Setting up a discord channel is one of the best way to interact with your community while you’re off stream. It also let’s your community get to know each other better and share clips, ideas and more.

So maybe you have set up your Discord and already have a few community members in there. What channels should you add to your Discord to keep people as engaged as possible?

Let’s jump in and take a look at the best Discord Channels for streamers.

Top 18 Discord Channels For Streamers

Discord Rules Channels

Before someone can enter your discord you should make them read through your rules, confirm they have read them and agree to follow them. You can also have some form of Captcha on this page to make sure that spammers or bots cannot easily access your Discord.

Welcome Channel

A welcome channel is a great place for new users to introduce themselves, potentially share how they came across your channel and a little bit about themselves.

General Channel

You likely already have this channel but I thought it would be wise to make this a comprehensive list. A general channel is where most people will hang out and chat about everything and anything. It’s good to have on your discord so that people aren’t discussing random stuff in specific channels.

Go Live Channel

A go live channel allows you to send a notification into your discord every time you go live. Users can choose if they want to receive this notification or not by receive alerts from the channel or muting it. This allows you to get more exposure as it means your most dedicated fans will always get your notifications allowing them to see exactly when you go live. We still highly recommend setting up a stream schedule as this is the best way to get a return audience.

Announcement Channel

An announcement channel is a great place were only you or admins on your discord can post. If you have important posts such as new merch drops, sponsorship, giveaways etc you can announce them in this channel. As only your posts will show in this channel the important message won’t get lost in all the other noise on your discord.

Find A Team Mate

If you play a game on stream that requires team mates adding a “find a team mate” channel might be a good idea. For example I’m always looking for a squad in warzone. If I can just jump into my favourite streamers discord and find some team mates that actually care about winning a game and have mic doesn’t sound horrible that’s of great value. Add this channel to your discord and people will come back time and time again to interact with your community.

Social Media Updates

Adding a channel for social media updates is a good idea. If you post on other social channels (which you should be doing) then you want to get exposure to them posts and diversify your following to other platforms. Having a channel that posts these updates will direct some more traffic to them platforms. Every click counts as more engagement initially on a post will help it organically on that platform.

Meme Channel

Adding a meme channel is a no brainer. Everybody loves memes and it’s a great way to connect your community with each other. Your viewers can share meme’s directly related to you and your content as well as general pop culture. I’ve noticed that in a lot of smaller streamer discords this is one of the most active channel. People become friends in your stream then share funny meme’s in your discord.

Game Relevant Channel

If you stream multiple games on your channel then you may want to create different channels for each game. Different games are going to draw in different conversations as well as different members. Create separate channels for all the games you regularly play.

Deeper Game Channels

If you play one game specifically on stream then you may want different channels to talk about different aspects of the game. For example if you play only Warzone you may want to create channels for (Classes talk, Strategy Talk, Map Talk etc.).

Self Promotion Channel

You may not want any promotion in your discord however having a self promotion channel may be a better idea. No matter how many times you put in your rules about no self promotion there will also be people trying to get some views. At least if you have a dedicated channel for it people won’t be going around promoting in your other channels. If people want to check out other fans streams they can go to the dedicated channel and check them out.

FAQ Channel

In this channel you can add any frequently asked questions that you regularly get from your viewers.

  • What are your socials?
  • What are your favourite setups in XYZ game?
  • What is your Stream Setup?
  • Do you allow XYZ in your stream?
  • etc

You can pin your comment here so it’s the only thing seen in the channel.

Stream Team Posts

If you have other streamers that your regularly stream or play with feel free to create a channel where they can post when they are live. Adding this to your discord may help prompt the other streamers to add you to theirs. This helps everyone in your group gain more exposure and grow your stream.

Stream Suggestions/Upgrades

Having a channel where viewers can suggest changes, upgrades or give you some constructive criticism is a great idea. After all your viewers can give you the best idea of what to do to improve as they are the ones who spend hours watching you. You may find some of your best content ideas, stream setup suggestions etc in here.

Content Suggestions

Viewers can come up with some of the best content ideas for your channel. Sometimes you can get mental block when it comes to creating content ideas and getting some ideas from viewers can keep you moving in the right direction.

Voice Channels

You should add a few different voice channels to your Discord. You should likely have one private channel where only you and the people you play with can join. Then create a few other voice channels where any discord member can join and chat/play together.

Sub Only/ Patreon Channels

Creating a sub only channel for Subs or Patreon members is a great way make subscribers feel like they are getting something exclusive. It also makes it easier if you are doing “Play with Sub” streams. You can jump into the discord and see which subscribers are online and want to play.

Become A Mod Channel

Mods are vital when your stream is growing. It’s great to have a channel where avid fans can offer up their services as a mod or even to do graphic work, editing for your stream etc. Someone who wants to be a mod and offers their services out of there own free will, will likely do a much better job.

Wrapping Up

You should now have some great ideas for channels to add to your discord. Bare in mind you do not need to add all of the channels mentioned above. Just implement the ones that you feel fit well with your community.

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