Crowder has had a great rise on Twitch during Warzone 1 and is continuing the climb during Warzone 2. He is a great player in his own right and has put together a few powerful Crowder Warzone 2 loadouts to dominate the game.

We all know that having a strong loadout is essential in Warzone if you want to pick up wins. A good loadout vs a bad loadout can make the difference in winning or losing essential gunfights.

Let’s take a look at the loadouts Crowder is using to dominate in Warzone 2.

Best LMG Crowder Warzone 2 Loadouts

Crowder has been using the RPK as one of his go-to weapons in Warzone 2. The RPK plays like an assault rifle when you add certain attachments and is one of the best weapons in the game for long-range fights.

RPK Overview

The RPK is one of the best LMGs currently in Warzone. With the correct attachments, this weapon has a fairly fast TTK at long range with minimal recoil. This makes a great choice for Warzone.

It also has a large magazine allowing you to take on multiple opponents at one time.

How To Unlock RPK In Warzone 2

The RPK can take a while to unlock through the new levelling system. You will first need to unlock the Kastov 762 by ranking up to level 23. Play with the Kastov 762 until you reach Level 16 weapon level. Once you hit level 16 it will unlock the RPK LMG.

You will then be able to rank up the RPK and unlock attachments for the weapon.

Crowder RPK Loadout In Warzone 2

Crowder Warzone 2 loadouts
Crowder RPK Loadout Warzone 2
MuzzleZLR Talon 5
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56
Ammunition7.62 High Velocity
Magazine40 Round Mag
OpticAim Op-V4
RPK Loadout Warzone 2

Best SMG Crowder Warzone 2 Loadouts

Crowder has been using the Lachmann Sub which is similar to an MP5 as his go-to SMG in Warzone 2. This weapon melts up close. Let’s take a look at the build he is using.

Lachmann Sub Overview

The Lachmann Sub is essentially the MP5 of Modern Warfare 2. This SMG is extremely powerful at close and medium range and is perfect for people who want a rushing class that dominates.

How To Unlock The Lachmann Sub MP5

To unlock the Lachmann Sub in Modern Warfare 2 you will need to first rank up the Lachmann-762 to level 13 and then rank up the Lachmann-556 to Lvl 12 which will then unlock the Lachmann Sub.

BarrelFTAC M-SUB 12″
UnderbarrelFSS Sharkfin 90
Ammunition9MM Overpressured
Magazine40 Round Mag
Crowder Lachmann Sub Loadout In Warzone 2

Crowder Fennec 45 Loadout In Warzone 2

Crowder has also occasionally been using the Fennec 45 which has an extremely high rate of fire and is unstoppable in close-quarter situations.

MuzzleBruen Pendulum
UnderbarrelMerc Foregrip
Ammunition45 Auto Overpressured
MagazineFennec Mag 45
Rear GripFennec Rubber Grip
Fennec 45 Rear Grip

Wrapping Up

Those are the best Crowder Warzone 2 loadouts, he is currently using to dominate the game. Give them a try and hopefully, they’ll improve your game. You’ll maybe even pick up a few more wins.

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