If you have finally grinded hard enough to reach Twitch affiliate, you may be wondering if you can lose that affiliate status. After all, even though you hit the numbers required to reach affiliate, you are not guaranteed to stay above them. So, can you lose your affiliate status on Twitch? Let’s jump in and find out.

Can You Lose Affiliate On Twitch?

Yes, you can lose Twitch affiliate status. If you break the rules of your affiliate agreement Twitch have the right to terminate your contract meaning you will lose affiliate status. However, if you stay within the rules of your affiliate agreement you are very unlikely to lose your affiliate status.

So, while it is possible to lose your Twitch affiliate status it is unlikely to happen if you are following the rules. In the past we have seen many streamers, even some big ones lose their Twitch partnership or affiliate status for breaking the terms of service. If you get banned on Twitch for violating TOS this could result in losing your Twitch contract.

Can I Lose Twitch Affiliate If I Do Not Stream?

Yes, Twitch has the right to terminate your affiliate contract if you have not streamed in 12 consecutive months and have not met the $100 payout threshold. As long as you are streaming every so often, it is highly unlikely that you would lose affiliate, even if you do take a break from streaming. It is not Twitch’s goal to remove active streamers from the program.

If you haven’t streamed in a while, fire up your account and stream for an hour to protect your account from being terminated.

Will I Lose Affiliate If I Get Banned?

If you have received a ban on Twitch you may be worried about losing Affiliate or Partner status. This is a real risk and will depend on the reason you have been banned. Twitch state that they review each ban on a case by case basis. We see lot’s of people getting banned for a few days but they come back after with their partnership intact. It really just depends on the reason you were banned.  

What Does The Twitch Affiliate Agreement State?

In Section 9 of the agreement it states that Twitch may terminate the agreement at any time, with or without cause. This really means you are at the mercy of Twitch. They have the power to remove your affiliate or partner status at any time if they want to.

How To End Your Twitch Affiliate Agreement?

If you have decided that you don’t want to stream on Twitch anymore and are moving to a different streaming platform, you may want to cancel your Twitch affiliate agreement.

If you want to end your agreement you can do it by reaching out to the Twitch support team through their support page. Through this form you can let them know that you want to terminate your Twitch affiliate contract.

If you do plan on streaming on other platforms it is best to terminate your agreement and end the relationship on good terms. This means if you do want to come back to the platform in the future, you will have the opportunity to do so.

Benefits Of Terminating Your Affiliate Agreement

Believe it or not there are actually some benefits to not being a Twitch partner or affiliate. After grinding so long to reach affiliate status, you might be wondering what on earth i’m talking about. Here is just a few benefits:

  • If you are not a Twitch affiliate your viewers will not be forced to watch ads on your stream
  • You can multi-stream at the same time to different platforms. This gives you the opportunity to grow a bigger audience. I personally found some of my biggest growth while streaming on Twitch and Youtube at the same time
  • When you are in the affiliate or partner program Twitch has the right to use your brand or likeness in their marketing materials. The can use your face in their promotions if they want to. When you are not an affiliate or partner you retain full brand control

Main Reasons People Lose Their Affiliate Status

Below are some of the main reasons that people lose their affiliate status. Avoid doing these at all costs.

1. Breaking The Twitch Terms Of Service

Twitch has a set of rules you must abide by when using their platform. If you do not follow these rules you may lose your affiliate status. If you take streaming seriously it is advised to read their Terms of Service and avoid breaking any of the rules.

2. Multi-Streaming

When you are a Twitch affiliate you are not allowed to stream on multiple platforms at the same time. If you get caught doing this, it could result in your agreement being terminated.

3. Streaming Banned Games

Twitch has a banned games list. If you get caught streaming any of these games on the platform you may have your account banned and agreement terminated. Twitch have two rules to determine whether or not you can play a game on stream:

  • The official ESRB rating is Adults Only*
  • The game violates our Community Guidelines as it applies to hate speech, sex, nudity, gratuitous gore, or extreme violence.

Use your common sense when choosing the games you are streaming and you shouldn’t have any issues with this problem.

4. Not Streaming For A Long Period Of Time

As we stated above if you do not stream for 12 consecutive months you risk losing your affiliate status. Make sure to throw up a stream every couple of months and you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your status for this reason.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. It is possible to lose your Twitch affiliate agreement however if you are sensible and tick to Twitch’s rules you should not have any problems.

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