Have you got your hands on a brand new Xbox Series X and want to use a Playstation 4 or 5 controller with it. Maybe you have a few spare controllers lying around and don’t want to spend any more money on Xbox controllers or maybe you just prefer the shape of the Playstation 4 Dualshock controller.

Can you use a Playstation controller on the Xbox Series X? Yes, you can use the Playstation controller on the Xbox Series X by using an adapter or using the xbox cloud gaming app. If you want the best possible experience an adapter is the best option.

Let’s jump in and look at a couple of different methods you can use to use a Playstation controller on your Xbox Series X.

How To Use A Playstation Controller on Xbox Series X

Below are multiple methods you can use to use a Playstation controller on Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

Method 1 – Use An Adapter To Connect Your Playstation Controller To Xbox Series X

If you want to use your Playstation controller on Xbox and be competitive without any lag then a controller adapter is the best way to go.

These adapters can be expensive, sometimes even more expensive than the actual controller themselves. This option is really only for people who love the shape of the Playstation controller.

The best option on the market right now for newer controllers is the Titan Two. This allows you to easily connect a PS4 or PS5 controller to your Xbox Series X\S or Xbox One.

It simply plugs into your console then you plug your controller into the adapter. You’re then good to go. With the Titan Two you can also connect your controller wirelessly to the adapter.

The reason this option is so expensive is it has lots of other features as well. It also allows you to add Mods, Macros and Combos to your controller.

There is also now a cheaper version which currently works with the Xbox Series X called the Wingman Convertor.

Method 2 – Use Xbox Cloud Gaming To Add Your Playstation Controller to Xbox

If you have an Android device you can use Xbox cloud gaming to use your Playstation controller on an Xbox console. If you have spare controllers lying around the house that you want to use on your Xbox when friends are around this can be a good option depending on the games you are playing.

If you are playing high reaction time games like shooters, this option probably won’t work very well as there will be some input lag, making it hard to do well in games that require a quick reaction time.

The Xbox cloud gaming service allows you to use almost any controller on your Xbox consoles.

Download the Xbox Cloud Gaming App on your Android device (hopefully coming to IOS soon). Connect your controller to the app and then connect the app to your console. This will allow you to use your Playstation Controller on Xbox.

What Other Options Do You Have?

If you are looking to use PlayStation controllers as you don’t want to spend the money on an official controller then you could purchase 3rd party Xbox Controllers.

There are multiple options out there for these controllers and they are much cheaper than the official controllers from Microsoft.

Check out this controller below:

Will Microsoft Ever Support Playstation Controllers?

It would be nice if all our controllers worked across all of our platforms. However, it is unlikely that Microsoft or Sony would ever support each other’s controllers. This would result in fewer controller sales so they probably will never do it.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you now know the best option for you to use your Playstation controller on any of your Xbox Consoles.

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