As a gamer, it becomes necessary to keep everything organized in order to avoid making a mess. While the task is easier said than done, there are video game storage & shelves created specifically to tackle this problem. They are super handy to use and save you a decent amount of effort by keeping your games and peripherals stored in an easy-to-access manner.

With that said, finding good pieces of furniture online is not easy. Therefore, we have listed the best video game storage & shelves for gamers & streamers. Let’s jump right in and get started.

1. Wall-Mounted Gaming Shelf

This video game shelf is perfect for holding your console peripherals while keeping it minimalistic. The tempered glass design accounts for smooth aesthetics, while the mounting hardware is sturdy enough to last you a fair while. This design easily blends in with most kinds of furniture, thereby making it compatible with almost every room.

Consequently, the reinforced mechanisms are great to hold the weight while keeping everything clean and organized. The PERLESMITH’s wall-mounted shelf is perfect for storing a limited amount of gaming hardware without making a mess out of everything.

2. JJS Gaming Storage Shelves

While the steep price might make you want to think otherwise, the quality in return is nothing to scoff at. You’ve got your aesthetic needs covered through the sleek yet sturdy X design. The storage racks are sturdy enough to be riddled with a load. However, you might want to stay within the recommended limits in order to get a long life out of it.

The assembling process might seem a bit difficult. However, the sturdiness of the rack pays off amazingly well in the long run. Therefore, this is your go-to choice that provides a decent amount of storage coupled with a visually pleasing design.

3. TomCare Cube Storage Shelves

There are times when shelves and storage furniture become unable to account for your hardcore gaming requirements. Luckily, the TomCare Cube storage shelve eliminates the need to be concerned about storage ever again. Its spacy yet practical design is great for keeping your consoles and games out of your toddler’s hands.

Furthermore, it comes with visuals in mind. Therefore, you have the option to choose between a wide assortment of color options. In spite of this, the containers can be assembled in any configuration, thereby making it possible for the size to be scaled accordingly to the storage requirements.

4. Floating Shelves For Console Games

Unlike PC gamers, there is not much to store when you’re playing games on a neatly kept console. Needless to say, your collection of gaming CDs and DVDs still needs to be kept somewhere, and that’s where this shelf comes into play. The sleek and aesthetic design matches the metal construction to produce sturdy yet modernist shelves.

The mounting mechanism for this one is rather simple and can be done without a manual in most cases. Needless to say, you have the option to place them in any preferred configuration. Therefore, it’s rather easy to orientate them according to your room.

5. BAYKA Wall-Mounted Shelves

The BATKA wall shelves are perfect for gamers with low storage requirements. They are easy to mount, aesthetically pleasing, and they are sturdy enough to carry a decent weight. If that’s not enough of an incentive, then you should try mixing and matching them.

Aside from looking great, they’re handy to have near your gaming setup for easy access. Consequently, you can also get the bragging rights for wall-mounted console placement among your peers if you’re into that.

6. Atlantic Oskar Storage Cabinets

The Atlantic Oskar shelf features a plain espresso finish with a multitude of storage options. You can chuck in your books, DVDs, media records, and much more on the beautifully assorted shelves. While this option might be a bit too much for casual gamers, its utility and storage limitations are as trusty as it gets in the furniture space.

That being said, the cabinet is made of high-quality materials, so it’s bound to last you much longer than you might think. The assembly process is rather simple. Therefore, it’s only a matter of purchasing before you get your hands-on experience with this beauty of a shelf.

7. Amazon Basics Storage Shelving Unit

The idea for this product is rather simple, get the maximum quality by paying the minimum. It’s safe to say that the Amazon Basics shelf fulfills that notion rather smoothly. The kitchen-grade construction paired with the added versatility is something to love unless you’re too much into aesthetics.

That being said, the entire shelve is height adjustable, thereby making it easier to grab your favorite games and peripherals as easily as possible. It goes without saying, don’t align your games with the cutout spaces or they will fall out. Instead, place them in an inverse orientation for easier access and storage.

8. HOMEDANT Metal Shelving Unit

While it might seem like overkill, the HOMEDANT storage shelves provide true storage with easy handling and access. Furthermore, the garage-optimized construction accounts for durability that goes beyond the requirements of any room. Pair that with the stylish yet spacious design, and you have an irresistible deal.

While the price might be a bit on the high-end, this shelf is specifically designed for gamers that only want to do a one-time investment. In addition to that, this product is also flexible enough to be adjusted according to heights. The cutouts on the bars make this process extremely simple.

