Getting started with online gaming chats is always needlessly confusing. With platforms like Discord and Guilded dominating the market without a clear winner, it gets difficult to prefer one over the other. In this article, we are going to break down the major differences between Discord and Guilded as platforms in order to help you choose one over the other.

Needless to say, your requirements will determine what’s best for you. Therefore, let’s jump right in and see what suits your tastes as the final winner of the Discord vs Guilded debate. 

Is Guilded Better Than Discord?

While the majority of the user base tends to go with Discord, there are certain factors that might make Guilded the preferred platform. Let’s take a look at some of such reasons that can potentially incur you to make the decision.

Pros of Using Guilded

10 Unique Channel Types

When it comes to communication flexibility, Guilded offers a total of 10 unique channel types that can be used to perform unique operations. For example, you would be using the streaming channel to stream your favorite games, while the forums channel will be your go-to for bantering about a topic you like.

That being said, here are all the 10 channel types that Guilded features:

Channel TypesDescription
ChatAllows you to chat through text with all the added members.
StreamingLet’s you stream your favorite games without any restrictions.
VoiceLet’s you talk through voice with anyone that joins the channel.
CalendarTypically used to create personalized schedules and vice versa.
SchedulingUsed to create schedules as well as check other peoples’ timetables.
AnnouncementsCreating pings about important messages that can be sent to the channel members as notifications.
ForumsUsed to create as many topics as needed while keeping everything tidy.
ListIncludes to-dos, shopping lists, organized tasks, and so on.
DocsAs the name suggests, it’s an option to create curated documents on the topic of your choice.
MediaThis channel is used to add videos, music, pictures, and so on. It’s usually used for sharing personal game clips and progresses. 

Highly Customizable Personalized Profiles

Guilded features a lot of freedom when it comes to customizing your online identity. Simply head to the settings in order to see the magic happen. To put it aptly, users have the ability to add the following to their profiles:

  • Games
  • About Section
  • Social Accounts
  • Customized Status

Having so many marketing options makes it perfect for streamers and gamers alike. Consequently, you can simplify your networking process by sending your profile link to others. This is because the information contained here is enough for most people. 

Server Groups

Each server can be configured with certain groups that will only allow a certain member to access certain chats and services. Quite similar to “roles” in Discord, the server groups feature grants a multitude of managerial privileges that can be used to create gamer-centric groups and so on. 

In layman’s terms, this allows you to form smaller groups within a bigger group. Depending on the group, they’re allowed to access and perform certain tasks and features. The ultimate control is within the hands of the server owner. However, it can be shared if the need arises.

Simplistic Bots

Guilded allows you to add bots to your servers that can perform a specific set of tasks. Luckily, the bots here don’t require any programming experience and are rather easy to create. That being said, you do get a few pre-created bots at the very start that can be shut down whenever you want. 

For example, the default XP bot comes with a level reward system that can be further configured in order to customize it accordingly to a server’s principles. However, you probably won’t have to mess with it that much since everything is packed in a simple yet dynamic frame.

Channel Cloning

As the name suggests, this option allows you to clone any premade channel along with its settings and customizations. This is extremely useful whenever you need to make multiple channels of the same sort. For example, in an online tournament, you might need to create multiple streaming channels to run the matches in parallel. 

While that can be done from scratch, it’ll be much easier if you simply press the clone button instead of going through the needless hassle.

Tournament Organization

Speaking of tournaments, ever seen a server that comes with built-in tournament support? While rare, the feature is highly sought by multiple tournament organizations, since it replaces the need to build something from scratch. 

You simply need to add the tournament types along with the match layout, and you’re good to go! Consequently, it’s also possible to recruit, practice, and compete with players during their ongoing tournaments. 

This not only makes Guilded much more flexible, but it also enables you to host your own tournaments without needing to worry about anything. This is because the entire framework is hosted and run on the Guilded servers. Therefore, there is no major hosting expense from your end. 

Cons of Guilded

Lack Of Presence

The biggest downside to Guilded is that it’s relatively new in the market and shares almost zero presence compared to Discord. As such, many gamers have never heard of it, whereas Discord is a staple in everyone’s minds. That being said, trying something new out of your comfort zone often feels uncomfortable.

