Have you picked up a Playstation 5 recently and thought you would give streaming a go? A great feature of the Playstation is the ability to stream directly from the console without having to purchase an external capture card and PC.

If you have came to this article you’re probably wondering if you can use a standard PC webcam on your Playstation 5 for streaming. Let’s jump in and take a look.

Can You Use A USB Webcam For Streaming?

Can I use a USB Webcam on Playstation 5? In short, No. Standard USB Webcams are not compatible with the Playstation 5. Sony have not provided support for any off brand webcams. However there is still options for having a camera on your stream. The Playstation 4 camera or Sony’s latest HD camera for the Playstation 5 can be used while streaming.

You can check out the two camera’s that will work with your console down below.

Playstation 4 Camera

Playstation 5 HD Camera

Personally I would recommend grabbing the Playstation 5 camera as it is actually cheaper than the playstation 4 one. The only reason to use a PS4 camera would be if you already have one.

Does The Playstation 4 Camera Work On Playstation 5?

Yes, the Playstation 4 Camera will work on the Playstation 5 however you will need an adapter to make it work. The adapter cable turns your Playstation VR camera cable to USB 3.0 so you can plug it into your Playstation 5.

Can I Stream My Camera Over Gameplay On Playstation 5?

Yes, if you have a PS4 or PS5 camera connected to your console you can overlay it on your gameplay so viewers can see both your game and your reaction to the game.

To enable you camera on the stream follow the steps laid out below.

  1. Load up the game you want to play and stream
  2. Tap the Create button on the PS5 controller
  3. Click Broadcast
  4. Click the more info button (3 Dots)
  5. Click on Broadcast options
  6. Click on Display Camera
  7. You will now see you camera in the left corner of your stream. You can use the D-pad to move it to the correct location for the game you are playing.
  8. Click Go Live to start your stream

Can I Record Gameplay With The Playstation 5 Camera?

Right now you are unable to record gameplay and camera at the same time. You can stream your gameplay live with the camera overlay but are currently unable to record. If you want a copy of your gameplay with your camera overlay, you could potentially stream to Twitch then download your VOD after stream.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this has helped you figure out the best solution for streaming from your Playstation 5 without a USB camera. Our recommendation is to pick up the Playstation 5 camera.

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