Full NameUnknown
Date of Birth17 September, 1998
TeamLes Plouks
Twitch Followers622K
Chowh1 Bio

Who Is Chowh1?

Chow1 is a French streamer, YouTuber, and content creator, mostly known for creating and streaming content revolving around Call of Duty: Warzone.

While Chowh1 is a very popular streamer, he tends to keep his personal life close to his chest, so there is not really a lot that we know about him, including his first name.

Chowh1 created his YouTube account back in November 2016 which is when his first video was uploaded to the channel.

At the time of writing this, his YouTube channel has 265K subscribers and his Twitch channel has amassed an audience of 622K followers.

Chowh1 Warzone Video Settings

When it comes to video settings, Chowh1 uses a combination of both low and high settings. Assumingly, this is to ensure that the game runs steadily at its targeted framerate, while at the same time, providing the best possible graphical fidelity.


Field of View110.00
ADS Field of ViewAffected
Horizontal HUD Bounds100.00
Vertical HUD Bounds100.00
Colorblind TypeTritanopia
Colorblind TargetInterface
Mini Map ShapeSquare
Mini Map RotationEnabled
General Settings
Display ModeFullscreen
Screen Refresh Rate240
Display Resolution1920×1080
Render Resolution100
Aspect RatioAutomatic
Sync Every Frame (V-Sync)Disabled
Custom Framerate LimitCustom
Nvidia Reflex Low LatencyEnabled
Display Gamma2.2 (sRGB)
Display Settings
Streaming QualityNormal
Texture ResolutionHigh
Texture Filter AnisotropicLow
Particle QualityLow
Bullet Impacts & SpraysEnabled
On-Demand Texture StreamingDisabled
Details and Textures
Shadow Map ResolutionLow
Cache Spot ShadowsDisabled
Cache Sun ShadowsDisabled
Particle LightingLow
DirectX RaytracingDisabled
Ambient OcclusionDisabled
Screen Space ReflectionDisabled
Shadow & Lighting
Filmic Strength0.00
Nvidia DLSSDisabled
Anti-AliasingFilmic SMAA T2X
Depth of FieldDisabled
World Motion BlurDisabled
Weapon Motion BlurDisabled
Film Grain0.00
Dynamic ResolutionDisabled
Post Processing Effects

Chowh1 Mouse Settings

When it comes to mouse settings, Chowh1 has them customized to fit his own preferences which is what you would expect from any serious FPS player. His DPI is set to 400 which is pretty standard among Warzone players, however, his mouse sensitivity is set to 5.05 which is a bit on the higher side.

Polling Rate1000Hz
Mouse Sensitivity5.05
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier1.00
ADS Mouse SensitivityRelative
ADS Sens. Multiplier (Low Zoom)0.92
ADS Sens. Multiplier (High Zoom)0.92
ADS Sens. Transition TimingInstant
Monitor Distance Coefficient1,78
Invert Mouse LookDisabled
Mouse Acceleration0.00
Mouse Filtering0.00
Mouse SmoothingDisabled
Chowh1’s Mouse Settings

Chowh1’s Keybinds

Similar to his mouse settings, Chowh1’s keybinds have also been customized to fit his personal needs, and so a lot of his keybinds have been tweaked, changed, or rotated. Take a look.

Jump/Stand/MantleSpace Bar
ProneLeft Alt
Change Stance/SlideNot Bound
Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady AimX
Weapon MountK
Alternate FireBackspace
Melee/Finishing MoveMiddle Mouse Button
Use Lethal EquipmentV
Use Tactical EquipmentMouse Button 5
Use Field UpgradeB
Use Armor Plate7
Chowh1’s Keybinds

Chowh1 Gaming PC Specs

Chowh1’s gaming PC features an Intel-i9-9900K CPU paired up with a Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 3090 Xtreme graphics card and 16GB of G.Skill TridentZ Neo RGB RAM. While these aren’t the best components out on the market, they definitely make up one beast of a gaming PC.

CPUIntel i9-9900K
Graphics CardGigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 3090 Xtreme
MemoryG.Skill TridentZ Neo 16GB RGB
MotherboardMSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC
StorageSamsung 970 EVO NVMe 1TB
Power SupplyUnknown
CoolingNZXT Kraken X63
Chowh1 Gaming PC

Chowh1 Streaming PC Specs

Chowh1 uses a dual PC setup to create and stream his content, and while his streaming PC isn’t as powerful as his gaming machine, with an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processor, an EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Super GPU and 16GB of Crucial Ballistix memory, it is definitely nothing to sneeze at.

CPUAMD Ryzen 9 3900X
Graphics CardEVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Super
MemoryCrucial Ballistix 16GB 3600MHz Red
MotherboardASUS TUF Gaming B550 Plus
StorageSabrent Rocket Q NVMe 1TB
Toshiba P300 3TB
Power SupplyCorsair RM850i 850W
CaseFractal Design Meshify S2 Black
CoolingARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360
Chowh1 Streaming PC

Chowh1 Gaming Peripherals

Like most professional gamers and content creators, Chowh1 has a lot of companies sponsoring him and uses a lot of expensive equipment and peripherals which are listed below.

MonitorASUS ROG Strix XG248Q
HeadsetAstro A40
Mouse PadLogitech G840 XL Shroud Edition
MouseLogitech G903
MicrophoneBlue Spark SL Black
KeyboardLogitech G Pro Mechanical
MixerTC-Helicon GoXLR Mini
CameraLogitech StreamCam
Chowh1 Gaming Peripherals

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. Those are the settings Chowh1 is using to dominate in Call Of Duty Warzone. You can try these settings and see if they fit your play style. You may even start dropping some seriously big games. Enjoy!

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