9. SPACEKEEPER Storage Cart

Being able to move your gaming storage at your behest is a feature worth grabbing. The SPACEKEEPER storage cart is your perfect go-to for keeping your games and peripherals easily accessible. Its slim and sturdy design accounts for quality and reliability. This product is also well known for its ease of use and handling.

Keeping your gaming gear sorted has never been this easy. Add adjustability onto the mix and you have yourself a deal. The size is small enough for it to be adjusted wherever you want without any special adjustments. The product packs a powerful punch for its small form factor. Therefore, it’s a definite recommendation from our end.

10. Wymess Wheeled Storage Shelving Unit

Who knew you could get everything without a single compromise? The Wymess Storage shelves series is not only cheaper than its counterparts but also features complete metal construction. The mesh is durable enough to hold most weights, so your games will have an enjoyable secure storage time while you focus on defeating the final boss in Elden Ring.

The assembly process is also simple, as the shelves come with simple foldable mechanics that require no deconstruction whatsoever. If that doesn’t get you sold, then bear in mind that the detachable wheels are smart-lockable. This entails that you won’t be needing to pick up a screwdriver anytime soon.

11. Croft Folding Vintage Shelf

Gaming and Vintage sounds like a recipe for disaster. However, you’d be surprised how well this product blends in with regular households. The metal base accounts for stability while the premium wooden shelves do a good job of holding your accessories in place. Pair that with foldability and you end up with a complete package.

That being said, this product does tend to go for a matte gold finish. Therefore, it might not be your cup of tea depending on your room’s color scheme. However, the quality is nothing to scoff at, as it’s currently one of the best lightweight options to go for.

12. VASAGLE Tree Storage Shelf

This shelf let’s you showcase your gaming creativity on complete display. The wooden texture, paired with the tree-shaped cutouts is a sight to behold. While the shelf might feel too ‘classy’ for a gamer’s room, it’s value is placed somewhere else entirely. Vasagle is a brand known for making quality furnitures. Therefore, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

Consequently, the construction is super easy with the help of step-by-step instructions present in the box. However, do note that the shelf have a very high likelihood of collapsing if the weight exceeds the recommended limits. With that said, it’s quite the bang for your buck if you do manage to purchase it.

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13. SUPERJARE Triple Wide Shelf

Storing your gaming peripherals along with other gamer necessities has never been this easy. This product features absurd levels of storage that would generally be used in offices instead. Since the triple wide shelf features a flattened construction, you get the creative freedom to set it however you like.

Moreover, the rustic brown color is compatible with almost every room. You can choose to hide it under a bulk of RGB strips. However, its true classiness becomes evident with its elaborate default design. Nonetheless, its your room, so customize it however you want to.

14. Hombazaar Modern Ladder Shelf

Tower shelves tend to have their own unique charm when it comes to object placement. Your gaming media will not only find a home to stay, but it will do so while looking pulchritude. The design is sturdy enough to bear as much gaming weight as needed. Furthermore, the quick access side mount makes it a reliable storage partner during your hardcore sessions.

With that said, tower shelves do tend to need a durable wall to be mounted properly. However, it’s quite unlikely for this one to collapse since it uses a thicker quality of wood and steel in its impeccable construction formula.

15. YITAHOME Storage Rack

There are times when simplicity can look extremely modern. While that might not be the look you’re trying to go for, the Yitahome shelf is sure to cater to it anyways. Its ability to hold weight is nothing short of any item on this list. Moreover, the fashionable, yet pleasing color scheme makes it compatible with most rooms.

If you’re a fan of RGB, then this is the furniture to apply it to. However, the shelf is wall mounted. Therefore, make sure not to put too much of your body weight onto it. Aside from that, the shelves are known to last long enough to overpay their purchase costs by a margin.

16. Raybee Heavy Duty Shelves

Metal storage shelves are generally hard to get. Combine that with such a low cost and its value becomes hard to beat. Needless to say, this product can easily house all your gaming peripherals and more! While it might not look that good in your room, it’s still one of the sturdiest shelves out there.

With that said, there is little to no wiggle and the shelves do a good job of supporting a lot of weight. Everything for the assembly process comes packaged with the box. As a result, the entire assembly process becomes smooth and hassle-free.

17. Tribesigns Tall Corner Shelf

Corner shelves tend to be underrated. However, the Tribesigns shelf line is here to prove their uses. The rustic brown provides the perfect contour for the vibrant walls, while the sleek look becomes an immediate eye-catcher. Regardless, the frame is sturdy enough to house as many gaming accessories as needed.

