Full Name Daniel Francesca
Date Of BirthDecember 27, 1993
EthnicityNot Known
TeamRetired (Selfless Gaming, Atlanta Region)
Twitch Followers716,000
Dafran Overwatch 2 Settings

Dafran Career History

Dafran started his rather controversial esports career with Overwatch in 2017 when he joined Selfless Gaming. The team was playing Overwatch Contenders 2017 but 2 days later he was suspended for throwing matches and griefing in ranked matches. He was benched as a result and soon announced that he was quitting esports.

A year after this announcement in 2018, Dafran tried his hand at esports again when he was signed by Atlanta Reign. This was also short-lived as Dafran soon announced on Twitter that he would be leaving the Overwatch League as he had lost interest and could not give his all to it anymore. He still plays Overwatch and streams on Twitch.

Dafran Overwatch Mouse Settings

Dafran has an average eDPI for an Overwatch player. He goes for a lower DPI at 400 with a higher sensitivity compared to other players who tend to have their DPIs at 800 with lower sensitivity.

In a true sense of fashion, there’s no difference between having a higher DPI or sensitivity if your eDPI is the same. The only issue you might run into is being out of the game. With a lower DPI, your mouse will need a lot of movement to move from one corner of the screen to the other.

So, we presume that Dafran probably has one monitor and doesn’t need to move his cursor around as much.

cm = 360°40.75
Zoom Sensitivity38
Dafran Overwatch 2 Mouse Settings

Dafran Overwatch Crosshair Settings

Show AccuracyOff
Crosshair Length8
Center Gap9
Outline Opacity100
Dot Size3
Dot Opacity0

Dafran Video Settings

Dafran’s 240 Hz definitely puts him at a competitive edge compared to other players who run at 144. But, as the competitive scene for the game hopefully grows, we’ll see more players making the switch.

He keeps a low-mid graphics template. This is probably because he has the rig to support better texture resolutions without sacrificing FPS even at 240 Hz.

Check out our recommended settings for High FPS in Overwatch 2.

Graphics QualityLow-Mid
Dafran Overwatch 2 Video Settings

Dafran PC Specs

CPUIntel i9 9900K
Graphics CardRTX 2080 Ti Fe
RAM16 GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 MHz
CaseNot Known
Dafran PC Specs

Dafran Setup Peripherals

MonitorOmen X 25
MouseBenQ Zowie EC2-A
KeyboardCorsair K-65 LUX RGB
Dafran Setup Peripherals

Wrapping Up

Dafran has older-generation specs when it comes to both his GPU and CPU. They aren’t the latest specs but are still extremely competitive when it comes to providing top-tier performance. His RTX 2080 Ti can just as much handle any modern-day title out there without any issues.

Dafran’s preferences in terms of mouse sensitivity show that a higher in-game sensitivity counters his low DPI. His high refresh rate monitor shows he likes his gameplay to be as responsive and smooth as possible. Dafran’s settings might be perfect for you if you prefer a balanced sensitivity.

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