For a long time on Twitch, viewers could watch ads and they would receive bits in exchange for watch time. This was beneficial to the viewer and Twitch as they got more ad impressions. Viewers could then use these bits to support their favourite creators.

Let’s jump in and take a look at the latest on Bits for ads on Twitch.

Can I Still Watch Ads and Receive Bits On Twitch?

Did Twitch remove bits for ads? Yes, Twitch have removed the option to earn bits by watching ads on the platform. In mid 2021 Twitch removed this feature and said that they wanted to focus more on “newest ad formats like Multiplayer Ads, which allow you to vote in polls and reward Bits to your favorite creators.” This means that you will not be able to earn bits for ads anymore on Twitch.

In mid 2021 a user posted on Reddit asking about the current situation with Bits for ads on Twitch as they could no longer use this feature. They got a reply explaining the current situation which you can see below.

As you can see Twitch have replaced bits for ads with a different solution called Multiplayer Ads which allow you to support creators in other ways.

Why Did Twitch Stop Bits For Ads?

Twitch state that their reason for removing bits for ads on the platform was to “help make cheering available for everyone and we will continue to push forward with that goal, just in different ways”.

There may also have been some issues with advertisers not being interested in this type of impression from a viewer as it’s likely a low quality view and won’t convert for the advertiser. This may have resulted in Twitch taking action and removing bits for ads from their service.

How Much Is A Bit Worth On Twitch?

How much is a bit worth on Twitch? A bit on Twitch is worth $0.01 when given to a streamer. However 1 bit will cost a viewer $0.014 cents to purchase as Twitch also take a cut.

How Can I Support Creators Without Bits?

While you cannot get bits for free anymore there is still ways to support your favourite creators.

Twitch Prime – The best way to support a creator financially without having to spend money is by using a Twitch prime sub. You can subscribe to a creator for free if you have an Amazon Prime Subscription linked to your Twitch account.

Watching and Engaging – You don’t always have to support a creator financially. Just being in their stream, watching and being a part of the community helps the creator grow and be seen by more people. Feel free to share their content to help them out even more.

Donations & Merch – If you feel that the creator is providing you with great entertainment you can donate or subscribe to them to help them out. You can also purchase items from their sponsors through their links or buy their merch to help them out.

Wrapping up

It’s disappointing that viewers are now unable to get free bits anymore however it’s probably better for the platform in the long term as it’s bad for advertisers who help to keep the lights on. You can now support your favourite creators using other methods.

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