While the spacing might be too small to store an entire gaming PC, some consoles and gaming peripherals will slide in as smoothly as they can. If you’re the one to go for elegance, then this product is your best friend.

18. VECELO Corner Shelf

VECELO has always been a brand to trust when it comes to making quality furniture. While they don’t have an official gaming lineup, the regular furniture tends to work pretty well for keeping standalone controlled and video game DVDs. Furthermore, the white color is your go-to for any RGB shenanigans.

Needless to say, the shield is intended for minimalistic use. Therefore, we recommend not to put any excess weight on the product if you want longer life out of it. Other than that, there are no better corner fillers than this table.

19. BON AUGURE Corner Shelf

The BON AUGURE corner shelf is your perfect go-to for storing your games in a top-down approach. The tree-like shape accounts for stable standing while the industrial-level material quality makes sure that the product is long-lasting. That being said, the dark gray oak provides the best of both classic and contemporary styles.

Furthermore, the shelf is perfect to house your console and gaming collection as it can lift quite the weight despite its delicate-looking structure. Since there is a lot of space in-between individual shelves, it’s quite possible to store distinct items on the shelf.

20. Trivesigns Corner Shelf

While talking about corner shelves, it’s worth noting the space limitations that tend to come with having a compact size. Luckily this version mitigates the issue quite nicely. Therefore, you get to enjoy an open and spacious shelve at your behest. The storage is easy, but the cleaning and maintaining process is even easier.

Furthermore, the frame is made up of metal, thus it’s bound to last long. Besides, there’s nothing more ideal than corner shelves when it comes to space restraints. However, you might need to put some effort into the assembling process.

21. Simplify Drawers

Your requirements scale according to your needs. Therefore, it’s quite possible to have a limited amount of quick access gaming stuff to store. Instead of purchasing a hefty shelf, it’s much better to go for the Simplify Drawers. These drawers are extremely easy to clean and can house most of your gaming necessities without running out of storage.

Furthermore, the small form factor keeps them out of sight unless needed. While keeping your room tidy might not be that high on your priority list as a gamer, having such quick access to your gaming weapons is still always preferable.

22. Monzlteck Case Storage Wall Mount

Speaking of minimalism, the Monzlteck case storage kit takes it a level further by letting you store your favorite games in an extremely simplistic manner. Consequently, there are no concerns about quick access since the product allows for a quick draw. Simply take out a DVD from the wall mount and chuck it into your console.

That being said, the case storage mount is extremely simple to maintain. It features decent quality along with a convenient solution to the game case surplus. However, make sure to refrain from putting too much bodyweight on it as it can bend or break the stand.

23. Pmnianhua Floating Cabinet

Having your favorite games stored in a floating cabinet is the perfect way of keeping your storage at your arm’s length. Plus, you get to enjoy the smoothness of the processed wood panel that grants the cabinet its durability and sturdiness. Needless to say, it’ll prove to be a great aesthetic addition no matter the area.

Furthermore, the clean cable and antenna cutouts make it perfect to be used for your gaming setup. Consequently, having a wall-mounted setup is just another one of many reasons to purchase the Pmnianhua floating cabinet.

24. YouHaveSpace Floating Shelves

If one cabinet doesn’t meet your storage requirement then you can have multiple amounts of floating shelves that only serve to improve your wall’s aesthetics. The cube storage mechanism is perfect for keeping things tidy no matter the quantity. In spite of the sleek look, the shelves are extremely sturdy.

Therefore, it can handle more weight than its appearance might entail. Keeping your games displayed on a wall as a form of storage is often hitting two birds with one stone. There is no assembly process for this product, thus everything related to it is generally a breeze.

25. FITUEYES Media Stand

Finally, we have the industrial level FITUEYES media stand. The product not only promises high levels of weight resistance but is also visually pleasing. It’s quite easy to clean and maintain. In addition to that, you get to enjoy the premium durability of the MDF boards. Moreover, it’s quite easy to assemble and comes with a complete manual.

There is a storage hook at the back for keeping your wires tidy. While it is essentially rated to be waterproof, we recommend you refrain from testing that as much as possible.

Wrapping Up

All in all, these were our top picks for best video game storage & shelves for gamers & streamers. While some of these cater to the more general audience, they work just as well in the gaming domain. That being said, we hope that you find your desired gaming storage product from this list. However, don’t hesitate to add your suggestions in the comment section below.

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