If you are streaming and starting to get some traction, you may be starting to wonder about multi-streaming to different platforms. After all you’re streaming anyway, why not get more visibility on other big platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.

However if you are a Twitch affiliate, are you allowed to stream on other platforms while streaming on Twitch? Remember that contract you signed when signing up to Twitch, probably not. In this article we are going to answer whether or not you are allowed to stream on other platforms while you are a Twitch affiliate. Let’s jump in.

Can Twitch Affiliates Stream On Youtube?

When it comes to streaming on other platforms as a Twitch affiliate there are two main rules.

  1. You cannot stream simultaneously on other platforms while streaming on Twitch. This means if you’re streaming on Twitch, it has to be exclusively on the Twitch platform.
  2. You must not upload any Twitch content to Youtube or Facebook for at least 24 hrs. This is in your Twitch contract and means that you have to keep your Twitch content, exclusive to Twitch for 24 hours.

These are the main rules to follow. Now after reading those rules you may have a few other questions.

Can I Stream On Youtube If I Am A Twitch Affiliate

Twitch affiliates can also stream on Youtube however they are unable to stream on youtube and Twitch at the same time. As long as when you stream on Youtube, you aren’t streaming on Twitch you will be fine.

Can I Upload Twitch VODs To Youtube?

Yes, you can upload Twitch VODs to youtube but you must wait until 24hrs after your stream. This is due to Twitch’s rule on having your content exclusive to Twitch for 24hrs.

Will I Get Banned If I Stream On Both Platforms?

Yes, you can get banned if you stream on multiple platforms at the same time. While we have seen some streamers do it and get away with it, we would not recommend it. If you are small it’s unlikely that Twitch would be checking up on your content. However it is against the terms of your contract, so there is a chance you will get banned.

Can Twitch Affiliates Stream On Facebook?

Yes, Twitch affiliates can stream on Facebook but not at the same time as Twitch. Any content streamed on Twitch much stay exclusive to Twitch for 24hrs. All of the Youtube rules above also apply to Facebook and other platforms.

How Long Does A Twitch Contract Last?

You can end your Twitch agreement at anytime by reaching out to Twitch. If you want to stream at the same time on different platforms then we would recommend doing this. When you loss Affiliate status you will lose you Sub button and the ability to receive bits. You can however, still receive donations off of Twitch.

You can check out the next section which explains how to Terminate Your twitch contract.

Can I Cancel My Twitch Contract?

If you have decided that you don’t want to stream on Twitch anymore and are moving to a different streaming platform, you may want to cancel your Twitch affiliate agreement.

If you want to end your agreement you can do it by reaching out to the Twitch support team through their support page. Through this form you can let them know that you want to terminate your Twitch affiliate contract.

If you do plan on streaming on other platforms it is best to terminate your agreement and end the relationship on good terms. This means if you do want to come back to the platform in the future, you will have the opportunity to do so.

Wrapping Up

Now you know that you are not allowed to Stream on other platforms at the same time you are streaming on Twitch, if you are a Twitch affiliate. If you want to stream on other platforms you will have to cancel your Twitch affiliate agreement. You can then use something like Streamlabs to multi stream to different platforms.

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