The hardest part of using Guilded is prompting others to make the switch. There is no point in using the application if no one’s going to be there to connect with you. Assuming that the devs put an active effort into the marketing, this issue is not that hard to solve. 

Resource Demanding

Precisely because of it being new, the platform takes too many resources to run and can often cease to function on lower-end PCs. The main reason is the lack of optimization. Since it’s in the early release stage, that much is understandable. However, we recommend staying away from it if you don’t have next-gen devices. 

That being said, the CPU and RAM are the only factors that are needed to run Guilded. Therefore, Guilded will run just fine if you check these two. The platform is still under development, so you might have to bear with these for a while. 

Lack of a Public API

For those unknown to the term, an API refers to the application programming interface that allows multiple applications to talk with each other. You need the API to create bots and perform Oauth2 integrations. Doing so allows a platform to expand so its features and brand can be embedded in multiple applications. 

However, this does not mean that Guilded will stay this way. The latest update from the devs has indicated that the features are well under development and we might be seeing fixes for these as soon as the end of spring. 

Is Discord Better Than Guilded?

Currently, the answer seems to be rather one-sided. Therefore, let’s check out the features of the current giant in this niche in order to perform a fair comparison between Discord and Guilded.

Pros of Discord

Reliable Security

Discord encrypts your ongoing messages and images. Therefore, your data remains safe against any form of interception. That being said, it protects your IP address and possesses an automatic failover mechanism that ensures the safety of your data even if the server crashes. 

Consequently, the application comes with a lot of customizability when it comes to privacy. The member tab of a selected server allows you to specify if a user can do the following or not:

  • Read Messages
  • Send Messages
  • Send TTS Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files
  • Read Message History

Having such options at the tip of your fingers make Discord the perfect alternative to gaming and professional communication apps.


Discord is created to cater to your gaming needs. With slow yet consistent updates on its backend, the application takes minimal resources. The API level integrations only make it smoother. Therefore, your CPU and RAM are practically free to be taken over by any demanding game. 

That being said, Discord’s servers are present across the globe, so you can expect speedy service wherever you live. Furthermore, the application runs natively, so there is little to no layering that would introduce compatibility issues. 

In-Game Overlay

As the name suggests, the application essentially allows you to show discord icons while playing a game. It lets you see the icon of the person talking in a voice chat and allows you to do simple commands like changing the server or muting a chat attendee.

However, you need to have it enabled in the windows client to really make it work. Similarly, you will also need to have DirectX9 or above for this to work.

Multi-Platform Integration

Discord can be used on almost every non-console platform. These entries include the following:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOD
  • iPadOS
  • Linux
  • Web Browsers

Therefore, it’s quite easy to talk and chat with your friends wherever you want. Furthermore, Discord runs natively on the mentioned platforms, so inconsistency is always at a negligible minimum. That being said, you can also open multiple instances of the same account on different platforms at a time. 

Discord allows you to share voice, video, and text from wherever you want. The application supports programmable bots that can be used to perform nifty processes. This in turn, can enable multi-platform users to enjoy the same services through and through. 

Server Support

Similar to Guilded, Discord also features server support that comes with a multitude of customizable options. You can create text and voice channels that can be configured according to the server’s roles. Furthermore, bots can be added that can do everything from managing the server to creating news posts. 

Since Discord’s servers are essentially programmable, you can create whatever you want as long as it follows the basic rules. On that point, it’s entirely possible to stream on Discord. Rather, the service works flawlessly on every device as long as you have a good internet connection. 

Cons of Discord 

User Limits

While the application itself is “free”, there are certain limits imposed on the amount of content you can share. For example, you can’t stream in HD quality with 60 fps or you cannot have a file larger than a certain amount of MBs. While these intentional limits can be toppled over by paying monthly subscriptions, it still hinders the freedom that a user should have.  

Surprisingly, the move is rather understandable since Discord does not have rigorous ads to generate revenue in its ecosystem. Therefore, they have to create a necessity for the said services one way or another. 

Ultimately, it still is a pain to deal with and can be annoying since even the paid tiers have certain restrictions. Therefore, you might have to use a different platform for such occasional incidents. 

Privacy Concerns

The messages you send on a server are still present even after you leave it. They can be viewed by anyone that is present on that server. While this is generally fine for most people, it’s still a massive concern for privacy as you’d have to do a manual effort of deleting thousands of messages. 

