In short yes and no. It will depend on the platform you are streaming on. Some platforms allow you to view users who are tuned into the stream if they are logged in, while on other platforms you will only be able to see the usernames of chatters.

So lets take a look at each streaming platform and what you can see as a streamer.

Can Twitch Streamers See Who Is Watching?

Yes, Twitch streamers are able to see viewers on their stream who are logged in. Even if the viewer hasn’t chatted the streamer will be able to see them by checking their viewer list.

This can be found in your stream manager beside your chat and will show anyone currently in your stream who is logged in.

You may have noticed when you popped into a smaller stream the person called you out and you wondered how they knew. Generally this is frowned upon and should not be done. If someone joins your stream and just wants to lurk then you should let them lurk. They haven’t chatted for a reason and it might put them off your stream by calling them making them feel like they have to talk.

There are many threads addressing this on the Twitch reddit where viewers have got annoyed when a streamer has called them out while they just wanted to lurk.

Can Facebook Streamers See Who Is Watching?

Yes and No. If the person is friends with you on Facebook you will be able see them pop into the stream and see their name appear. However if someone with a private profile or is not your friend joins your stream you will not be able to see them.

The only way you will be able to know who is watching you is if they drop some messages in the chat. So incentivise that chitter chat and get the conversation going. It might get those lurkers to come out of their shell into your community.

Can Youtube Streamers See Who Is Watching?

No. Youtube does not give streamers any way to see specific users who are watching their streams. You will only be able to see people as a viewer if they drop a message in chat.

After stream you will be able to get some more info in your analytics about how many people were on the stream and what the demographics of the viewers are. However you will not be able to identify anyone specifically if they don’t want to be seen on stream.

This is great for the lurkers out there who just want to pop in, kick back and watch your stream in peace.

Wrapping Up

So on platforms like Twitch and Facebook you have some ability to see who is watching whereas on other like Youtube you don’t. Just remember that if you see people in your viewer list and they aren’t talking don’t call them out on it. They probably are just chilling watching your stream in peace.

Appreciate all your viewers, even the lurkers. They’re helping you grow just as much as anyone else!

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