banner
  • Desktop Wallpaper
  • Streamlabs OBS Import Files

You can also check out how all of the overlays look on their site before purchasing. Go to the try it out section on any overlays page. Here you can trigger alerts, switch scenes etc to see exactly what your stream will look like.

Own3d.tv Try It Out Section
Own3d.tv Try It Out

The Own3d packs really give you everything you need to complete your stream set-up. Just download them and install them to Streamlabs with the click of a button.

Own3d also have a subscription service called Own3d.pro which has a lot of great features for $19.99 per month. This gets you access to a wide range of overlays as well as access to epidemic sound so you can play non-copyright music on your stream.

Price: Approximately $40 per pack
Quality: Premium
Animation: Yes
Ease Of Use: Easy

Visuals By Impulse

Visuals by Impulse stream packages

Visuals by Impulse is another popular company that creates and sells overlays. They also have a wide range of stream overlays with 98 complete “Stream Packages” on their store currently. They also have a selection of free stream overlays available if you are on a budget.

As well as selling some of the best overlays on the market they have everything else you need to complete your stream including transitions, stream deck icons, bit packs and much more.

Each stream package comes with everything you need to brand your stream. Each stream pack contains:

  • 5 Different Screens
  • Animated Version (Premium Pricing)
  • Alert Graphics
  • Alert Sounds
  • Social Media Profile Art
  • PSD Design Files (Easily Customize the Overlay Further)
  • One-Click Setup

If you want to see all of this in action before purchasing a theme from Visuals by Impulse they also have a “Try it Out” section on each of their pages. This allows you to check out all of their alerts and animations before purchase.

Price: $15 (Static) – $30 (Animated)
Quality: Premium
Animation: Yes
Ease Of Use: Easy (One Click Setup)

Nerd Or Die

Nerd or Die is another popular stream overlay provider we have decided to include in our list. They provide everything from overlays to emotes which you can use to improve your stream.

They also have a feature on some of their overlays which allows you to pay whatever price you want for the overlay. This is great for people on a budget. The only downside is that the free/donation versions of the stream overlays are non-animated and don’t include some of the extra features like alerts and goal bars.

If you decide to purchase their “Complete Packs” you will receive:

  • OBS Studio Quick Install
  • SLOBS .Overlay import file
  • StreamElements Quick Install
  • 5 color theme options
  • Animated scene loops
  • Webcam base
  • Screen Designs (Starting, BRB, Just Chatting/Watching and Ending)
  • Countdown timers
  • Supporter bar designs
  • Multiple stinger transitions
  • Pop-up style Alerts that work with or without the webcam base
  • Clean, animated goal bar
  • Responsive Chatbox

Nerd or die is a great place to get a Twitch overlay if you are on a budget.

Price: Free – $30
Quality: High
Animation: Yes
Ease Of Use: Easy (One Click Setup)

Stream Elements Overlays

If you’ve been streaming for a while, you have probably heard of StreamElements before. Stream Elements has a lot of features built into their software for streamers such as chatbots, goal overlays, music, analytics and more.

You may not have realised that they also have a wide range of overlays available on their platform. The best part is that they are completely free. When you log in to your Stream Elements dashboard and navigate to “Overlays Gallery” you will see a range of overlays that you can use from Stream Elements.

Stream Elements Overlays
Stream Elements Overlays

Stream Elements are regularly adding new Overlays to their library. If you are already using Stream Elements it is worth checking out their overlays.

The main problem with Stream Elements is that you have to build and edit the overlays in their online editor. You then add them to Streamlabs or OBS using a URL. The process isn’t overly hard when you get the hang of it but it is a little different from the other platforms we have showcased above. If you need a guide on how to use StreamElements check out our full guide to Stream Elements overlays here.

StreamElements overlays come with Alerts and animations and are already linked to your channel through the StreamElements Twitch login.

Price: Free
Quality: Medium
Animation: Yes
Ease Of Use: Moderate


Canva is an online photo editing tool. This may not sound like the place to get an overlay for your Twitch stream but they have a large library of templates available, specifically for streamers.

The best part about using Canva is you can easily edit these templates and customize them to your brand. Changing the colors and adding in your logo only takes a couple of minutes.

Canva Twitch Overlays

As you can see in the image below it is easy to select the elements in the design and quickly change the colors to match your brand.

The main problem with Canva is that you do not get any stream animation, alerts etc. Each design is a static design with only one scene. If you wanted to have multiple scenes you would have to spend some time creating and editing multiple of them in Canva.

Compared to some of the above options this can be a lot of work however it does give you more customization options. Canva is also free which is a bonus for streamers on a budget.

Price: Free
Quality: Medium
Animation: No
Ease Of Use: Moderate

Fiverr Twitch Overlays

If you are not much of a graphic designer but still want a highly customized Twitch overlay, we would recommend using Fiverr. Fiverr is a marketplace where designers can sell their services.

