Discord is no longer a communication tool for gamers. It is now a popular hub for people to hang out, watch parties, or conduct professional work.

There are multiple Discord servers that cater to gaming, professionals, friends, and other online communities. Sometimes privacy becomes a concern because of this. No one wants their identity to be used illegally in one way or another right?

This is where Discord nicknames come in handy. It serves as privacy protection and it is also a way to spice things up in a Discord server.

What is the Difference Between Username and Nickname on Discord

The difference between a username and a nickname in Discord is simple. Username applies to the whole Discord system while Nickname is only applicable in a Discord server.

Discord Usernames have no restrictions too but they will be accompanied by a number tag at the end. Number tags are randomly generated to prevent two users from having the same username.

On the other hand, Discord nicknames can be set to anything you like and they will appear on a server. However, you can only set your nickname if the server permits you to. Other wise, your username will show up on the server instead.

Moreover, Discord nicknames could be a way for Discord mods to make the community better. For example, if you have an inappropriate username then mods might set a nickname for you that is more wholesome.

How To Change Your Discord Username

Discord Usernames can be changed two times in an hour. This is to prevent shady accounts from spamming content and then changing usernames immediately. Take note of this when deciding on a new username.

Here are the steps to change your Discord Username.

  1. Open Discord and click on Settings.
  1. Your User Settings will appear and the My Account section will open by default. Click on the Edit button on the right side of your Username.
  1. Change your username in the field box then enter your password. Click Done. The number tag is randomly generated but if you have Discord Nitro you can customize that field too.

How to Change Your Discord Username On Mobile

Follow these steps if you are using the Discord mobile app.

  1. Open your Discord mobile app and click on your photo to access your account settings.
  1. Click on My Account.
  1. Click your Username.
  1. Change your Username in the text box then click on the Save icon.

How To Change Your Nickname On Discord

Before going ahead and attempting to change your Discord Nickname, make sure that the server allows it first.

There are four ways to change your nickname on the Discord desktop app.

Method 1 – Through the Server Settings

  1. Open the Discord app.
  2. Head on to a Discord server where you want to change your nickname.
  1. Click on the arrow to the right of the server name. Click on Edit Server Profile.
  1. Double-check if you are on the right server. Enter your new nickname in the text box and check the preview if it is correct.
  1. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of your screen.

Method 2 – Using Slash Commands

  1. Enter the server where you want to change your nickname.
  2. Join a text channel by clicking on the channel’s name. Every server has a General text channel. You may use that one.
  1. Type /nick + your preferred nickname in the Discord chatbox and a prompt to change your nickname will appear. Press Enter.
  1. A prompt will appear that you have successfully changed your Discord nickname.

Method 3 – Through the Discord Server Member Section

  1. Enter the Discord Server where you want to change your nickname.
  2. Look for your name on the right side of the screen. Right-click on it then click on Edit Profile.
  1. Enter your desired nickname in the text field. Click Save.

Method 4 – Ask the Discord server mods to change it for you

Discord mods have the power to change or set a nickname for their members. If the following methods above do not work then feel free to ask them politely.

Send them a message that you want to change your server nickname. Most of the time mods will do that quickly. However, some servers are strict with their policy and you have to abide by their rules if they do not want to change it.

How To Change Nickname in Discord Mobile

Follow these steps if you want to change your username in the Discord mobile ap.

  1. Open the Discord app and select the server that you want to change or set a nickname. Click on the three dots icon beside the server name.
  1. Click on Edit Server Profile.
  1. Enter your nickname in the text field. Click on the Save icon.

How to Reset Your Nickname in Discord

It is easy to reset your nickname in Discord. It follows the same steps mentioned above if you want to change your nickname.

Instead of entering a new nickname in the text field, you would leave it empty. A prompt would appear on the bottom of the screen that says “Reset” right beside the Save Changes button.

However, you do not have to click on the Reset button. Just click on Save Changes and your nickname will be set to your Discord username automatically.

How To Change a Discord Tag

Discord Nitro is a premium service that will allow you to change your number tag. But if you are using the free version of Discord then you are out of luck. Number tags are randomly generated for regular Discord users.

Another way to change your Discord Tag is if you are a Discord Partner. However, this feature is not available to everyone.

Discord Partners are usually huge organizations. They would then apply for a Discord Partnership and they will be granted Discord Nitro features without subscribing to it.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you are now aware of the difference between a Discord Username and a nickname. Follow the instructions above and feel free to get creative with your Discord nicknames.

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