Today, we all rely heavily on our mobile devices and Internet platforms. Whether it’s for work, hobbies, or just talking to your friends, most matters have some cyber aspect to them. Discord is one of those platforms that is globally popular, with millions of users worldwide.

Since there are so many users on the platform, you can expect hackers to target some users to steal their private information and use it for their own benefit. Discord can definitely be hacked, and here is how to protect yourself and your account.

Can Discord Accounts Get Hacked?

Like on many other platforms out there, Discord accounts can get hacked as well. While we do not know the definite methods hackers use to hack other accounts, we are here to tell you that it is a possibility and that you should keep that in mind when talking about your account security with anyone you do not trust.

Why Do People Hack Discord Accounts?

The reason any hacker hacks anything is purely subjective. Their motives can range from wanting to use your account to influence and scam other people, to spreading malware and malicious software across many accounts using your own.

They would do this because it is much easier to take advantage of people when you’re using an account that they are already accustomed to and trust than it is to talk to targets outright. This is why you should always be careful when talking to people you do not know, not only on Discord but anywhere else, as well.

How To Keep Your Discord Account Safe

Here are some of the most commonly used methods of securing your account so that it is less likely to get hacked:

  1. Choose a secure password. Secure passwords are very hard to decrypt so you are automatically safer when you generate a strong password on one of the many trusted sites out there.
  2. Enable two-factor authentication. Suppose you have a strong password and someone does manage to crack it, gaining access to your account. When you have two-factor authentication enabled, it will send a message to your phone when someone else tries to access your account, so you can stop them easily.
  3. Modify your message settings. Some hackers might add you and then send you messages with explicit content like .exe files and whatnot. You can tweak some chat settings to limit what people can send to you in messages, securing your safety.
  4. Keep your information to yourself. As on any other online platform, you should keep all of your login information strictly to yourself so it does not circulate among other people, potentially leaking into the wrong hands.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all of the dangers of poor information management and safe web practices, you are free to engage with people in a safe and controlled manner. We sincerely hope that the advice and information we have provided stays with you and that you can use it for yourself.

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