There are a lot of designers on the platform who specialise in Twitch overlays specifically. You will be able to find a designer who fits your budget as there is a wide price range of listings available.

Below are some of the top recommend sellers on Fiverr who specialise in Twitch Graphics:

It can be hit or miss on Fiverr to find the best possible designer. We highly recommend looking for designers who have a high star rating with lots of reviews. This ensures that others have ordered from the designer before and have been happy with the work they received.

Price: $10 – $200
Quality: Depends on Designer
Animation: Yes
Ease Of Use: Moderate

Streamlabs Stream Overlays

Streamlabs is one of the most popular streaming software on the market. They also have a service called Streamlabs Prime which has a ton of features including access to a premium library of Stream Overlays.

Streamlabs prime overlays

To access these overlays you will need to be a Streamlabs Prime member which costs $19.99 per month. This gets you access to their full library of overlays but also access to other features such as multi-streaming to different platforms at the same time.

Lots of these Overlay packs on Streamlabs have multiple scenes, animations, alerts and sounds. Most of these overlays in the marketplace are high quality and look great.

If you are someone who regularly likes to change the feel of your theme the Streamlabs prime subscription is a great choice. There are regularly new designs being submitted to their marketplace as different designers and graphics companies can submit their own designs for use.

Price: $19.99 Monthly
Quality: High Quality
Animation: Yes
Ease Of Use: Easy

11hrs Creator

11hrs Creator is a small website built by a single designer called Mubin. He has created a library of amazing designs and is offering them all for free on his site.

While there isn’t a massive selection of overlays available on the site the ones that are available are amazing quality and are free.

These overlays come with the below:

  • 1 Photoshop Project File
  • Twitch panel with Easy to Edit Photoshop Project file
  • Facecam Overlay (16:9 ratio/full HD)
  • License
  • Important Text Files

He also provides you with the PSD file so you can customize the design in photoshop to make it more in line with your brand. I highly recommend checking out this site.

Stream Sharks

If you want a premium custom service we would recommend checking out Stream Sharks. They are a premium agency that creates custom designs for their clients. You can check out their portfolio here.

If you want to work with Stream Sharks you will have to fill out their enquiry form letting them know exactly what you want and they will get back to you with a quote. They will then go back and forth with you on your design and make some revisions to make it exactly the way you want it.

Stream Sharks does everything from logos to overlays to emotes.

Tactical Lion Designs

Tactical lions designs stream overlays

Tactical lions designs are another great Stream Overlay provider. They have over 100 premade overlay designs on their store as well as a couple of free options for streamers on a budget.

If you purchase one of their premium overlays it comes with everything you need to run a high production stream. You can see everything included below:

  • Animated overlay
  • Animated Webcam
  • Profile panels
  • Animated Scenes – BRB, Starting, Ending, Intermission)
  • Animated Stinger transition
  • Offline Screen (Video Player Banner)
  • Social icons (Easy to edit)
  • 11 Animated Alerts
  • Twitch, YouTube & Facebook alerts
  • Alert sound effects included
  • One-Click install for StreamLabs
  • .Overlay file for SLOBS
  • Compatible with StreamLabs, StreamElements, OBS, Lightstream & more.
  • Source files .PSD (Photoshop)
  • Source files .AE (After Effects)
  • Edit all scenes and elements
  • Small file size, low CPU usage.
  • Easy to edit social media name + icons

While Tactical Lions is priced a little higher than a lot of other providers on our list they have some great quality designs. You won’t have a problem finding something you like in over 100 designs.

Price: $40
Quality: High Quality
Animation: Yes
Ease Of Use: Easy

How To Install An Overlay On Streamlabs & OBS

Depending on where you purchase your overlay the installation process will likely be different. Some providers will have a one-click installation and others will require a manual install.

We would recommend checking out our full guide to setting up Streamlabs OBS if you plan on using it for your streams.

Otherwise, check out this video below showing you how to install an Overlay in OBS Studio.

How To Install Themes In OBS Studio

Do I Need An Overlay On My Twitch Stream?

We would highly recommend having a clean looking overlay on your stream. While some large streamers can get away with a simple camera overlayed on their screen they are few and far between.

Having a clean, professional-looking stream lets viewers know that you are serious about streaming and plan to stick around for a long time. You should try to keep everything on-brand between your Twitch, Youtube and Twitter. This allows people to instantly recognize your content when they see it if your branding is always consistent. This ultimately leads to more views and recognition for your brand.

How To Add An Overlay On Console?

Nowadays people are streaming more and more directly from their consoles, without a capture card. There are now software out there allowing you to add an overlay to your stream even if you are streaming from a console.

Check out this video below for a full tutorial on adding overlays on console:

Wrapping Up

You should now be able to easily find some of the best Twitch overlays on the market. We have included all of the best providers that we know of in this list. Whether you want to 1 click and go or want a fully custom design there is something for you.

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