Have you been lucky enough to get your hands on a Playstation 5 but have always preferred the Xbox controller to game with? I know for me, I feel much more precise in shooters when using an Xbox Controller. The Playstation 5 also comes with a new controller design which is a little bigger than the old Playstation controller.

Can you use an Xbox controller on the Playstation 5?

Yes, you can use the Xbox Controller on the Playstation 5 by using the PS Remote Play App on Android or iPhone. This allows you to connect your Xbox controller to the Playstation 5. Unfortunately, there are currently no adapters that work on the PS5.

How To Use An Xbox Controller On The Playstation 5?

Shoutout to the Tech Guy on Youtube for uploading and sharing this method. You can watch the video below or follow along with our instructions underneath.

To follow along with this tutorial you will need to download the Playstation Remote Play App and have an android or IOS device to setup and utilise your controller.

Step 1 – Connect your Xbox Controller to your IOS or Android device using bluetooth.

To do this open your Bluetooth settings on your device and press the Xbox button on your controller. The controller should then appear in the Bluetooth device list.

Click on Xbox Wireless Controller to connect it to your device via Bluetooth.

Step 2 – Connect Your IOS or Android Device to your Playstation using the Playstation Remote Play App

First, download and install the Remote Play app. When you open the app it will ask you to sign in to your PlayStation Station Network account.

Once you are signed in it will explain how to connect your controller. You should already have done this in Step 1. Click OK to move to the next step.

Step 3 – Connect To Your Console

You will now see the screen below asking you to select Playstation 4 or Playstation 5. Select the console you are using to move to the next step.

Step 4 – Link Your Console

Once you click to link your console it will try to find it automatically on your network. If it can’t find it you will be able to link your console manually.

On your console go to Settings –> System –> Remote Play –> Link Device

Once you click “link device” you will be given an 8-digit number which you should then input into the Playstation Remote play app.

Once you have typed the code in, your phone should connect to the Playstation allowing you to use the Xbox controller on your Playstation 5.

As this is a remote play app you will be able to see your gameplay on both your TV that your Playstation is outputting to, as well as your Android or IOS device.

That’s it. You can now play games on your Playstation with your Xbox controller.

The Problem With Using Remote Play

The problem with using the remote play app to use an Xbox controller is that it causes some lag. This is because your inputs are being sent across your Wi-fi rather than directly to your console.

If you are playing something that requires fast reaction times such as an FPS game or racing game then this probably isn’t the best solution as you will experience input lag.

If you just want to use an Xbox controller to control your console menus etc or play games that don’t require quick reaction times then this is the simplest way to do it.

There are some ways to get the best possible connection to have minimal lag:

  • Make sure your PlayStation is connected to Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi
  • Keep the phone and PS5 close to your router. This will ensure you are getting the strongest possible connection between devices.

If you don’t want to experience lag what other options do you have?

Alternatives To Using An Xbox Controller

If you want the best possible experience playing Playstation 5 games with your friend in person you will have to purchase an Official Playstation 5 controller. You can check out the controller below. They are quite expensive but they will give you the best possible gaming experience.

Playstation 5 Dualshock Controller

If you want to play Playstation 4 games with friends then you can opt to purchase a 3rd Party PlayStation 4 controller. This will give you a cheaper alternative and still let you play. There are even some that are more shaped like an Xbox controller.

Is There Any Controller Adapters For Playstation 5?

For the Playstation 4, you are able to purchase USB adapters that allow you to use Xbox Controllers on the Playstation 4. These actually worked really well and had no input lag. However, there currently are no adapters that work on the Playstation 5.

If any become available we will update this article as this will likely be the best method of using an Xbox Controller on the Playstation 5.

Are There Any Third-Party Controllers For Playstation5?

Currently, there are no 3rd party controller options on the market for the Playstation 5. This is likely due to the technology inside the new PS5 controller being expensive to produce right now. However, as time goes on we will likely see some 3rd party controllers come to the market which would allow you to get extra controllers at a cheaper price.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article helped you to use your Xbox controller on your Playstation 5. If you wanted to play some of your favourite FPS games with an Xbox controller unfortunately there is not a great way to do it right now with no lag. If that’s what you want you will have to get used to the new PS5 controller.

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