While there is no delete all button, the process is still doable. However, your username and number will still be tied up in the comments, so there is no point in doing so. 

Poor Verification Services

Services like Phone Verification can get admittedly annoying to implement. While such features are a plus point of Discord, the way they’re implemented can be a cause of stress for its userbase. Luckily, you won’t have to deal with it every single day unless you’re adept at changing/replacing your devices as soon as there’s a chance. 

That being said, Discord has flagged multiple numbers as Burners, Spoofs, or SMS services in general. Therefore, the likelihood of your number not working properly is unusually high. 

Which Software Should You Choose?

While the decision is entirely in your hands. It’s worth looking into the table mentioned below to know if your choice is compatible with your usage habits or not. In spite of this, here is how Discord and Guilded work with multiple layers of usage:

BeginnerGuildedDiscord’s UI tends to get too cluttered for a beginner to grasp how it works. In consequence, Guilded is much simpler to use and understand.
CustomizabilityDiscordProgrammable bots with the help of Discord API take the cake in this one since Guilded does not have the said feature as of yet. 
On the GoDiscordThe multi-platform availability of Discord is hard to beat and their global coverage is an entirely different monster to tame.
Paid ServicesGuildedDiscord’s paid services tend to cost too much for too little. Therefore, it’s not really worth going for discord if you’re aiming to spend a bit but not a lot.

What Is The Difference Between Discord and Guilded?

While many tend to think that Guilded is a copy ripoff of Discord, there are certain differences that make each of them unique in their own regards. Whether it’s about gaming or global coverage, the subtle features tend to add a lot of unexpected discrepancies between each other.

Guilded is a relatively new competitor that aims to deliver simplicity with functionality. Their application is configured to make everything easy while still keeping it complex enough for the tech-savvy gamers to enjoy. That being said, the platform does not offer as much control as Discord as of yet. Therefore, it tends to make up for that with its ease of use. 

Both Discord and Guilded are competitors in the same market with one being a long-time tyrant. In fact, this is probably the first time that we have an application that has the potential to compete with Discord in terms of raw features. Unfortunately, it’s not quite there yet, but careful and planned development is well in progress.

Guilded has not been present in the market long enough for it to have heavy public opinions. Whereas, you get to see interesting banter about Discord popping up on a daily frequency.

Should I Switch From Discord To Guilded?

As mentioned before, the decision ultimately lies in your hands. Therefore, do whatever you deem fit. However, we would recommend you wait until the application is stable enough to house a large number of users. While constant bugs are a part of a product’s development lifecycle, it’s better to wait it out as a user until the frequency lessens.

If you want to enjoy a more seamless UI, then switching to Guilded might be the move for you. Ultimately, the ball is in your hands, so throw it wherever you want!

Should I Switch From Guilded To Discord?

That depends on how satisfied you are with the current development of Guilded. While Discord is unmistakably more stable when it comes to hardware resources and performance, the work that the Guilded development team has been putting in is nothing short of amazing. Therefore, it has the potential to outdo Discord if given the chance. In hindsight, try both and then make an educated decision.

Wrapping Up

All in all, both platforms are great for their respective uses. While there are certain issues with using either Guilded or Discord, the multitude of features tends to negate them pretty nicely. If you are a beginner in the gaming/streaming world, go for whatever your friends are using. This is because the main goal of using either service is to communicate and connect with your friends to have a fun time. 


Is Discord Owned By China?

No, the platform is blocked in China. While a Chinese gaming giant Tencent does own certain shares in Discord, the application is available globally and can thus be considered internationally owned. The headquarters of Discord is located in San Francisco, California. 

Is Discord and Guilded Free To Use?

Yes, both platforms are completely free to use and can be downloaded from their relevant websites. Furthermore, you don’t have to attach a wallet to use any of them. That being said, both Discord and Guilded do have their own tiers of subscription should one choose so.

Should I Let My Kids Use Discord?

Discord recommends kids to be at least 13 years old before joining the platform. This is because Discord features an open chat where disruptive and NSFW content can be shared if the opportunity arises. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep your children away from social media sites until they reach a sensible age.

Is Guilded Owned By Discord?

No, Guilded was founded by Eli Brown, who is a former Facebook and Xbox employee. While the vision behind Guilded is the same as Discord, the application has a different owner and is a direct competitor of Discord in the gaming space.