Bungie had released the final installment of its hit video game series, Destiny 2: The Final Shape on 4th June 2024. Although early reviews were mixed, the game delivers on its promises. If have you been eagerly waiting to discover the fate of the Traveler and the resolution of the epic Light and Darkness saga? Destiny 2: The final shape is a home run for you.  

Also, this highly anticipated expansion promises a thrilling climax that you wouldn’t want to miss. In this review, we’ll be putting Destiny 2: The final shape under the microscope, dissecting its campaign, storyline, triumphs and any lingering shadows. 

Get ready to explore the breathtaking new environments offered by Destiny 2: The final shape and the power surge of the brand-new Prismatic subclass. Wondering if Bungie weaved a masterpiece, or a bittersweet finale for Destiny 2: The final shape? There’s only one way to know. By embarking on this final journey together. 

What is Destiny 2: The Final Shape? 

Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Destiny 2: Final Shape is a major expansion for the popular first-person shooter game Destiny 2. It was just released on June 4, 2024. 

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is a big update to the popular shooting game Destiny 2. It’s the final battle against a scary villain called the Witness who wants to control everything. 

As a Guardian (basically a super soldier) you fight back with new powers. You can now mix and match different elements to create your own special attacks. There’s also a new strange world to explore and new enemies to fight. Team up with your friends to defeat the Witness and save the day! 

Destiny 2: The Final Shape, the supposed finale to the first chapter of Destiny’s saga, has garnered a mixed bag of reviews. Here’s a deeper look: 

Story: A Divisive Narrative 

Opinions on the narrative are split. Some reviewers laud it as a significant improvement, praising its focus and impactful moments, especially towards the end. They point to a more compelling flow and organic character development compared to the previous expansion, Lightfall. The return of beloved character Ikora Rey as a prominent figure seems to resonate with fans. 

However, others find the plot predictable and riddled with cliches, failing to deliver the epic closure they craved. They criticize the pacing in the first half and question the development of certain character relationships. 

Gameplay: A Fresh Subclass and Familiar Fun 

Gameplay: A Fresh Subclass and Familiar Fun

The new Prismatic subclass steals the show for many. This customizable subclass lets you combine abilities from the existing Darkness subclasses, offering a unique and powerful way to approach combat encounters. Reviewers appreciate the variety and tactical possibilities it unlocks. 

The campaign itself delivers the expected Destiny experience – a thrilling mix of firefights against increasingly challenging enemies and cinematic set pieces that propel the story forward. The difficulty seems to be a notch below the previous campaigns, making it potentially more accessible to newcomers while still offering a satisfying challenge for veterans. 

Technical Aspects: Beauty and a Few Blemishes 

Technical Aspects: Beauty and a Few Blemishes 

The Final Shape boasts some of the most breathtaking environments ever seen in Destiny 2. Lush alien vistas and awe-inspiring locales leave a lasting impression. The art design team deserves credit for pushing the visual boundaries of the game. 

That said, some reviewers encountered occasional low-resolution textures that clashed with the overall graphical quality. These inconsistencies can be jarring and pull you out of the immersive atmosphere. 

Images of Destiny 2: The final shape

Launch Woes and Value Proposition 

The initial launch was marred by server issues that disconnected players and caused them to miss crucial story moments. Thankfully, these problems seem to be rectified now. 

The price tag of $50 might be a sticking point, especially for players already experiencing burnout with Destiny 2. Consider how much you’ve enjoyed the recent expansions and if the 

Pros and Cons of Destiny 2: The Final Shape 


  • Visually Stunning: The expansion boasts some of the best environmental designs in Destiny 2’s history. Expect gorgeous vistas and exciting new locations to explore. 
  • Engaging Gameplay: The core shooting mechanics remain fun, and the new subclass adds a fresh layer of complexity and power. 
  • End-Game Content: The raid and other endgame activities offer a challenge for hardcore players. 


  • Story Disappointment: Reviews suggest the story falls flat, relying on cliches and failing to deliver the epic conclusion some were hoping for. 
  • Technical Issues: Some reviewers have encountered graphical glitches and server problems. 
  • Price Point: At $50, some may find the price tag steep, especially if the story is underwhelming. 

Additional Points: 

  • The aging engine may hold some aspects of the game back graphically compared to cutting-edge titles. 
  • For players who haven’t enjoyed previous Destiny 2 content, The Final Shape is unlikely to change their minds. 


Destiny 2: The Final Shape offers a visually stunning conclusion with a divisive narrative. While some praise the improved storytelling and engaging gameplay with the new subclass, others find the plot predictable, and the price tag a hurdle. The final verdict? It depends on your expectations. If you crave a groundbreaking story, this might not be it. But if you’re looking for a beautiful send-off with fresh gameplay mechanics, The Final Shape might be worth the journey.