So with the launch of the Xbox Series X you are probably wondering if you can still play with your friends who are on an older console. After all, a lot of the fun in gaming is playing with friends. So even if you could find an Xbox Series X to purchase, you might not want to if you couldn’t play your favorite games with friends.

Let’s take a look at how cross-play works between the Xbox Series X and the Xbox One.

Can Xbox Series X Play With Xbox One?

Yes, Xbox Series X users will be able to play online with their friends on most titles even if they are on a different generation of the console. This is due to most games being backwards compatible or having an Xbox One version of the game.

For some games even if you are playing on the Xbox Series X you will have to play the Xbox One optimized version of the console to play with friends on the older console. So, while you are able to play with your friends, you will have to sacrifice playing the Series X version of the title on some occasions.

The games available to play across multiple generations will be tagged with Cross-gen. If it has this you will be able to play with friends on Xbox One.

Cross Platform Games

You also have titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone which are cross-platform games. This means that players on Xbox can also play with players on PC and Playstation. If a game is cross-platform, you will automatically be able to play on your Series X with friends on the Xbox One.

What Games Are Not Cross-Generation On Xbox Series X|S

As the new generation of Xbox becomes more and more popular, more games will be released only on the Xbox Series S|X consoles as developers try to maximize the resources these consoles provide.

You can find a list of games here that will not be cross-generation on the Xbox Series X.

Can Xbox Series X Players & Xbox One Players Talk In Party Chat?

Yes, players on different generations of consoles will still be able to join party chat with each other. The operating system on both consoles is the same meaning they will be compatible for the foreseeable future.

Will My Progression Save Between Xbox Series X & Xbox One

You might be asking, if you are switching between the Xbox One and Series X|S versions of the games will your progression in those games be saved between both?

The answer is yes. Most games have cross-gen progression. Any games that you have started on the Xbox One and want to continue playing on a new Series X|S will have your latest progression. Just make sure to save your game saves to the cloud. When you log into your account on your new console, you will be able to continue from where you left off.

Can Xbox Series X Play Xbox One Games?

Yes, the Xbox Series X is backward compatible with almost all Xbox One games. You can either play these games by purchasing them on the Microsoft store or you can use old Xbox One discs that you own.

Can You Upgrade Xbox One Games To Xbox Series X?

Yes, some games have the ability to be upgraded to a more optimized Series X|S version of the game. If you have Xbox One games on a hard drive and connect it to your Series X you should see two arrows on the bottom right of the game in your game library. This means that there is an optimized version of the game available to download.

Click on the game and a pop-up will appear stating that an upgrade is available. Click on the upgrade button to update your game to the latest optimized version.

Xbox Series X game upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Xbox Series X Players Play GTA 5 With Xbox One Players?

No, if you have the new Xbox Series X version of GTA 5 you will not be able to play with Xbox One players. However, when you purchase the new Series X version of the game, you have the option to also download the Xbox One version of the game. While you won’t get the improved graphics the Series X version offers, you will be able to play with your friends.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. You don’t need to worry about purchasing an Xbox Series X and not being able to play with friends in the older generation. Most games are completely compatible with cross-gen play between consoles and even if they aren’t you have the ability to download the Xbox One version of the game to play with friends.

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