ChaoticMuch is a professional Apex Legends player for Glytch Gaming
Full NameNathan Gajkiewicz
Date of BirthJune 21, 2004
NationalityUnited Kingdom
AliasesChaoticMuch | Chaotic
TeamGLYTCH Gaming
Twitch Followers81,000
ChaoticMuch Bio

Who Is ChaoticMuch?

Nathan “ChaoticMuch” Gajkiewicz is a British professional Apex Legends player for Glytch Gaming. He was previously an Apex Legends predator on PlayStation 4 before switching to PC during the game’s 10th season.

His popularity grew when he subbed for K1CK Esports Club during the Apex Legends Global Series 2022 Split 2 Playoffs in Stockholm, Sweden. He was one of the youngest players to have played at that moment.

Chaotic is considered to be mechanically gifted and is possibly even better than the other professional players in the ALGS Pro League. As a fragger, he can beam his enemies with his insane recoil control.

He also subbed for ShivFPS during the ALGS Last Chance Qualifier 2 for team SoloQGoats.

According to his stream, Glytch Esports will be building a professional Apex Legends team around him. The full roster is yet to be announced.

ChaoticMuch Apex Legends Controller Settings

ChaoticMuch In-Game Controller Settings

Button LayoutButton Puncher
Stick LayoutDefault
Interact or Reload ButtonTap to Use and Reload
Crouch ButtonToggle
Aim ButtonHold
Survival Slot Buttonon
Trigger DeadzonesDefault
Menu Cursor SpeedAbout 40%
Controller Settings
Look SensitivityHigh (4)
Look Sensitivity (ADS)High (4)
Response CurveClassic
Look DeadzoneNone
Movement DeadzoneSmall
Inverted LookOff
Advanced Look ControlsDisabled
Movement or Aiming Settings

ChaoticMuch is not as flashy as iiTzTimmy or Aceu, but he is often included in the conversations of the top controller players in Apex Legends. His name is regularly mentioned alongside the likes of Genburten, Verhulst, Knoqd, or Pandxrz.

He can easily one-clip his enemies with the highly recommended 4-4 sensitivity settings. It is not that high but it is enough to track enemies smoothly.

He also uses the Button Puncher layout like Daltoosh and has almost the same settings as him – except Daltoosh has a 6-4 sensitivity.

ChaoticMuch Apex Legends Controller Button Layout

ChaoticMuch has not revealed if he is using a custom controller by Battle Beavers or Scuf Gaming. But it is sure that he is using a PlayStation 4 Dual Shock controller since he came from PS4 before switching to PC.

Here is his button layout.

Aim Down SightL2 or Left Trigger
Tactical AbilityL1 or Left Button
SprintLeft Stick
Use Health / Shield KitD-Pad Up
Toggle Fire ModeD-Pad Left
Equip GrenadeD-Pad Right
Extra Character ActionD-Pad Down
Ultimate AbilityL1 + R1
Left Button + Right Button
InventoryOptions / Menu
AttackR2 or Right Trigger
Ping/Ping WheelR1 or Right Button
Cycle Weapon / HolsterTriangle or Y Button
MeleeCircle or B Button
JumpX or A Button
Interact/Pickup/ReloadSquare or X Button
CrouchRight Trigger (Toggle

ChaoticMuch Apex Legends Video Settings

ChaoticMuch has not revealed his Apex Legends Video Settings yet. However, based on his gameplay, he plays on max FOV or at around 110 at least, with the graphics settings set to a balanced level.

ChaoticMuch Gaming PC Setup

CPUIntel Core i9-10850K
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce RTX 3090
Memory32GB Memory

ChaoticMuch has not disclosed much when it comes to his gaming setup – including his peripherals. These are the details that we know so far.

He is using an Intel Core i9 processor that is two generations behind yet still powerful enough to run Apex Legends. It is paired with the Nvidia RTX 3090 – the best graphics card available today.

As mentioned earlier, he is using a PlayStation 4 dual-shock controller.

He only started streaming last year and it is highly likely that he is still streaming with one PC. However, we will update this article once more information comes out regarding his gaming setup.

Wrapping Up

ChaoticMuch is relatively new to the Apex Legends competitive scene but is starting to make waves after holding the number 1 Apex Predator spot. Here are the settings he uses that we know so far. It is not much, but hopefully, it could help you frag out and be an Apex Legend.

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