The Elgato HD60 S is a game capture card that lets you stream your videos on the internet. It can also record your gameplay footage for editing after.

The HD60 S is designed for gamers who wants to stream their gameplay to Twitch, YouTube Live, or Facebook Gaming. It is a reliable tool that processes videos fast enough for smooth streams.

Why You Need A Capture Card

Gaming computers, Playstation 4 and 5, and the Xbox One and Series X/S, have game recording functions. However, the features are less powerful than what a dedicated capture card can offer.

For example, recording directly on consoles for long hours is not possible because consoles have a recording limit.

Meanwhile, using the HD60 S lets you stream for so long as you have enough storage space on your device.

Can Elgato HD60 S Record 1440p

The Elgato HD60 S is an affordable capture card for budget gamers. Unfortunately, it cannot record 1440p footages. The HD60 S can only capture 1080p video with a passthrough for 4K footages.

This capture card works well with 1080p recording. Unlike other capture cards, this can capture videos with no lag. You can easily play through your game while recording or streaming.

You may capture 1440p videos but the Elgato HD60 S will automatically downscale it to 1080p.

What Are The Features Of Elgato HD60 S

The Elgato HD60 S is capable of capturing videos up to 1080p at 60 FPS. IT has a USB 3.0 HMDI interface with a max bitrate of 40 Mbps. It does not have H.264 encoder but it features Instant Gameview and unlimited capture.

Elgato has its own game capture HD software that is free to use. It is also easy to setup. With one click, you can record and with two clicks you can start streaming your gameplay.

What Are The Uses Of the Elgato Software

There are two purposes to use the Elgato Software. You may use it to record gameplay or other content and store it on your computer. You may also use it to stream games on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, or YouTube Live.

The Elgato software is regularly updated for new features. It is capable of Chroma key, which removes your background. However, you still need to have a solid colored background such as a green screen.

This software is easier to use than OBS yet your stream will still be smooth and lag-free.

How To Use Elgato HD60 S On A Dual PC Setup With OBS Studio

Before starting this tutorial, make sure that the Gaming PC and the Streaming PC has OBS Studio installed.

Connecting and Initial Setup

  1. Connect your Gaming PC to your Streaming PC through the Elgato HD 60 S.
  2. Connect an HDMI cable from your Gaming PC to the Elgato HD60 S on the HDMI port labeled “In”.
  3. Used the supplied USB cable to connect the Elgato HD60 S to the Streaming PC.
  4. Leave the HDMI Out port open.
  5. Go to your Gaming PC then right click on your desktop.
  6. Click on Display settings. An extra display output will showup representing your Elgato HD60 S. This confirms that your HD60 S is working.
  7. Click on the speaker icon on your taskbar and change your default audio device to the Elgato HD60 S.
  8. Open OBS.
  9. Click on Settings then Video.
  10. Change your output resolution to 1920 x 1080p because Elgato HD60 S can only capture 1080p footage. If you leave it at 2560 x 1440p by default it will not work properly.
  11. Now, click on the Audio Settings.
  12. Scroll down to Advanced then Monitoring Device.
  13. Set your Monitoring Device to the audio device you are using such as headset or speaker.
  14. Click Okay.

OBS Setup For The Gaming PC

  1. Add a new Display Capture then set it to capture your Gaming Monitor.
  2. If you have a 1440p monitor then you will need to drag the corners of the Display Capture scene to make it fit into the screen. This is because your output resolution is set to 1080p which is less than your monitor’s resolution.
  3. Add a new Audio Output Capture and it should be set to your default device.
  4. Click on the gear icon on your Audio Output Capture to access the Advance Audio properties.
  5. Change the Audio Monitoring option from “Off” to “Monitor and Output”.
  6. Right click anywhere on your OBS Screen.
  7. Click on Fullscreen Projector Preview. This will show up all the available video output devices.
  8. Click on Elgato HD60 S. This tells OBS to capture your gaming monitor and transfer the data to your HD60 S at 1080p resolution.
  9. Right click on your OBS preview, then deselect Enable Preview.
  10. Lastly, open your game and makes sure that the video and audio works as normal. Leave it open then it is time to setup your Streaming PC.

OBS Setup For The Streaming PC

  1. Open OBS on your Streaming PC.
  2. Setup your scenes.
  3. Add your webcam and microphone.
  4. Add a Video Capture Device input. It would show up your game in the preview screen immediately if the Gaming PC setup is done right.
  5. The Audio Input Capture levels should show that OBS is detecting the audio from the gaming PC.
  6. You are done! You may now start streaming.

Elgato HD60 S Alternatives for 1440p Recording

The Elgato HD60 S maxes out at 1080p resolution and if you are looking to record at 1440p then look at these other options.


The EVGA XR1 Pro is capable of 4K 60 fps pass through and 4K 3 fps video capture. It is perfect for professionals or gamers who need the maximum quality for their streams.

The XR1 Pro also has an audio mixer and RGB lighting with customizable effects.

Elgato 4K60 S+

The Elgato 4K60 S+ is the beefier sibling of the HD60 S. It is capable of capturing 4K 60 fps footage and it also features 4K HDR 60fps pass through.

This capture card may stream and record 1440p videos. However, it does not support 1080p 240fps and 1440p 144fps high refresh rate passthrough.

Elgato 4K60 Pro

The Elgato 4K60 Pro has the same feature-set as the 4K60 S+. However, it work through your computer’s internal PCIe connection. It is capable of capturing gameplay of up to 4K 60fps directly from your computer.

It supports 1440p recording at 144Hz and 1080p at 240Hz. This is a great option for those who are looking for maximum performance.

Wrapping Up

The Elgato HD60 S is a great 1080p capture card and works really well with dual-PC setups. But unfortunately, it falls short when it comes to 4K and 1440p recording. There are alternatives though so you may want to look at them as well.

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