Valorant is a game filled with eye-pleasing exotic skins that make you want to empty your wallet on them. From the standard Battle Pass skins to the exclusive bundles, we’ve all wondered at some point if we could gift our buddies their favorite skins to make them happy. 

But does Valorant allow you to share skins between accounts? Let’s dig in and find out!

Gifting Or Trading Skins In Valorant

No, you cannot gift skins in Valorant. This is because Riot has not implemented any proper marketplace to trade and share skins in-game. All the skins in Valorant can be purchased through VP for your own account only, with no option to send over a skin to your friend. 

This news isn’t new and has actually been communicated to the players since the game’s release. @ValorIntel, a popular Twitter handle dishing out essential Valorant updates with the fans, released Valorant’s statement just a couple of weeks after the game’s launch:

Will You Be Able To Gift Skins In The Future

Riot has confirmed that there will not be any skin trading or gifting introduced in Valorant. Riot’s revenue lead, Joe Lee, clearly stated in his interview with Forbes that they don’t intend on introducing this feature any time in the future. The game has a direct purchase store model for their skins, so they do not have a skin trading option available.

This means that they have opted to avoid the randomness of loot boxes seen in other games that are often the only way to receive limited skins. Therefore, Valorant players can only directly purchase skins they want from the store by knowing how much they will need to spend and the exact skin they get at purchase. 

How To Gift VP In Valorant

While you can always drop your buddy their favorite skin while playing the game, there is another way to actually “gift” your friends a skin or two using Wallet Codes. 

Valorant Wallet Codes, also known as prepaid gift cards, are a convenient way to purchase Valorant’s in-game currency (VP) that you can use to use skins. They can be bought online digitally or at a local retailer and can be redeemed by entering the code inside the game’s store. 

This means that instead of trading skins, you can give your pals a prepaid gift card and let them purchase their favorite gun skin if it pops up in their store.

You can purchase these prepaid gift cards from Amazon or third-party stores such as MTCGames. Remember that the code you’ve purchased is region specific and cannot be redeemed if your valorant account is based in a different region. 

Wrapping Up

Although the skins in Valorant are worth spending your money on, the only downside is that you can’t trade them with other people out there. If you’re thinking of giving your Valorant-enthusiast friend something on their birthday, a prepaid gift card would be the perfect choice since it will allow them to purchase their favorite skins whenever it arrives in their shop.

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